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(English: Croatia, Croatish: Hrvatska) is a land in southeastern Eveland. The folkscore is 4,284,889. The headtown is Zagreb. Croatish is the inborn tung and is widely spoken throughout the land.


The beginnings of Croatland goes back to the the early H7th, when the Croat folk (of Slavic ord) outwandered southwards (from today's eastern Poland and western Ruswhite) moving over the Carpathian barrows and Panonian sink to the Romish landholds of Dalmatia and Illyricum. Croats settled there and gave the land its name. No olden written logs have weathered till today. However, there are lorekeeps written few yearhundreds later, although they may be ridden in folklore.

From many earldoms to a fayed kingdom Edit

In the beginning, the northern earldoms in Pannonia were likely under forthright Frankish rede, while the southern earldoms in Dalmatia (although they acknowledged Frankish of Byzantish overlordship) were selfstanding. The first known written word of the Croats in their new land is from a rightsledge in Latin by earl Trpimir in 852. Croatland was ongot as a selfhood in 879 under earl Branimir who was the first Croat rede acknowledged by The Pope. Many Croat earls sought to bring up selfhood both in Pannonia and Dalmatia, and endly earl Tomislav (hailed from the House of Trpimir) led Croatland to Kingdom selfhood umb 925. This was owing to his heras outrightly won many gouths against Hungary in Pannonia and Bulgarland in the east, but also thanks to his steady and skilful ties with Frankland, the Byzantish Rike and The Pope. Tomislav strengthened both his might and Croatland, which now spanned over the Adriatic seashore in the south to the Drava rith to the north and Drina to the east, thus banding all Croat earldoms together. Tomislav was the first reder of Croatland whom the Popish ambight wreathed with the king's sterling.

Erverikish timespan Edit

After the selfhood was won, Croatish fellowship underwent further wends throughout the H10th. Shire leaders, the župani, were outtraded by the withholders of the king, who took land from the former landowners and crafted a toll-run layout, on the whole. The formerly free boors became thralls and were no longer heers, begetting the axfaring might of Croatland to fade. Erverikish strides between witherling athelkins led to steady weakening of Croatland and many outskirtish landspans goaded the unsettled onlays to sunder. Many, more or less unspowing rulers were outstood by king Krešimir IV who led Croatland to it's landsharish peak, fastening the grip over Dalmatian boroughs and south-eastern earldoms. At it's peak, Krešimir's kingdom was slightly bigger than Tomislav's, but by the end of his rule the Dalmatian boroughs were lost again due to Krešimir's unwise fostering of Serbish and Bulgarish uprisings against Byzantium. The last Croat king, Stephen II (of the main House of Trpimir blood-tie) came to the throne at an old age. He died at the beginning of 1091, without an erve. Since there was no living manly offspring belonging to the House of Trpimir, unrest broke out shortly afterwards, followed by folkwye.

Afollowing needtime Edit

The widow of late King Zvonimir, Helen of Hungary, sought to keep her might in Croatland be while the afollowing needtime. Some Croatian athelborns umb Helen asked King Ladislaus I of Hungary to help Helen and bequeath him the Croatish throne, which was seen as rightfully his by earve rights. Since the Croat athelborns were sundered, Ladislaus did well in his axfare, yet he wasn't fit to install his stewardship over all of Croatland. In the midst of the war, Petar Svačić was chosen king by Croatish athelborn lords in 1093. His reding was marked by a struggle for reding of the land with Álmos, who also was unfit to rede and was pushed back to Hungary in 1095. Coloman sammened a hera to thruch his rights on the throne and overrun King Peter's mights, who was killed at the Hild of Gvozd barrow in 1097. As the Croats no longer had a leader, chidings arose between Coloman and the Croat athelborn lords. It took a rime of years before the Croat athelings acknowledged Coloman as their new king. Coloman was wreathed in Biograd in 1102 and the sterling now foreheld Coloman as "King of Hungary, Dalmatia and Croatland".

Inbanding with Hungary Edit

In 1102, Croatland fayed with Hungary, which later banded with Eastenrike and later became known as the Eastenrike-Hungary Rike. In the band with Hungary, the wreath was held by the Arpad, followed by the Anjou erverike. Bodies of freestanding Croat selfhood were upheld through the Folkmoot (Croatish: Sabor) of Croatland athelborns while the underking (Croatish: Ban) pledged both to the King of Hungary and Croatland. Coloman's erves kept hedging themselves as Kings of Croatland only, until the time of Béla IV. In the H14th, new onlays arose to spur the gathering of lawfully selfstanding lands under the rede of the Hungarish King: The Hungarish Overlordship (Lands of the Wreath of Hallow Stephen). Croatland lingered as a shedded kingdom on one hand and woven to the King of Hungary on the other, until the downfall of the Easternrik-Hungarish Rike in 1918.


After the rike's loss in World Wye One, Croatland withdrew and became deal of Southslavland. Croatland stayed with Southslavland until 1991. From 1991 to 1995 the Croats fought against Southslavland for their selfhood. After winning the war, Croatland became a selfstanding rike.

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