The Chinish Overthrowing of 1911 was an overthrowing against the Chinish kingship led by the wellknown overthrower Sun Yat Sen.

Eretide Edit

For longtide were Chinish men upset with their lawmoot. Many European mootbeings had made China mark truces that the men did not like. One likething was the overgiving of Hong Kong to Great Britain. While the Chinish kings were unhappy, they did not know what to do, and so did nothing. This led to the rot of the Chinish lawmoot.

Overthrowing Edit

After many years of unhappiness with their king, the Chinish men started an overthrowing against him in October of 1911. Although Sun Yat Sen was in America when the overthrowing started, he went back quickly, and was made leader of the new Folkdom of China.

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