Maiden Ilands
Virgin Islands (Mean English)
British Maiden Ilands
"Be Watchful"
Ethel Oned Kingdom
Headstead Road Town
Revetung Mean English
Inwonername Maiden Ilander
LawmootLedeward Offhanging under Forfastening Kingship
Landswathe 153 fourside-thousandtals
Befolking (2018) 31,758

The British Maiden Ilands (Mean English: British Virgin Islands), reevely only the Maiden Ilands (Mean English: Virgin Islands), are a British Overseas Landdeal in the Caribish Sea, to the east of Rich Harbour and the OR Maiden Ilands and north-west of Eel Iland. The ilands are earthlorely a share of the Maiden Ilands Itune and are found in the Leedward Ilands of the Lesser Fore-Ilands. 

The British Maiden Ilands are made up of the main ilands of Shieldpaddock-Dove Iland, Fat Maiden, Floodland and Jost Of Dyke, along with over 50 other lesser ilands. About 16 of the ilands are woned in. The revetown, Road Town, is on Shieldpaddock-Dove Iland, the greatest iland, which is about 20 thousandtals long and 5 thousandtals wide. The ilands had a befolking of about 28,000 at the 2010 folkscoring, newer guesses have the befolking at 35,800 (Meadowmonth 2018). 

British Maiden Ilanders are boroughers of the British Overseas Landdeals and since 2002 are British boroughers as well. Although the landdeal is not a share of the Evelandish Band and not fully under EB law, British Maiden Ilanders are deemed to be boroughers of the EB by way of their British boroughership.

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