Dürer karl der grosse
Carl the Great
Birth 2nd Easter-month 742

Frankish Kingdom

Death 28th Afteryule 814

Aachen, Frankish Kingdom


- (King of the Franks) 9th of Winterfulth 768 to 28th Afteryule 814 

- (King of the Lombards) 10th of Haymonth 772 to 28th Afteryule 814

- (Kaiser of the Holy Romish Rikedom) 25th of Yulemonth 800 to 2nd Afteryule 814 

Erverike Carlingish
Forecomer (and father) Pepin the Short
Afterfollower Lewis the Godly

King Carl the Great of the Franks (Latinish: Karolus Imperator Augustus, Frenchish: Charlemagne), was a belonger of the Carlingish Erverike and the King of the Franks and Lombards, and the first Caser of the Holy Romish Rikedom. He is breme and nameknown as the foroner of much of Eveland throughout the dawning of the Middle Tides and was the first to be deemed as a high-king in Western Eveland since the days when the Western Romish Anweald had overturned.

The kingship of Carl lead to many raids and onslaughts into other lands, such as his axfare into Saxon lands to bewend her thede to Christendom (the outcome was the Slaughter of Verden happening at his behest), his undoing of Lombardish rule, and his onsets into Moorish Spain (hight then as Al-Andalus, in Arabish). Carl was wreathed as the caser of the Holy Romish Rike (Latin: Romanorum Imperator) on Yuletide in the year 800 by Pope Leo III at Old St. Peter's Basilica in Rome, now Vatickish Stead.

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