Bede (died 735) was an English monk at Jarrow, Northumberland. He wrote many works on eretide, godlore and witcraft, but is bremely known for his book Church Eretide of the English Folk.


Almost all that is known of Bede's life comes from a little sidewrit written by him in his Eretide when he was 59. He saith that he was given to the monkhouse at Wearmouth in his seventh year, became a deacon in his nineteenth year, and a priest in his thirtieth year, which he was for the whole of his life thereafter. Withal, he saith again that he fulfilled Eretide when he was 59, and since we know it was fulfilled about 731, this would give the year of his birth as 672/3. It is not known whether he was highborn .He was taught by the abbots Benedict Biscop and Coelfrid, and most likely went with the latter to Wearmouth's sister monkhouse at Jarrow in 682. There he spent his life, foremostly teaching and writing.

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