Kingdom Deer (Animalia)


Lithfeet (Arthropoda)
Bough Fournookmigs (Pancrustacea)
Undershed Sixfeet (Hexapoda)
Ilk Bugs (Insecta)

Bugs, also known as migs, midges, wigs, and widges, are sixfooted warvelless deer and the stourest samming of limbfeet. Bugs have a shellen outerboneset, a body split into three bits, those being the head, breastcawl, and bouk, three sets of lithed legs, bound eyes and one set of feelers. There are more than a twisand erds of bug and they make up more than half of all known living beings. The full breadth of rime of erds is gessed to be between 6 and 10 twisand, which could mean bugs would be over 90% of all deer life.

 Buglore[edit | edit source]

There are two main sets of bugs: winged bugs and wingless bugs, with the former being far greater in bulk. The under-ilk of winged bugs has twenty-six shifts and the under-ilk of wingless insects has two shifts.

Winged bugs (Pterygota)

  • Adderbolts and Maidenflies (Shift: Odonata)
  • Alderflies, and Fishflies (Shift: Megaloptera)
  • Angel bugs (Shift: Zoraptera)
  • Beadbugs (Shift: Mantodea)
  • Bees, Wasps and Ants (Shift: Hymenoptera)
  • Beetles (Shift: Coleoptera)
  • Biting and Sucking lice (Shift: Phthiraptera)
  • Blowflies (Shift: Ephemeroptera)
  • Booklice and Barklice (Shift: Psocoptera)
  • Butterflies and Moths (Shift: Lepidoptera)
  • Cockroaches (Shift: Blattodea)
  • Codflies (Shift: Trichoptera)
  • Earwigs (Order: Dermaptera)
  • Fleas (Shift: Siphonaptera)
  • Flies (Shift: Diptera)
  • Grasshoppers (Shift: Orthoptera)
  • Netwings (Shift: Neuroptera)
  • Snakeflies (Shift: Raphidioptera)
  • Stick bugs and Leaf bugs (Shift: Phasmatodea)
  • Stingtailflies (Shift: Mecoptera)
  • Stoneflies (Shift: Plecoptera)
  • True Bugs (Shift: Hemiptera)
  • Twisted-wing bugs (Shift: Strepsiptera)
  • Web-spinners (Shift: Embioptera)
  • White ants (Shift: Blattodea)
  • Woodworms (Shift: Thysanoptera)

Wingless bugs (Aterygota)

  • Jumping bristletails (Shift: Microcoryphia)
  • Three-pronged bristletails (Shift: Thysanura)
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