In scorelorely witcraft and rekonerlore, bendstowlike ilklore ettles to sundry lines of ripening in warm-blooded ilklore, grounded in the unriddling of ilks as things to which the wisdom of bendstowlore outlines.

This inholds, among other lines of work, the building of bendstowlike and higher fadewistlike dummies for such ilklores; the brook of ilklore as a bendstowlike or higher fadewistlike witcraft, the ripening of scorelore within an ilklorelike groundwork, inholding both earlier scorelore and new scorelore that bendstowlike ilks make maily, and the spellwritting of each of these in rekoner witness helpers.

There is a big overlap between the work ettled to as bendstowlike ilklore and as the onekind groundworks howe, although neither is rightly sundered, and the terms are sometimes minged up, the choosing of words shows sunderness in recks.

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