Meanwealth of Bluedowns
Commonwealth of Massachusetts (Mean English)
"Ense petit placidam sub libertate quietem"
"By the sword we seek frith, but frith only under freedom"
Ethel Oned Rikes
Headstead Boston
Inwonername Bluedowner
- Highthane
- Under-Highthane
Charlie Baker (Ledewealther)
Karyn Polito (Ledewealther)
Landswathe 10,565 fourside miles
- In full
- Huddlemete
840/fourside mile

Bluedowns (Mean English: Massachusetts), reevely the Meanwealth of Bluedowns (Mean English: Commonwealth of Massachusetts) is the most befolkered rike in the New England landship of the northeastern Oned Rikes. It borders the Atlantish Highsea to the east, the rikes of Longbrook and Red Iland to the south, New Hampshire and Greenhills to the north, and New Everwick to the west. The rike's Mean English name comes from the Massachusett folk, who once dwelled in the east side of the landship, and is one of the first thirteen rikes. The revetown of Bluedowns is Boston, which is also the most befolkered stead in New England. Over eighty-hundredths of Bluedown's befolking lives in the Greater Boston mickleborougher landship, a landship that shapes Americkish erelore, loredom and worksomeness. Firstly standing on farming, fishing and trade, Bluedowns was made into a bulkbuildship heart during the Bulkbuildship Overthrowing. Throughout the 20th Yearhundred, Bluedowns's rikeworth shifted from bulkbuildship to helpings. Nowly Bluedowns is a world leader in lifetoolcraft, craftsmanship, higher learning, thrift, and sealike trade.

Plymouth was the stead of the twith rikeling in New England after Popham Rikeling in 1607 in what is now Manland. Plymouth was founded in 1620 by the Pilgrims, passengers of the Merrymonthbloom. In 1692, the town of Salem and nearby landships hoded one of Americksland's worst reckonings of great-unsoundness, the Salem Witch Deemings. In 1777, Hereteme Henry Knox founded the Springfield Shieldhouse, which throughout the Bulkbuildship Overthrowing fastened sundry breakthroughs in toolcraft, inholding inshifting bits. In 1786, Shays' Uprising, a folksy crowdburst led by unshifted Americkish Overthrower-Wye old-fighters, shaped the Oned Rikes Lawbookish Redemoot. In the 18th Yearhundred, the Gainsayer First Great Awakening, which swept the Atlantish World, came from the stand of Northampton bedeman Johnathan Edwards. In the late 18th Yearhundred, Boston became known as the "Cradle of Freedom" for the worry there that led to the Americkish Overthrowing.

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