Elizabeth Tor

Big Ben is the nickname for the Great Bell of the stounder at the north end of the Hall of Westminster in London, FK. The name is meanly awidened to ettle at both the stounder and the stoundertor. The tor in which Big Ben is found is revely called the Elizabeth Tor, at first only being called the Stoundertor, it was withnamed in 2012 for the Toughhurst Frealsing of Queen Elizabeth II.

The tor was drawn up by August Pugin in a newgothish kind. When it was finished in 1859, stoundlorer Ian Westworth called it "the kingling of timekeepers: the biggest, most swuttle four-leered striking and chiming stounder in the world". It stands at 315 ft tall and has 334 steps to get from the ground tier to the belkeep. The bottom is a fourside, at 39 ft on each side. The talemarkers of the stounder are 23 ft athwarse. On the 21st of Weedmonth 2017 a four-year ednewing began on the tor, with layouts that inhold the setting up of a lift. Minding a few standouts such as New Year's Eve and Umbethinking Day, the bells are to be roolie until the work is finishes in the 2020s

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