The Anglish Moot
Cathal V
King of Connacht
YOL 1189-1202
Ƿolderbeeing YOL 1190
Forerunner Conchobar III
Aftercomer Cathal VI
(faðerly half-eam)
Leedy insight
Bird ???
Deaþ YOL 1202
Corr Sliaibh, Curleƿ Barroƿs, Kingdom of Connacht
Ƿife ???
Offspring Mael Sechlainn mac Cathal Carragh Ua Conchobair
Full name Old Irish: Cathal Carragh Ua Conchobair

Anƿard Irish: Cathal Carrach Ó Conchúir

English: Cathal Carragh O'Conor

House Ó Conchobhair
Faðer Conchobar III
Moðer ???
Lief Roomanish Alhalloƿlief

Cathal V (Cathal Carragh O'Conor; quelled in YOL 1202) folloƿed after his faðer as king of Connacht, rixing from YOL 1189 hent his deaþ.

One of ðe seven sons of King Conchobar III of Connacht, his nickname carragh ('shabby') might unheel ðat he had some kind of hidecoaþ. Ðe names of his moðer and ƿife are unknoƿn. He erst became outstanding bin ðe ƿye of ðe rigdamnae in 1185, backing his faðer in a þree-ƿay satch ayens his faðerly eldfaðer, Conchobar III's faðer, King Ruairí II of Connacht, and Ruairí's broðer, Cathal Crobderg Ua Conchobair.

After his faðer's morðer in 1189, Cathal hunted doƿn and felled ðe slayer, ðe roƿny Conchobar ua nDiarmata. Cathal became king but saƿ strout from Cathal Crobderg; ðe in-fighting ƿiþin ðe House forþed ðe lead-in of Engle-Normandish þriþe ƿest of ðe Shannon, hƿo ƿere hired by boþ men.

Cathal ƿas quelled in gouþ at Corr Sliaibh in ðe Curleƿ Barroƿs in YOL 1202. He ƿas outlived by at least one son, Mael Sechlainn, hƿo ƿould be quelled ten years later.