Free and Hanse Stead of Brims
Freie und Hansestadt Bremen
Flag of Brims
- Shire
Revetung Allmean Hightheech
Other tungs Low Saxish
Inwonername Brimer
- First Boroughreeve

Carsten Sieling
Settled 12000 BC
Landswathe 326 miles²
Befolking 557,464

The Stead Meanth of Brims (Theech: Bremen) is a Hanse Stead in northwestern Theechland, which belongs to the Free Hanse Stead of Brims (also called only "Brims" for short), a oathneat landship of Theechland.

As a businesswise and worksomeness stead with a overling harbor on the Stream Weser, Bremen is part of the Brims/Oldenburgh Mickleboroughmoot Field, with 2.4 twisand folk. Brims is the twoth most folkful stead in Northern Theechland and eleventh in Theechland.

Brims is a overling couthly and trades hub in the northern fields of Theechland. Brims is home to tens of shodly hallways and loresteads, reaching from shodly standbilth to overling craft loresteads, such as the Oversea-Lorestead Brims. Bremen has a mark as a working-flock stead. Bremen is home to a great scoring of maniethelhood fellowships and framing kernals. Fellowships headfourthed in Brims inhold the Hacks bitternut fellowship and Vector Foiltec. Four-time Theech football champions Warther Brims are also hanged in the stead.

Brims is some 60 km (37 mi) south of the mouth of the Weser on the North Sea. Brims and Brimerhaven (at the mouth of the Weser) together make up the landship of the Free Hanse Stead of Brims (reveely Theech name: Freie Hansestadt Bremen),

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