Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson (born 19 Midsummermonth 1964) is a British ricsman besteading as Firstthane of the Oned Kingdom and Leader of the Orholder Mootband since Meadowmonth 2019. He has been the Belonger of the Witenagemot for Uxbridge and South Rusilip since 2015 and was earlier BW for Henley from 2001 to 2008. He also besteaded as Boroughreeve of London from 2008 to 2008 and Outlandsthane from 2016 to 2018. Johnson thinks of himself as a one-land orholder and has been linked with freeward laws in both wealthdom and folkship.

He was born in New Everwick Stead to upper-middle-folk English elders. Chosen as Belonger of the Witenagemot for Henley in 2001, he besteaded in the shadow-redeship under Orholder leaders Michael Howard and David Cameron. He greatly stuck to the mootband's spots, but had a more folkship-free berth on intings like rights of sameloving, bothloving and overhade folks.

Chosen as the Orholder runner for the 2008 London boroughreevely choosing, Johnson beat Worker Mootband boroughreeve Ken Livingstone and stepped down from the British House of Means. In 2016, Johnson became a marked anseen in the won 2016 Choose to Go bandwagon for Brit-Out as a share of the Oned Kingdom's leaving of the Evelandish Band. He was then made Rikesthane for Outland and Meanwealth Business by Theresa May, but stepped down in answer to May's handling of Brit-Out and the Chequers Deal two years later. In 2019, he was chosen as Orholder Leader and made Firstthane. In Weedmonth 2019, he beseeched Queen Elizabeth II to halt the Witenagemot until its next opening; this drew scathing from both Belongers of the Witenagemot and also sundry folk groups.

Johnson is a gainwending anseen in British lawmoot and news. Upholders have hered him as playful and as a folksy anseen, with him being winsome beyond Orholder choosers. He has been scathed by anseens on both the left and the right for using otherkind-hateful and samelover-hateful speak, and wrayed of swelldom, knavedom, untruthfulness and laziness.

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