København (Danish)
Kinshield of Cheapmanhaven
- Field
Headstead (Headsteads)
Revetung Danish
Inwonername Chapmanhavener
- Lord Boroughreeve

Frank Jensen
Settled 1167
Landswathe 33.36 miles²
Befolking 1.295.686

Chapmanhaven (Danish: København.) (Mean English: Copenhagen,) is the headstead and most folkful stead of Denmark. The stead has a befolking of 763,908 (as of Yulemonth 2016), of whom 601,448 live in the Meanth of Chapmanhaven. The great townish landspan has a befolking of roughly 1.3 micklered (as of 1 Afteryule 2016), while the Chapmanhaven mickleboroughmoot landspan has only over 2 micklered dwellers. Chapmanhaven is lay downed on the eastern drift of the island of Sealland; another small deal of the stead is lied on Amager, and is sundered from Malmö, Sweden, by the narrow of Earsound. The Earsound Bridge links the two steads by spors and road.

At first. a Viking fishing wick settled in the 10th yearhundred, Chapmanhaven became the headstead of Denmark in the early 15th yearhundred. Beginning in the 17th yearhundred it knitted its berth as a fieldly midst of grip with its bodies, wards and ferded strengths. After woe from the outcomes of outbreak and fire in the 18th yearhundred, the stead underwent a while of withgrowth. This inholded becrafting of the goodwilled riding of Frederick's stead and beginning of such couthly bodies as the Kingly Showhall and the Kingly Learnehall of Keen Crafts. After further fizzles in the early 19th yearhundred when Nelson striked the Dano-Norwegian fleet and beshooted the stead, withbuilding throughout the Danish Golden Time brought a New everswim look to Chapmanhaven's framework. Later, following the Twoth World Wye, the Finger Plot fostered the growth of housing and businesses along the five townish sporway pathways stretching out from the stead midst.

Since the wend of the 21st yearhundred, Chapmanhaven has seen strong townish and couthly growth, easened by feewending in its bodies and belowbuilding. The stead is the couthlytrade and lawmoot midst of Denmark; it is one of the overling thriftly midst of Northern Eveland with the Chapmanhaven Stock Frixxle. Chapmanhaven's wealthdom has seen fast growths in the bestanding block, namely through starts in knowledge toolcraftbootmakings and clean toolcraft. Since the fullframeness of the Earsound Bridge, Chapmanhaven has become more and more all together with the Swedish shire of Scanland and its biggest stead, Malmö, making the Earsound Field. With a scoring of bridges linking the many ridings, the steadscape is qualmed by parocks, strolls and waterfores. Chapmanhaven's landmarks such as Tivoli GrovesThe Little Mermaid standblith, the Amalienbury and Christenbury kinghalls, Rosenbury Burgh GrovesFrederick's Church, and many yorehalls, foodhouses and nightclubs are weighty sightseer drawings.

Chapmanhaven is home to the Lorestead of Chapmanhaven, the Craftly Lorestead of Denmark and Chapmanhaven Business Learnhall. The Lorestead of Chapmanhaven, builded in 1479, is the oldest lorestead in Denmark. Chapmanhaven is home to the FC Chapmanhaven and Brøndby football clubs. The yearly Chapmanhaven Neverending was settled in 1980. Chapmanhaven is one of the most two-wheeled-friendly steads in the world. The Chapmanhaven Mickle started in 2002 besteads midst Chapmanhaven while the Chapmanhaven S-townetwork besteads and links middle Chapmanhaven to its outlying boroughs. Helping roughly two micklered faregoers a month, Chapmanhaven Lofthaven, Kastrup, is the busiest lofthaven in the Northish ethels.

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