Craftspeak/Craftspeech (<OE cræftspræc "technical language")

In edhuing English wordshat to fit the cleanyearn forelie, one of our foremost upgaves is to forenglish underworpwords emb to forberrow that all wordlingbereaches are lastendly handled. Forestelled below are sundry wordlists set forth to lay the groundwork for a more embfating wellowingforegang.

In reforming English vocabulary to fit the purist model, one of our foremost tasks is to anglicize topical words in order to ensure that all areas of discourse are ultimately addressed. Presented below are various wordlists set forth to lay the groundwork for a more comprehensive enrichment process.

One of the greatest works of Anglish is to think up craftly words which do not come from Greek or Latin roots. Most folk believe English sheerly could not make words for such things without borrowing. Yet our brothertongues in Quidland (Dutch, Netherlandish, Swedish asf.) seem to fare much better than us in this fack.

William Barnes, the 19th Yearhundred Dorset leethwriter, eaweward, and speechlerer, believed strongly in a "clean" English speech. He wrote sundry books and offhandlings on the lores and crafts in his kind of "cleansed" English.

Note well: The honewordy hue of the nounword lore (OE lár) is lorely (OE lárlic), while that of craft (OE cræft) is crafty (OE cræftig).

Weaponlore (heraldry)Edit

English Anglish
coat of arms weapon(s) (cf. Af./Du. wapen, NHG Wappen, Dn. våben, Nw. våpen, Sw. vapen)
heraldry herewaldcraft (<OE *hereweald, from here 'army' + weald 'power, authority'; cf. Ancwe herald)
blazon blazing, weaponwrit
escutcheon (weapon)shield (cf. NHG Wappenschild)
tincture teaver (<OE teafor "pigment")
metal blome (<OE bloma "metal, mass")
color faw (<OE fag/fah), blee, hue
motto bidword (cf. Fr. biedwurd)

Teavers (tinctures)Edit

English Anglish German Swedish
Or gold Gold guld
argent silver Silber silver
gules red Rot rött
azure blow (<OE blǣwen), hewn (<OE hæwen) Blau blått
sable swarth, black Schwarz svart
vert green Grün grönt
purpure bawse (<OE basu) Purpur purpur
ermine harmen (<OE hearma) Hermelin hermelin

Bodylore (anatomy)Edit

Ally bodylore (general anatomy)Edit

Scientific English Anglish
face neb (<OE neb), andleth (<OE andwlita), leer (<OE hléor)
abdomen belly, bouch (<OE buc)
gland threeze (cf. NHG Drüse)
axilla oxter, armpit
pelvis hipbone
cavity hollow
artery edder (<OE ædre)
vein maser
vessel vat
vesicle poke
spleen milt (att'd arch. <OE milte, cf. NHG Milz)
choroid membrane atherhide (cf. NHG Aderhaut)
bough forearm
torso riff
diaphragm midriff, twerrowfell (cf. NHG Zwerchfell)
cerebellum smallhern, brainling (cf. NHG Kleinhirn "little brain")
prosencephelon forebrain (att'd, standard)
rhomencephelon hindbrain (att'd, standard)

Bone Network (skeletal system)Edit

Scientific English Anglish
cranium skull, brainpan, harnpan
vertebral column backbone
maxilla/mandible jawbone/jowlbone
sternum breastbone
patella kneebone
clavicle/collarbone sluttlebone

Thew Network (muscular system)Edit

Scientific English Anglish
skeletal muscle bonethew
cardiac muscle heartthew
smooth muscle smooththew

Eating Network (digestive system)Edit

Scientific English Anglish
digestive tract eatingfleet
mouth/oral cavity mouth
saliva spittle
sublingual salivary glands undertungish spittlethreezen
submaxillary salivary glands undermouthish spittlethreezen
parotid salivary glands earspittlethreezen
tongue tung
pharynx throat
esophagus swallowtharm
stomach maw
pancreas sweet kernel
pancreatic duct allfeshleading
liver liver
gallbladder gallbladder
bile duct gall leat
duodenum horseshoe tharm (< Ic.)
jejunum leertharm
ileum/small intestine hiptharm
cecum blindtharm
vermiform appendix wormlike onhungness
colon/large intestine thicktharm
ascending colon upstying thicktharm
transverse colon thwartgoing thicktharm
descending colon netherstying thicktharm
sigmoid flexure sighelbendnold
rectum endtharm
anus arsegong, endtharmsopening

Hide Network (integumentary system)Edit

Scientific English Anglish
skin fell, skin
epidermis overhide
dermis hide
subdermis underhide
adnexa outgrowths

Reckoneering Edit

English Anglish
Computer system Rig (established slang), Reckoner (established word for calculator), listreckoner
Computation Reckoning
Programme Foredraft (William Barnes), Reckonlist, Reckonplot

Swaycraft/Gleedream (Music)Edit

English Anglish
augmented risen, heaved
chord togetherswaying, midswaying
diminished lowered
frequency height; quivering
interval fack (<OE fæc), span
key signature keymark
clef keyhue
major greater
minor lesser
music swincraft, swaycraft (<OE swegcræft)
notation (sway)spelling, (sway)writing
perfect fifth swotel fifth
rhythm meal, beat
semitone half step
time signature timemark
tonic groundsway, groundpitch
whole tone whole step

Godlore (Theology)Edit

English Anglish
Adiaphora Middlethings
Absolution Forgiveness
Administer Atthane
Apostle Errander, Sendling (c.f. NHG 'Sendling'), Fro-sent (Richard Taverner)
Baptism Christening (OE cristnian), Fulwaying, Forwashing
Catechize Forsough (calque of Gk 'katachesis')
Communion Fellowship, Sharing, Sharehood
Communication_of_Attributes Sharing of ownings, Sharehood of selfstuffs, Fellowship of ownings
Concupiscence Sinlust, Evil lust, Leaning toward sin, Bentness to sin
Confession Bekenness (of belief), Acknowledging (of sin)
Disciple Follower, Learner, Loreknight
Divine Godly, Godkind
Divine Service God's Thane, Goddisthane (c.f. NHG 'Gottesdienst')
Divinity Godkindness
Doctrine/Dogma Teaching, lore
Ecumenism Broadchurchdom
Eschatology Endtidelore, Endtimeslore, Lastlore, Endlore
Essence Wist, Whatness, Ishood, Isness
Eucharist Holy Supper, Lord's Supper, Lord's Board, Housel
Ex nihilo From naught, Out of naught
Faith Lief, Belief, Trust
Grace Est, Giveness, Gift
Hamartology Sinlore
Hypostasis Selfstandand, Staddleness
Hypostatic Union Onehood of staddleness, Onfleshing, Infleshing
Imputed Reckoned
Incarnate Word Word-Made-Flesh, Onfleshed Word, Infleshed Word
Justification Rightwisness, Rightening, Rightness, Rightedness,
Liturgy Leedwork (calque Gk. 'leitourgia'), Workship (pun on worship and ourgia)
Mercy Kindness, Milts
Mission Errand, Sending, Sentness
Nihilism Naughtdom
Original Sin Birthbane ("Birth-poison" was an attempted coin by William Tyndale), Ervensin (c.f. NHG "erbsünde)
Pastor Shepherd, Herder
Piety Awefastness
Presbyter Overseer
Propitiation Atoning Bloot, Armstock ( c.f. Richard Taverner's 'Mercystock'), Bote
Repent Forthink
Revival Edlivening
Sacraments Holiworks, Hallowings
Salvation Health, Hale
Sanctification Hallowing, Being made holy, Making holy
Scripture(s) Writ (Writings)
Seminary Godlorehouse
Soteriology Halelore
Trinity Threeness
Vicarious Satisfaction Spellish Atoning


English Anglish
government leedward (<OE leodweard, "government", literally "people's protection")
democracy folksteer (cf. Nynorsk folkestyre)
commonwealth, republic kinwise (<OE cynewise)
federation band, forband (cf. NHG Verband)
monarchy kingdom
aristocracy highbornhood
tyranny wretchdom/wretchlord
confederation looseband
union foranying (cf. NHG Vereinigung)
communism eventhriftdom

Levels of Government / Administrative DivisionsEdit

English Anglish
nation folkdom, folkland, ledeland, thede
country ethel, land
empire anweald, rich, rike
state landshape, landship
province shire, land
city stead, borough (OE burh)
town town (OE tun)
ward ward (OE weard)
county shire, earldom
village thorp, ham, hamlet, wick (<OE wic)
prefecture revetown
administrative division wike, gow (<OE gā, cf. German Gau)
district riding
region land
capital headstead, headtown, headborough

English Anglish
president; prime minister

foresitter (calque), kithhead, stoolman, ethelhead

governor reeve (OE gerefa)
mayor reeve (OE gerefa)

Parliamentary governmentEdit

English Anglish


witan, witmoot (OE witena gemōt) althing (cf. Ic. Alþingi)



bicameralism twihousedom
tricameralism thrihousedom
multicameralism manihousedom

minister, prime minister

reeve, thain, thane, overthane (<OE þegn)

ministry reeveship, thainship, thaneship (<OE þegnscipe)

House of Commons, lower house/chamber

underhouse (cf. Dn. & Nw. underhuset), lower house
House of Lords/Peers, upper house/chamber

overhouse (cf. Dn. overhuset, Norw. överhuset) upperhouse (cf. NHG Oberhaus)

Gun WordsEdit

English Anglish
Aiming at Getting a bead on/ goalset
Aperture sight Ghost ring, peep sight, peek-hole
Assault rifle Thorgun, stormgun
Automatic Self-loading
Barrel Run, leap, vat, burle (<OE "byrla")
Bayonet Goad, gunblade
Bolt-action Bolt-loading, (ge/y)wend-loading
Break-action Break-loading
Bullet Slug, lead, shot, shotclew, streal, thother
Cannon Dunspar
Carbine Rider's gun, horseman's gun, short gun
Cartridge Load
Casing Shell, brass
Chamber Breech
Decocker Uncocker
Double-barreled Side-by-side
Double stack Two-row, staggered, side-by-side
Firearm Gun, shooting-iron, thunder-box
Full metal jacket Ball, full bemalmed sheath
Fully-automatic Full tilt, snellfire
Gas-operated Waftle-driven
Handguard Forend
Hollow point Hollow tip
Machine gun Hailgun
Magazine Feeder
Musket (Smoothbore) long gun
Muzzle Mouth, mouthing
Parts kit Deals kit
Pistol Handgun
Pistol grip Grip
Projectile Shot, lead
Pump-action Slide-loading
Range Reach
Rate of fire Firing speed, fireswiftness
Receiver Bearing, onfanger (box)
Reflex sight/scope Red dot sight
Revolver Wheelgun, six-shooter, six-gun
Rifle (Grooved) long gun, furrowgun, shouldergun
Rifling (Lands and) grooves, strealfurrows
Rotating bolt Wending bolt
Round Shot, (see cartridge)
Safety Lock, (see selector)
Selector Switch
Semi-automatic Half tilt, self-loading
Side arm Handgun
Silencer (see suppressor)
Suppressor Can, (loudness) dampener
Single stack One-row, straight stack
Soft point Soft nose, soft tip
Target Mark
Velocity Swindiness
Vertical grip Foreword grip

Heavenlore (meteorology)Edit

English Anglish
asteroid rock wanderer
atmosphere welkin
aurora australis southern lights
aurora borealis northern lights
celestial body rotherer, heavenly body
comet tailstar, shooting star, strealer
exosphere outerhelm
galaxy starwirl, starset
ionosphere upperhelm, highhelm
mesosphere middlehelm
meteor shooting star, strealer
nebula starcloud
planet tungle (<OE tungol), world, wanderer
quasar nearstarwirt
solar system starly (or sunly) neighborhood, sunhood
stratosphere stillhelm
supernova starburst
thermosphere hothelm
troposphere windhelm

The Tungles (The Planets)Edit

English Anglish
Mercury Hermud
Venus Frey
Earth Earth
Mars Tue (God of war, law, and justice, cf. Tuesday)
Jupiter Thur (<OE Þunor, the same god as Thor, cf. Thursday)
Saturn Wedne (pronounced "when", <OE woden, cf. Wednesday)
Uranus Ume (Norse god Ymir)
Neptune Ey (Norse god Aegir, God of the sea, like Neptune)

The Moons of our Sunhood Edit

English Anglish
Deimos Deemstead
Phobos Theedom
Neith Hildboar (<ON. Hildisvíni)


English Anglish
courthouse deemhouse (from A-S "domhus")
court hove
judge deemster, hilerand
jurisprudence lawcraft
juror oathman/-woman
jury oathbench
verdict truthspeak, soothsaying
court lawstead
judiciary deemerwick

Metekith/Earthimete (geometry)Edit

English Anglish
angle winkle (<OE wincel, cf. NHG Winkel, Swed. Vinkel), nook, horn
arc bow
hexagon sixedge, sixhorn
line line [pl linen] (<OE line, cf. Du. lijn)
line segment linestutch (line + <OE stycce "piece," cf. Du. lijnstuk)
pentagon fiveedge, fivehorn
plane field, evenness (cf. NHG Ebene)
point ord
polygon manyedge, manihorn
ray beam, streal (<OE stræl "arrow," cf. NHG Strahl, Du. straal)
sector slit, offsnithe/offsnit (cf. NHG Abschnitt "section")
square fournook
triangle threenook

Lifelore (biology)Edit

Twiggings (branches)Edit

English Anglish
anatomy bodylore
cell biology frumenlifelore
ecology landlore
entomology bugkith
herpetology athexenkith
ichthyology fishlore
macrobiology stoorlifelore
mammology milchwightlore
microbiology weelifelore
mycology swambkith
neurobiology tawlifelore
oceanography holmslifekith
ornithology birdlore
paleontology wightstonelore
pathology addlekith
physiology bleekith
virology frumebanelore
zoology deerlore

Frumenlifelore (Cell Biology)/Frumenlore (Cytology)Edit

English Anglish
cell frume [pl frumen] (<OE fruma "origin", by analogy to Icelandic fruma "cell")
cell division frumencleaving
cell membrane frumenfilmen ('filmen' <OE filmen "film, membrane")
cell wall frumenwaugh ('-waugh' <OE wág/wáh "wall"; "wall" < OE weall is a loanword from Latin vallum)
centriole middlestele [pl middlestelen] ('-stele' <OE stela "(plant) stalk", in description of the structure's general shape)
centrosome middlekern
chloroplast greencorn (Cf. Icelandic grænukorn)
chromatid huekernhalf (as a chromatid is half a chromosome)
chromosome huekern (hue, in relation to ancient Greek khrômo “color”)

frumen- (<fruman, genitive of OE fruma 'origin', by analogy to Icelandic fruma 'cell')

cytoplasm frumenfilleth ('filleth' <OE fyllað "filling")
cytoskeleton frumenframework
deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA)

andathomrinenitensire ('and-', "de-" <OE and- cf. NHG ent-, Du. ont-, Scand. and- + 'athom', "breath" <OE ǽðm, cf. NHG Atem, Du. adem, abbreviation of 'athomlift' "oxygen, breathing air" cf. NHG Atemluft + 'rine', "Rhine" <OE Rín [the Rhine province was home to Emil Fischer, the discoverer of ribose sugar] + 'niten' < OE hnyte, the umlauted inflected form of hnutu "nut", for "nucleic" [Latin nucleus is a diminutive of nux, "nut"] + 'sire', "acid" the umlauted form of 'sour', cf. NHG Sauer "sour" -> Säure "acid")

ervenite ('erve', "inheritance, heritage" <OE ierfe, cf. NHG Erbe + 'nite' < OE hnyte, the umlauted inflected form of hnutu "nut", for "nucleic" [Latin nucleus is a diminutive of nux, "nut"])

endoplasmic reticulum (ER) innethweft ('inneth' <OE innoþ "inside [of body], inner organs" + 'weft', "weft, network" <OE weft)

Golgi apparatus/body/complex

ettlebody ('ettle', "Italy" <OE Eotol, Camillo Golgi's homeland)
rough ER roughinnethweft (see "endoplasmic reticulum")
smooth ER smeethinnethweft ('smeeth', alternate form of 'smooth' <OE sméðe; see "endoplasmic reticulum")
lysosome ashilenkern ('ashilen' <OE áscilian "to separate", to translate the Greek lyso-)
meiosis kinthdealing frumencleaving [since meiosis does not produce an identical copy but instead distributes genes randomly to four daughter cells; (kinth = gene)]
mitochondrion aredkern ('ared' <OE arod "quick, spirited, energetic" [Mitochondria produce most of ATP, the cell's main chemical energy "currency" ]
mitosis kinthtwinning frumencleaving [since mitosis produces a genetically identical cell; (kinth = gene)]
nucleoid samfrumenkern (‘sam-’ <OE sām- “half, partly”, as the nucleoid is like a nucleus but does not truly fuction like one)
nucleus frumenkern (Cf. Icelandic frumukjarni, NHG Zellkern, Du. celkern, Swed. cellkärna)
nucleolus frumenkernel (Diminutive of 'frumenkern', "nucleus")
ribonucleic acid (RNA)

rinenitensire ('rine', "Rhine" <OE Rín [the Rhine province was home to Emil Fischer, the discoverer of ribose sugar] + 'niten' < OE hnyte, the umlauted inflected form of hnutu "nut", for "nucleic" [Latin nucleus is a diminutive of nux, "nut"] + 'sire', "acid" the umlauted form of 'sour', cf. NHG Sauer "sour" -> Säure "acid")

ornite ('or-', "original, primeval" <OE or- [RNA is believed to have arisen before DNA] + 'nite' < OE hnyte, the umlauted inflected form of hnutu "nut", for "nucleic" [Latin nucleus is a diminutive of nux, "nut"])

ribosome asmithenkern ('asmithen' <OE ásmiðian "to fashion, forge, fabricate", as ribosomes are protein "factories")
-plast -corn (Cf. Icelandic -korn)
-some -kern (Umlauted form of 'corn', cf. Icelandic -korn)
vacuole bellow (<OE belg "bag, bellows")
vesicle poke [pl poken] (<OE pocca "pouch, bag, sack")

Offstemming/Kinlore (genealogy)Edit

Offstemmingcraftly begropes (genealogical terms)Edit

Stoorteam (extended family)Edit

English Anglish
grandmother eldmother (<Old English eldmodor)
grandfather eldfather (<OE ealdfæder)
maternal aunt mothry (<OE modrige)
paternal aunt fathe (<OE faþe/faþu)
maternal uncle eme (<OE eam)
paternal uncle fathere (<OE fædera)
female cousin mether (analogous to below, perh. cf. German Base)
male cousin fether (Cf. German Vetter)
niece nift (<OE nift)
nephew neave (<OE nefa)
grandchild bairnchild
granddaughter bairndaughter
grandson bairnson
in-law swair (see below)
mother-in-law swairmother (Cf. Latin socrus)
father-in-law swairfather (Cf. Latin socer)
sister-in-law swairsister (Cf. German Schwägerin)
brother-in-law swairbrother (Cf. German Schwager)
daughter-in-law snore (<OE snoru, akin to Latin nurus)
son-in-law oathom(<OE aþum, cf. German Eidam)

Philosophy (Wisdomlove)Edit

English Anglish
aesthetics fairlore (cf. Ic. fagurfræði)
epistemology knowledgelore
ethics sidelore (<OE sidu "custom, morality" + -lore; cf. Ic. siðfræði)
logic flitecraft (<OE flítcræft)
metaphysics frumishapelore (<OE frumgesceap "original creation" + -lore)
philosophy outhwitying (<OE úðwytegung), wisdomlove


English Anglish
Absolute humidity Outright Dampness
Absolute zero Outright naught
Condensation(water) Dew, dewening(process)
Diffraction Wavebreak
Friction Rubbing clout
Gas Waftle
Thermodynamics Heatpower


English Anglish
physics eshaftlore/ishaftlore (<OE gesceaft "creation" + -lore)
"initial ..." or-... (<OE, cf. NHG ur- "original")
vector birther (<OE byrþere "bearer" cf. N.Pers. بردار bordâr "vector")

Classical MechanicsEdit

English Anglish

snue (<OE sneówan)

quicken (In Anglish this does not outrightly mark speeding up, but also slowing down)


snuing (see above)


"angular ..."

wherve- (<OE hweorfan "to move about;" cf. Ic. hverfi-)


displacement offstand (cf. Dan./Du. afstand, NHG Abstand, Norw. avstand)

farness (<OE feornes)


dynamics quickwistlore (<OE cwic "quick, alive" + wist "essence" + -lore, see "statics")

ellen (<OE ellen "strength, vigor, courage, valor")



craft (<OE cræft "power, might," cf. Dan./Norw./Swed. kraft, Du. kracht, NHG Kraft)


inertia aswinding (<OE aswindung "idleness")
kinematics bewayinglore (cf. Du. bewegingsleer, NHG Bewegungslehre)
kinetic energy bewayingellen (cf. Dan. bevægelsesenergi, Du. bewegingsenergie, NHG Bewegungsenergie, see "motion," "energy")
"linear ..." scrithe-... (<OE scrīþan "to move, glide, crawl;" cf. Ic. skrið-)
mechanical energy

ithingellen (see "mechanics," "energy")

ithing inwork

mechanics thinglore (cf. OE geþyncg "condition," getingcræft "art of mechanics")
momentum swing (cf. NHG Schwung)
motion bewaying (cf. Dn. bevægelse, Du. beweging, NHG Bewegung, Nw. bevegelse)
normal force

thwerrowcraft (<OE þweorh "transverse" + craft, see "force;" cf. Ic. Þverkraftur)

rightnook clout


stelling (cf. NHG Stellung)


potential energy

hoardellen (<OE hord- "stored-up," see "energy")

hoard inwork

power main (<OE mægen "strength, might, power")
reaction force

withercraft (<OE wiþer "against" + craft, see "force;" cf. NHG Gegenkraft)

wither clout

statics steadwistlore (<OE stedewist "steadiness, stability" + -lore)
velocity speediness, speed

Rimlore (mathematics)Edit

English Anglish
add (to) toyeke (to-y-eke <OE tógeíecan), gain
addition ateke [pl ateken] (at-eke <OE ætéaca), eke [pl eken] (<OE éaca), overeke [pl overeken] (<OE oferéaca), toyightness (to-y-ight-ness <OE tógeíhtnes)
algebra rimewilery
algorithm rimewile
angle hern, nook, winkle
area ground, shapespan, swathe
arithmetic rimecraft (<OE rímcræft), ytellcraft/atellcraft (<OE getælcræft)
calculate reckon
circumference umgang/embgang (<OE ymbgang), girth (Norse)
computation rimecraft (<OE rímcræft)
denominator dealshare
divide deal (<OE dælan, cf. NHG teilen)
exponentiate mightsforheave (Cf. Du. machtsverheffen)
function brooking (<OE brúcing)
maximum roof
minimum floor
minus less
multiply manifold(en) (<OE manigfealdian), tobread (<OE tóbrǽdan), times (inf.), formanifoldy (Cf. Du. vermenigvuldigen), fold
negative loss of
number tell (<OE tæl), rime (<OE (ge)rim), rimetale (<OE rímtalu), rimeitell (<OE rímgetæl/rímgetel), scoring, score
number/numeral ytell/atell (<OE getæl)
numerator teller (Cf. Du. teller, NHG Zähler, Dan. tæller, Norw. teller, Swed. täljare, Ic. teljari)
plane field
plus more
positive gain of
statistic tally
statistics tellings
tensor waybearer
theorem arede (<OE ge-rǽde)
triangle threenook
two-thirds twede, tweade (<OE twæde)
vector wayload

Great rims (large numbers) Edit

English Anglish
thousand thousand
million micklered
billion thrisand
trillion foursand
quadrillion fivesand
quintillion sixsand
sextillion sevensand
septillion eightsand
octillion ninesand
nonillion tensand
decillion elevensand
undecillion twelvesand
duodecillion thirteensand
tredecillion fourteensand
quattuordecillion fifteensand
quindecillion sixteensand
sexdecillion seventeensand
septendecillion eighteensand
octodecillion nineteensand
novemdecillion twentisand
vigintillion twentyonesand
centillion hundredsand
googol googol
googolplex googolfold

Speechlore (linguistics)Edit

For Old English Speechlorely words see Ælfric's grammar
English Anglish
acronym tipname
allomorph bywordling
allophone byspeechling
case fall, namefall (cf. German Fall, Icelandic fall, Dutch naamval etc.)
comparative linguistics forlikening speechlore
comparative method way of overlikening
grammar stavecraft, speechcraft
historical linguistics yorespeechlore
idiom homely oddtung, own way of speaking/talking
inflection (declension, conjugation) forbowing
morpheme wordling
morphology wordbuilding
palindrome drowword (The element "drow" being merely a reflection of "word" to make this term self-describing)
phone speechling, toneling, loudling
phonetics speechlinglore
phoneme speechstead
phonology speechsteadlore
pragmatics sundermeaninglore, sundermeaningfulness
semantics meaninglore
syntax wordsetting

Stavecraftish Bentnesses (Grammatical Cases)Edit

nominative beckoningly
accusative wrayingly
dative forgivingly
ablative atbraidingly
genitive owningly
vocative clepingly
locative findingly
instrumental beworkingly

Speachdeals (Parts of speach)Edit

In Old English (see Ælfric's grammar) and oldendomly Latin the speachdeals had not been thoroughly bekinded, for byspell word meant verb. The following come from missen loanoversettings.

noun nameword
adjective honeword
pronoun spellword (naman speliend)
article clepeword (clyping. clepe=call out)
verb deedword
adverb fareword (wordes gefera; fere=companion), likeword
interjection betwixenlaidword (betwuxalegednys)
preposition forsetword (foresetnys)
conjunction thowenword (geðeodnys. thowen is of (i)thee: grow, prosper)

Staves (Letters & Punctuation)Edit

exclamation mark burst mark
question mark frain mark
interrobang frainburst mark
period full stop (already used in British English)
comma half stop
colon set mark
semi-colon halfset mark
quotation marks quoth marks
pilcrow sawset mark
hyphen en dash
parenthesis ringmarks
bracket waughmarks
brace bowmarks
asterisk starmark
solidus dole slash (or just slash),

stroke (of longstanding use in UK English)

ellipsis skim mark
apostrophe glide mark, offtaking


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Taxonomic ranksEdit

Basic ranksEdit

English Anglish
Life Life, Ferrowkin (<OE feorhcynn)
Domain Rike
Kingdom Kingdom
Phylum/Division Shed
Class Ilk
Order Shift*
Family Sib
Tribe Stem*
Genus Kind
Species Kin, Art*
Subspecies Breed/Strind

All ranksEdit

Zoology Botany Anglish
Domain/Empire Highkingdom/Rike
Kingdom Kingdom
Subkingdom Underkingdom
Infrakingdom Netherkingdom
Superphylum Superdivision Overshed
Phylum Division Shed
Subphylum Subdivision Undershed
Infraphylum Infradivision Nethershed
Microphylum - Shedling
- Supercohort Overseed
- Cohort Seed
- Subcohort Underseed
- Infracohort Netherseed
Superclass Overilk
Class Ilk
Subclass Underilk
Infraclass Netherilk
Parvclass Ilkling
Superdivision - Overoffdealing/Overflock
Division - Offdealing*/Flock
Subdivision - Underoffdealing/Underflock
Infradivision - Netheroffdealing/Netherflock
Superlegion - Overkindred
Legion - Kindred
Sublegion - Underkindred
Infralegion - Netherkindred
Supercohort - Overstock
Cohort - Stock
Subcohort - Understock
Infracohort - Netherstock
Gigaorder - Shiftenbough
Magnorder/Megaorder - Yrmenshift
Grandorder/Capaxorder - Greatshift
Mirorder/Hyperorder - Highshift
Superorder Overshift
Series (Fishes) - Fishline
Order Shift*
(Parvorder) - Othershift
Nanorder - Thirdshift
Hypoorder - Fourthshift
Minorder - Fifthshift
Suborder Undershift
Infraorder Nethershift
Microorder/Parvorder Parvorder Shiftlet
Section - Beam
Subsection - Underbeam
Gigafamily - Boughsib
Megafamily - Yrmensib
Grandfamily - Greatsib
Hyperfamily - Highsib
Superfamily Oversib
Epifamily - Onsib
Series (Lepidoptera) - Mothline
Group (Lepidoptera) - Mothcrop
Family Sib
Subfamily Undersib
Infrafamily Nethersib
Supertribe Overstem
Tribe Stem*
Subtribe Understem
Infratribe Netherstem
Genus Kind
Subgenus Underkind
- Section Beam
- Subsection Underbeam
- Series Twig/Row
- Subseries Undertwig/Underrow
Superspecies/Species-Group Artcrop
Species Art*
Subspecies Underart/Breed
- Variety Strain
- Subvariety Understrain
Form Shape
- Subform Undershape
  • Notes: Offdealing (Calque of German Abteilung "division"), Shift (Adapted from Frisian skift "taxonomical order"), Stem (Answers to German Stamm "stem, tribe"), Art (cf. NHG Art "kind, sort, arch. species," Danish and Swedish art "species", from Middle Low German art "nature, kind").


Kingdom Animalia Deerkin (<OE deorcynn, "animal-kind, animal species"), The Deerwight Kingdom/Ermendeerdom/The Wilder Kingdom

Phylum Chordata Wirebacked gillbearers
Class Mammalia Suckledeer/Milkwights
Order Monotremata Oneholedeer/Forkdeer (Cf. German Gabeltiere)
Infraclass Marsupialia Pungdeer
Infraclass Placentalia Highsuckledeer (Cf. German Höhere Säugetiere)
Order Artiodactyla Pairhooves (Cf. German Paarhufe)
Infraorder Cetacea Whalefish/Whaledeer
unranked Ferae Wightdeer (calque of Latin ferus>beast)
Order Carnivora Reavedeer/Meateaters
Suborder Caniformia Hounddeer
Family Canidae Houndkin
Tribe Canini Truehounds
Genus Canis Wolfhounds
Species Canis lupus Wolf
Species Canis lupus lupus Grey Wolf/Gray Wolf/Greywolf/Graywolf
Species Canis lupus familiaris Dog/Housedog
Genus Chrysocyon Foxwolves
Species Chrysocyon brachyurus Maned Wolf
Genus Lycaon Wilddogs
Species Lycaon pictus Highlandish Wilddog
Tribe Vulpini Truefoxes/Truefoxen
Genus Vulpes Highfoxes/Highfoxen
Species Vulpes vulpes Red Fox/Redfox
Species Vulpes lagopus Snow Fox/Snowfox
Genus Urocyon Greyfoxes/Grayfoxes/Greyfoxen/Grayfoxen
Family Ailuridae Overfirefoxes
Family Odobenidae Whalehorses
Family Otariidae Eared Seals/Earseals
Family Mephitidae Stinkdeer
Family Mustelidae Martendeer
Genus Gulo Stinkbear/Fellcat
Species Gulo gulo Mean Stinkbear/ Mean Fellcat
Genus Mustela Weasels
Species Mustela putorius Hencat
Subspecies Mustela putorius furo Tame Hencat/Tamehencat
Species Mustela erminea Stoat
Genus Martes Martens
Subfamily Lutrinae Otters
Genus Lutra Oldworld Otter/Oldworldotter
Family Phocidae Earless Seals/Earlesseals/True Seals/Trueseals
Family Procyonidae Littlebears
Genus Procyon Washbears
Species Procyon lotor Mean Washbears
Genus Nasua Nosebears
Genus Nasuella Bergh Nosebears/Berghnosebears
Family Ursidae Bears
Subfamily Tremarctinae Short-faced Bears/Shortfacebears
Genus Tremarctos Over-eyeglass Bears/Overeyeglassbears
Species Tremarctos ornatus Eyeglass Bear/Eyeglassbear
Subfamily Ailuropodinae Overcatbears
Genus Ailuropoda Catbears
Order Cingulata Girdledeer
Order Lagomorpha Haredeer (Cf. German Hasentiere)
Superorder Xenarthra Nighlinkdeer
Order Pilosa Toothearms (Cf. German Zahnarme)
Suborder Folivora Sloths
Suborder Vermilingua Anteaters
Order Primates Highdeer/Wonderthumbs/Menshwights
Family Hominidae Apes/Apen
Subfamily Homininae Great apes/Ermenhighapen
Tribe Gorillini Overbrawnapes/Overbrawnapen
Genus Gorilla Brawnapes/Brawnapen
Species Gorilla gorilla Western Brawnape/Western Brawnape
Subspecies Gorilla gorilla gorilla Western Lowland Brawnape/Western Lowland Brawnape
Subspecies Gorilla gorilla diehli Thwarse Ea Brawnape/Thwarse Ea Brawnape
Species Gorilla beringei Eastern Brawnape/Eastern Brawnape
Subspecies Gorilla beringei beringei Bergh Brawnape/Bergh Brawnape
Subspecies Gorilla beringei graueri Eastern Lowland Brawnape/Eastern Lowland Brawnape
Tribe Hominini Big-brained apes/Highapen
Genus Pan Mockman
Species Pan troglodytes Mean Mockman
Species Pan paniscus Dwarf Mockman
Genus Homo Mankind/Werekin
Species Homo sapiens Foppish man, Builder man
Species Homo neanderthalensis Hulkish man, Neanderthal man/Newmandale man, New Man (att'd)
Species Homo erectus Upright man
Order Rodentia Gnawdeer
Order Sirenia Sea Cows/Seacows
Class Aves Birds
Class Osteichthyes Bony fish
Class Agnatha Jawless fish
Class Ascidiacea Sea squirts
Class Larvacea Hardblobs
Class Thaliacea Stockfish
Class Reptilia Landcreepers/Creepwights
Subclass Anapsida Fullskulled creepwights
Order Testudines Shieldpaddocks (Cf. Dutch schildpadden)
Subclass Diapsida Twibowskulled landcreepers
Infraclass Lepidosauromorpha Othexish twibowskulled landcreepers
Superorder Lepidosauria Shalenexen (Cf. German Schuppenexen)
Order Squamata Shalenlandcreepers
Order Sphenodontia Nose othexen (Cf. Persian بینی‌سران)
Infraclass Archosauromorpha Ermenathelothexen/Ermenothexen/Athelothexen (Partial calque)
Order Crocodilia Nixkin
Family Gavialidae Narrowmouth Nixes
Family Alligatoridae Broadmouth Nixes
Family Crocodylidae Truenixkin
Genus Crocodylus Truenixes
Order Pterosauria Wingfingers/Wingwights
Superorder Dinosauria Dreadwights/Forebirds
Order Ornithischia Birdhips
Order Saurischia Athexhips
Order Sauropoda Wightfoots/Wightfeet
Order Theropoda Deerfoots/Deerfeet
Class Amphibia Twidwellers, Lurrows (Cf. G. Lurche)
Subclass Lissamphibia Smoothlurrows (Calque)
Order Anura Frogs, Froshlurrows (Cf. G. Froschlurche)
Order Caudata Tailed lurrows, Swantloroughs (Cf. G. Schwanzlurche), containing Newts and Efts
Order Gymnophiona Slitherlurrows (Cons. G. Schliechenlurche)
Order Allocaudata† Elswantlurrows (The prefix "el-," as in "eldritch," comes directly from Old English and is cognate to the Greek "allo-")
Phylum Hemichordata Gillworms
Class Enteropneusta Acorn worms
Class Pterobranchia Mosswight
Phylum Nematoda Roundworms
Phylum Arthropoda Lithfoots/Lithfeet (cf. German Gliederfüßer; Dutch geleedpotigen)
Class Trilobita Thrilap
Class Arachnida Spiderdeer (cf. German Spinnentiere)
Class Merostomata Horseshoecrabdeer
Class Pycnogonida Seaspiders
Class Chilopoda Thousandfoots/Thousandfeet (cf. Dutch duizendpoot; German Tausendfüße)
Class Diplopoda Mickleredfoots/Mickleredfeet (cf. Dutch miljoenpoot)
Class Insecta Midgekin
Phylum Echinodermata Pricklyskins
Class Asteroidea Starfishes
Class Ophiuroidea Brittlestars
Class Echinoidea Sea hedgehogs
Class Holothuroidea Sea cottonspinners
Class Crinoidea Sea lilies

Kingdom Plantae Wortkin (<OE wyrtcynn "plant-kind, plant species")

Group Bryophyta Mossworts
Group Pteridophyta Fernworts
Group Gymnosperma Nakedseeds
Clade Angiosperma Inchestedseeds
Clade Monodicotidae Oneleafbowls
Genus Musa Moonpodtrees
Family Arecaceae Palmkin
Genus Cocos Skullnut/Skulnut
Clade Eudicotidae Twileafbowls

Tidemete (chronometry)Edit

English Anglish
hour stound, log
minute shortlog, stoundle (-el or -le is a Germanic diminutive), stoundbit
second nutlog, understoundle, understoundbit, eyeblink


English Anglish
Employ Hire, yield/gild(pay) to work
Employed Behired, hired
Profession Skilled job, learned job
Unemployed Unbehired, unbehiren, workless
Unemployment Unbehiredness, unbehirenness, worklessness

Husbandry & Business (Economics & Commerce)Edit

English Anglish
Account Errand, Tally
Account Payable Errand Owing
Account Receivable Errand Getting, Errand Athidge
Accountant Bookkeeper, Woofter (A person counts on a table with a weaved grid to count, read Exchequer), Teller
Assets Holdings
Banker Benchkeeper
Behavioural Economics Husbandry of the How
Capital Overhead
Cash Freefew, Goldworth, Fee at Hand
Contract Writ of Troth
Customer Buyer
Debt Owing
Demand Want
Equipment Wares for Work
Equity Weight of Ownership
Exchange Cheppinghouse, Chep
Export Outshipping
Fair Market Value Fair Chepworth
Finance Fewhood (OE Feoh+hood), Fewmake
Gross Margin Foreyield
Gross Domestic Product Whole Homeward Output
Gross National Product Whole Theedish Output
Historical Cost Chepworth at Buying, Yorely Chepworth
Import Inshipping
Inventory Wares
Investment Feewending, Awendings
Labour Work
Labour Force Workhere
Labourer Worker
Liability Owing, Lawful Owing, Lawbond
Liquidity Ebbingness
Macroeconomics Husbandry of the Theed
Margin Yield
Market Chep, Chepping, Cheppinghouse, Chepry
Materials Timbers
Microeconomics Husbandry of Business
Office Buttern
Payable Owing
Reserve Pool
Securities Keepings
Service Deed
Solvency Strength of Weight
Supplier Spring, Springman, Seller
Supply (n.) Pool, (vb) Springforth
Tariff Gangyield, Toll, Gaffle
Tax King's Yield, Theed's Yield, Gaffle, Yield, Toll
Turnover Wareswitch


English Anglish
(zodiacal) sign (star)tokening (<OE tácnung "sign, token, zodiacal sign" cf. NHG Sternzeichen)
zodiac tokenwreath
Aries Ram
Taurus Bull, Steer
Gemini Twins
Cancer Crab
Leo Lee (<OE léo "lion")
Virgo Maiden
Libra Meter, Twiweigh (<OE twiwǽg "scales")
Scorpio Sting-tail, night-sting, Throwend (<OE þrówend "serpent, scorpion, basilisk")
Sagittarius Bowyer, Strealbore (<OE strǽlbora "archer")
Capricorn Sea-Goat
Aquarius Waterbearer (<OE wæterberere)
Pisces Fish
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