The Chinish Startoken (English: Chinese Zodiac, Greater Anglish: Midricish Startoken) is any of the 12 yearly star tokens that afares through the years, starting with the rat.

Table Edit

Token Year (2008-2019) Yeartide Fixed Firststuff Greekish Startoken match (notice)
Rat 2008 Winter Water Bowyer/Goat
Ox 2009 Goat/Waterman
Stripecat 2010 Spring Wood Waterman/Fish
Hare 2011 Fish/Ram
Wyrm 2012 Ram/Bull
Snake 2013 Summer Fire Bull/Twins
Horse 2014 Twins/Crab
Goat 2015 Crab/Lewcat
Monkey 2016 Fall Ore Lewcat/Maiden
Rooster 2017 Maiden/Meter
Dog 2018 Meter/Nightsting
Pig 2019 Winter Water Nightsting/Bowyer

The Great Race Edit

The Great Race is an old tale about the birth of the Startoken, it tells about the Heavenish Eldfather wanting a new daybook name a year after each deer. To do so, the would need to cross an ea.

The Cat and the Rat were bad at swimming, but were very smart. So they got on the back of the Ox. Ox, being kind, helped the two get across. As the were nearing the end, the Rat pushed the Cat into the water and ran to the Eldfather and Rat and Ox became first and twoth aughtfully.

The third, Stripecat. Though strong, said that the eatides pushed them down.

Rabbit got across from jumping on stones. Halfway through they almost lost, but held onto a log and wind blew them to the end of the ea.

Wyrm flew into fifth. Wondering why they didn't get into first the Eldfather asked why. They said they needed to give rain to a town and had to blow a log to the end of the ea.

Horse came next but unknown to the horse, Snake was hidden in the hoof, getting out, causing the horse to be scared making Snake sixth and Horse seventh.

Goat, Monkey, and Rooster came together from a raft Rooster found and were named eighth, nineth, and tenth on the startokens.

Next was Dog, eleventh, said they were getting a bath, their atelling of being late. But to tell the truth, was playing in the water.

Before the Eldfather could stop the race, the twelfth, Pig, came to say that they got hungry and slept.

The cat, however, died from drowing so it didn't become a startoken. This is why cats hate rats and water.

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