A bottommote is a mote which is not made up of smaller motes. In other words, a bottommote is that which cannot be sundered, for it has no inner makeup.

The thought of a bottommote came to Democritus, who spoke much of it in Greece, saying that all things must be made of unclefts, or atoms in his tongue. At the dawn of newfangled worldken, those learned in blendlore mistook the smallest motes of firststuffs, like iron, coalstuff, or sourstuff, for bottommotes, and began calling each an uncleft, not knowing of their error.

Early in the twentieth hundredyear, loremasters found ways of splitting the unclefts into yet smaller motes. Some of these, like the bernstonebit, are still thought to be bottommotes, but others, like the firstbit and neitherbit, were later found to be made of quarks.

Nowadays, the motes which are believed to be bottommotes are fewer; among them are the bernstonebit, neitherling, six kinds of quarks, the lightmote, and the sealmote.

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