Christ the Aleasand

Crist the Aleeser (Mean English: Christ the Redeemer, Portugalish: Cristo Redentor) is a Deck Craft standbilth of Yesu Crist in Afteryule Ea, Rudland, built between 1922 and 1931 to frealse the 100 years of selfhood of Rudland. The standbilth is 98 ft high, not inholding its 26 ft footstone, and its arms stretch 92 ft wide. It is found at the top of the 2,300 ft tall Hunchback Barrow in the Rotwater Weald Ethelparrock overlooking the Stead of Afteryule Ea. It has become a token of Cristendom throughout the world and a kithship token of both Afteryule Ea and Rudland.

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