Craft is all of man's deeds, and the outcome of them. When somebody makes or undertakes to do something, that doing and what is done, is craft. To show: the writing of a book, and the book itself, are bookcraft.

Craft gainstands both lore and belief, for it rests mainly upon deed instead of thought alone. That is to say, it is the undertaking of something, working with the hands to make and to shift the world about us, that outmarks craft. Anybody who can undertake and do a craft well, is said to have a 'skill' in that craft.

Crafts are also the one thing which shows the kinship between man and other apes, for it is these wights alone that have craft. Some apes have been seen to wield great stones to crack nuts, or to 'fish' for ants with a stick by thrusting it into an ants' nest.

Kinds of crafts:

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