Byworlds is an oversetting of Michio Kaku's Parallel Worlds.


Roomlore is the learning of the allworld as a whole, from its beginning to its end. Unthunningly, it has undergone many forwandlings in its slow, plightful forblowing, often overshadowed by trothleering and wanlief.

The first upwending of roomlore was spured by the inleading of the farseer in the 1600s. With the help of the farseer, Galileo Galilei, building on the work of the great roomlorers Nicolaus Copernicus and Johannes Kepler, could open up the wulder of the heavens for the first time to earnest witlore speering. The forwarding of this first flack of roomlore peaked in the work of Isaac Newton, who endily laid down the needmickle laws reding the shrithing of the heavenly bodies. Instead of dwimmer and ghostlief, the laws of the heavenly bodies were now seen to open to thracks that could be reckoned and edshafted.

A following upwending of roomlore was goaded by the inleading of the great farseers of the H20th, such as the one at Bg Wilson with its huge 100-inch andleaming glass. In the 1920s, Edwin Hubble brooked this mickle farseer to overwend tides of trothlief, which held that the allworld was shritheless and everlasting, by sweetling that the starsets in the heavens are shrithing away from Earth at mickle speeds, the allworld is outspanning. These findings ran hand in hand with Einstein's liefstall on mean byfettle, in which the buildshaft of room-time, instead of being flat and lined, is speedfast and bent. This gave the first liefsome sweetling on the or of the allworld, that it began with a dwolm outburst called the big bang, which sent the stars and starsets hurtling outward. With the helmful work of George Gamow and his team-workers on the big bang held and Fred Hoyle on the or of firststuffs, a shaftstall was sprying, shedding the broad outlines of the forblowing of the allworld.

A third upwending is now under way. It is only about five years old. It has been spured by a fay of new, high-toolcraft means, such as room bildsenders, leamers, weightpull wave harkers, x-beam farseers and high-speed micklereckoners. We now have the couthest givings on the the allworld, such as its eld, build, and forthshaft.

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