The Anglish Moot
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Crafters OpenAI
First Onset 30 Blootmonth, 2022
Steadfast Onset 12 Merrymonth, 2023

Great Speechbuild

Flow-Made Foreleared Umbwender



ChatGPT (Greater Anglish: ChatFFL) is a craftwit (CW) chatplodder shaped by OpenAI and set forth in Winterfulth 2022. The "Chat" in the name betokens its kind as a word-weaver, and the "FFL" stands for flow-made foreleared umbwender—a kind of great speechbuild (GSB). ChatGPT is built upon OpenAI's GPT-3.5 and GPT-4 groundlaying FFL builds, and has been made nimbler (a handling for sharing learning) for chatly brookings through both overseen and hardened learning.

ChatGPT was eked as a firstship on 30 Blootmonth, 2022, and drew heed for its thorough anwords and well-spoken answers dealing with many kinds of lore. Its leaning to often give untruthful answers has been marked as a weighty drawback. In 2023, after ChatGPT's sendout, OpenAI's worth was reckoned at OR$29 thrisand. The coming of the chatplodder has sped up bidding between fiendly businesses, hurrying the sendout of Google's chatplodder Bard (firstly built on LaMDA and then PaLM), and Meta's groundlaying build LLaMA, from which chatplodders are being shaped by others.

The first onset of ChatGPT was built on FFL-3.5. A streen built on FFL-4, the newest OpenAI streen, was onset on 14 Reethmonth, 2023, and is open to followers of ChatGPT Plus on a threshold for a yield.


ChatGPT is a fellow of the flow-made foreleared umbwender line of speechbuilds. It is a tweaked FFL that was made nimbler for chatly brooking, and was first built upon a bettered shape of OpenAI's FFL-3 speechcraft known as "FFL-3.5".

The nimble-shaping handling note both overseen learning and strengthened learning in a handling called hardened learning from live feedback (HLLF). Both ways neet living beings to better the build. In the sunder of overseen learning, the speechcraft was given a chat in which the learers played both sides: the handler and the CW follower. In the strengthened learning step, living learers first beworthed answers that the speechbuild had made in a former chat. These beworthenings were worked to shape "meedbisens" that were worked to make the speechbuild nimbler by neeting sundry kinds of Near-nigh Thoughtgoing Soothening (NPS).

ChatGPT first note a Microsoft Azure over-reckoning underlaystead, mighted by Nvidia SFWs, that Microsoft built mainly for OpenAI and that is said to have been worth "hundreds of twisands of dollars." After the onfollow of ChatGPT, Microsoft greatly anwardened the OpenAI underlaystead in 2023.

OpenAI gathers lore from ChatGPT handlers to learn and make the handling nimbler. Handlers can like or mislike answers they get from ChatGPT and fill in a word field with more feedback.