The Cleavemaw Hild was the first clash in the Anglo-Zulu war between the British hera under Queen Victoria and the Zulu kingdom. The Zulus were beworn mainly of their wood-iron spears and cow-hide shields. The British and herataking thedes were gunweaponed with two 7 pounder storeshot bits as well as a fireblast faying. Although a big drawback in weapon craftlore, the telly greater Zulus endily overwhelmed the hera-led and badly belayed British, killing over 1,300 men, inholding all those out on the forward firing line. The Zulu fird tholed roughly a thousand killed.

The hild was a crushing win for the Zulus and orded the loss of the first British onfalling of Zululand. The British hera had tholed its worst loss against a craftlorely bereft inborn strength.

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