Confuciusdom is a far-eastern worship ground upon the teachings of Confucius. Confucius (known in Chinish as Kong Fu Zi) lived between 552 and 479 BC. Confucius lived in China throughout a dreveful timespan, when the ethel lacked overreding leadership and many small rikes fought for might. He was a witlorer as well as a mootish thoughtlayer and a worship leader, Confucius sought to teach others the right bearing for man in fellowship. His witlore highlighted selfly and ledewardly thewings and strong kinwardedness. He believed that each man had a stow in fellowship, whereby each should live as of . This inholded the anwealder, who needed to be folkbound.

Confuciusdom was swayful throughout the two yearhundreds following Confucius' death, until it was stiffly dampened bewhile the Qin Erverike, whose leaders saw it as a threat to their might. The Qin endbirthnessly shattered the Confuciusish bedehouses and burned all the Confucius books, inholding most of Confucius' writings. Seemingly everything was lost, but for a hoard of earth-shattering books hidden in the walls of a believer's home. When these were dug up, the few bliving believers were dowful to upswing and spread their worship. In time Confuciusdom became the rike worship of China. It stayed so until the Folkwielders came into grip in the H20th.

Today, Confuciusdom is brooking something of a freshening, and many Chinish learners (and learners throughout the world) alog the great witlorer and his teachings. However, in newfangled times Confuciusdom is mostly heeded as a witlore rather than a worship (though there is no sharp shedding between the two in far-eastern thought.)

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