The Anglish Moot

The smoke arising from the minglestuffs in this glass is the output of a blendish stirring.

Blendlore is the lore dealing with the means by which firststuffs blend, build and work together.

The key knowledge of Blendlore is called the Uncleftish Beholding, and was mainly the work of John Dalton in the early nineteenth hundredyear. At the bottom of this thoughtlay is the belief that all stuff is made of unclefts, which are far too small to see. Each kind of uncleft belongs to a firststuff, among which are waterstuff, coalstuff, and sourstuff. Unlike firststuffs can be put together to make minglestuffs, in the which working lies the manifoldness of life and stuff. A shift in the makeup of minglestuffs is known as a blendish stirring; blendish stirrings drive fire, living beings, and many of the other goings-on that shape the world and allsky.

Much of our knowledge today is written in the chemical nomenclature in the 1780s by blendlorer Antoine Lavoisier and others. In 1869, Dmitri Mendeleev laid out the Board of Firststuffs, by which the likeness and unlikenesses among firststuffs are more clearly made known.