The Anglish Moot
Anglo-Saxon Influence This article is written in a dialect of Anglish that is heavily swayed by Old English. Some words may not be understood.

For ðas Mean Angliſh Sundering, ſeeth Carl III of the Oned Kingdom.

Churl III
Head of ðe Meanwealth
Churl III, ðen First of Wales in GÆ 2021 (cropped) (3)

Churl III, ðen Fengle of Wales, in GÆ 2021
King of ðe Eaned Kingrich and ðe oðer Meanwealth riches
Lord of Mann
Wold 8 Holimonth GÆ 2022 – nowtime
Foreganger Elsbit II and IV
Selderf Wilhelm Atheling, Fengle of Wales
Leedy inſight
Bird Aþeling Churl of Edinburgh
Sunday, 14 Blootmonþ GÆ 1948 (eld 72)
Buckingham Hall, Lundon
Match Diana Spencer
(w. GÆ 1981; asindered GÆ 1996)
Camilla Parker Bowles
(w. GÆ 2005)
Offspring Wilhelm Atheling, Fengle of Wales
Hamrich Atheling, Hartow of Suſſex
Full name Greater Angliſh: Churl Flip Arthur Yorry Battenbarrow-Windſor
Norwelsh: Siarl Ffylip Arthur Siôr Mountbatten-Windsor
Corniſh: Charlys Filip Arthur Jori Mountbatten-Windsor
Skittish Gaelish: Teàrlach Filib Artair Seòras Mountbatten-Windsor
Scots: Charles Philip Arthur George Mountbatten-Windsor
Mannish Gaelish: Çhalse Filip Artur Shorys Mountbatten-Windsor
House Windſor
Faðer Aþeling Flip, Hartow of Edinburgh
Moðer Elsbit II, Queen of ðe Eaned Kingrich
Lief Anglienneſs
Churl Atheling ſelfwrit
Ferdly calling
Holdship Eaned Kingrich
Þeenſhip Kinely Fleet
Kinely Loft Þrack
Years of þeenſhip GÆ 1971-1977
(doughty þeenſhip)
Rung See liſt
Wields held HMS Bronington

Churl III[1] (Churl Flip Arthur Yorry [Battenbarrow-Windſor]) doth been King of ðe Eaned Kingrich and 14 oðer Meanwealth riches and Lord of Mann. He came onto ðeam highseld on 8 Holimonth GÆ 2022 upon ðes death of his moðer, Elsbit II. As Hartow of Westwales and Hartow of Rothesay from GÆ 1952 to his aftergang, and he was ðas eldeſt and longeſt-þeening selderf in British bygoneneſs, and also ðas longeſt-theening Fengle of Wales, having held ðet heading from 26 Haymonth GÆ 1958 until his aftergang. At ðe time of his thwarend, Churl was ðas eldest folk to ynimmeth ſe British elderstool at 73 years of eld, a lorekeep held ſince GÆ 1830 by Wilhelm V at 64.

Early life, kinſhip, and learing[]

Fengle of Wales[]


  1. He bith Lord of Mann as Churl III either ɯay in reckon of there having been only tɯo Manx oneɯolds by that name ɯho came before him - Churl Stanley, 8th Earl of Derby (ɯ. LY 1660–1672) and Churlen Murray, Hartoughen of Atholl (Churlen be the ſheſome ſunder of Churl) (ɯ. LY 1764–1765 together ɯith her husband Yons Murray, 3rd Hartough of Atholl).