Lord Jesus Chriſte,

Ƿe æsk for Ðine iðely bleßings upon our ghostly leader, Papa Frank. Send Ðy Holy Ghoste upon him ſo ðat he may be a broðer to all of his steadfæst and a true þane to Almighty God. Strengthen him daily to fulfill all ðe heavy work ƿithin ðe Church by eþmead and þrough kindness. Let him be a hean leader who fights to bring grith, rightfulness and truthe into our world. Above all, bestow upon our Holy Faðer Ðine yifts of lief, hope and love ſo ðat he unblinningly melds Ðy Holy Name.

Moðer Mary and all ðe holy angels and hællows of God, ƿe æsk of ye to lestow Papa Frank ðis day and always.


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