Rike of Bloomland
State of Florida (Mean English)
"In God We Trust"
Ethel Oned Rikes
Headstead Oldfields
Biggest stead Jacksontown
Inwonername Bloomlander
- Highthane
- Under-Highthane
Ron DeSantis (Ledewealther)
Jeanette Núñez (Ledewealther)
Landswathe 65,757.70 fourside miles
- In full
- Huddlemete
384.3/fourside mile

Bloomland (Mean English: Florida) is the southernmost abutting rike in the Oned Rikes. The rike is bordered to the west by the Bight of Moonsnavel, to the northwest by Southdowns, to the north by Georgeland, to the east by the Atlantish Highsea, and to the south by the Straits of Bloomland. Bloomland is the 22th broadest by landspan, the 3rd most befolkered and the 8th most huddled-befolkered of the O.R. rikes. Jacksontown is the most befolkered mickleborough in the rike and the greatest stead by landspan in the abutting Oned Rikes. The Sweetwater mickleborough landship is Bloomland's most befolkered townish landship. Oldfields is the rike's revetown.

Bloomland's rikewealth of $1.0 foursand is the fourth greatest in the Oned Rikes. If it were a selfstanding ethel, Bloomland would have the sixteenth-greatest landwealth in the world, and be the 58th most befolkered as of 2018. In 2017, Bloomland's selfly income each head was $47,684, ranking 26th in the land. The unworking reckoning in Holymonth 2018 was three and a half hundreths and ranked as the 18th in the Oned Rikes. Bloomland outships nearly $55 thrisand in goods made in the rike, the 8th highest among all rikes. The Sweetwater Mickleborough Landship is by far the greatest townish wealthdom in Bloomland and the 12th greatest in the Oned Rikes with a WHO of $345 thrisand as of 2017. This is more than twice the reckoning of the next mickleborough landship, the Firesticks Bight Landship, which has a WHO of $145 thrisand. Bloomland is home to 51 of the world's thrisanders with most of them woning in South Bloomland.

The first Evelandish reach was made in 1513 by Spanish pathfinder John Fifth of Lee, who called it la Florida ("the land of blooms") upon landing there in the Eastertide, known in Spanish as Pascua Florida. Bloomland was an undertaking for the Evelandish rikelingly mights before it got rikehood in the Oned Rikes in 1845. It was a key spot of the Untamed Wyes against the Inborn-Americkers, and kinly-asunderhood after the Americkish Folk Wye.

Today, Bloomland is marked for its great Yieldinglandish outcast fellowship and high befolking growth, as well as for its growing umworld worries. The rikewealth hinges on sightseeing, farming, and ferrying, which grew in the late 19th yearhundred. Bloomland is also marked for its funyards, midricappel crops, winter greens, the Kennedy Room Mid, and as a folksy goalspot for old withdrawers from work. Bloomland is the flattest rike in the Oned Rikes. The inland sea of Greatwater is the greatest freshwater lake in the O.R. rike of Boomland. 

Bloomland's nearness to the highsea shapes sundry bits of Bloomland folkship and daily life. Bloomland is a show of inflood and sundry births; Highsunlandish, Evelandish, inborn and Latish-Americkish blood is found in the buildlore and foodlore. Bloomland has drawn in sundry writers inholding Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings, Ernest Hemingway and Tennessee Williams, and goes on to draw in well-known folks and larksmen. It is known worldwide for lofterball, getball, wainspeeding, and waterlarking. Sundry seashores in Bloomland have greenblue and greenhurst-hued shorewaters.

About two-thirds of Boomland is found in a headland between the Bight of Moonsnavel and the Atlantish Highsea. Bloomland has the longest shoreline in the abutting Oned Rikes, about 1,350 miles, not inholding the input of the many blocker-ilands. Bloomland has a reckoning of 4,510 ilands that are ten acres or greater in landship. This is the twith-highest reckoning of ilands in any rike of the Oned Rikes; only Shoulderland has more. It is the only rike that borders both the Bight of Moonsnavel and the Atlantish Highsea. Much of the rike is at near sea flake and is marked by dregs-earth. Bloomland has the lowest high tip of any O.R. rike. The loftlay is under-wethot in the north and wethot in the south. The Americkish nicker, Americkish fireswan, Bloomland greatcat, and flasknose tumbler can be found in Everglades Landwide Ersh in the southern share of the rike. Along with the Firelands, Bloomland is one of only two rikes that has a wethot loftlay, and is the only landblockish rike with either a wethot loftlay or a limeshaft reef. The Bloomland Reef is the only living limeshaft blocker reef in the landblockish Oned Rikes, and the third-greatest limeshaft blocker reef in the world (after the Great Blocker Reef and Mudwater Blocker Reef). 

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