Cumbria (English)
Flag of Cumberland
I have lifted up mine eyes unto the hills
Ad Montes Oculos Levavi (Romish)
- Ethel
- Fields
Foroned Kingdom
North West
Revetung Allmean English
Other tungs Cumberish landspeech,
Inwonername Cumbers
Reevely shire
- Lord Steadholder
- High Sheriff

Claire Hensman
Alistair G M Wannop 
Landswath 2,613 miles²
Befolkening 497,900

Cumberland (English: Cumbria) is a reevely and un-mickleboroughmoot shire in North West England. The shire and Cumberland Shire Redemoot, its nearby lawmoot, came into being in 1974 after the way of the Near Lawmoot Work 1972. Cumberland's shire town is Carliland, in the north of the shire, and the only other main townish landspan is Barrow-in-Furness on the southwestern tip of the shire.

The shire of Cumberland bestands of six ridings (Allerdale, Barrow-in-Furness, Cariland, Copeland, Eden and South Lakeland), and in 2008 had a befolkening of bare under half a micklered. Cumberland is one of the least huddled shires in the Foroned Kingdom, with 73.4 folk by tm2 (190/fs mi).

Cumberland is the third biggest shire in England by landspan, and is mired to the north by the Scottish redemoot landspans of Dumfries & Galloway and Scottish Borders, to the west by the Irish Sea, to the south by Lancashire, to the southeast by North Everwickshire, and to the east by Durham and Northumberland.

Cumberland is mainly green and is home to the Lake Riding and Lake Riding Ethelhood Parock, a UNESCO World Erving Stow huyed as one of England's most outstanding landspans of wlitiness (an inblowing for crafters, writers and swayleethers). In the south east lie the Everwickshire Dales Thede Parrock while the the North Pennines AONB is in the eastern rand. Much of Cumberland is hilly and is home to every peak in England over 3,000 feet (910 m) above the sea, with Scafell Pike at 3,209 feet (978 m) being the highest ord of England. A highland, shorely and green landspan, Cumberland's eretide is marked by raids, outwandering and settling, as well as gouths and skirmishes among English and Scots. Keen stows of yore in Cumberland are: Carliland Burgh, Furness Abbot, Hardknott Romish Keep, Brough Burgh and Hadrian's Wall, also a World Erving Stow.

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