Beridden boneset of a King Ledehaterask
Kingdom Deer (Animalia)


Wirebacks (Chordata)
Ilk Creepdeer (Reptilia)
Bough Dreadaskkin (Dinosauriformes)
Bough Dreadasks (Dinosauria)
Main Sammings:
Askhips (Saurischia)
- †Askfootkin (Sauropodomorpha)
- Wightfeet (Theropoda)

†Birdhips (Ornithischia)
- †Birdfeet (Ornithopoda)
- †Edgeheads (Marginocephalia)
- †Shieldbearers (Thyreophora)

Dreadasks (English: Dinosaurs, Latish: Dinosauria) are a sundry samming of creepdeer that first showed up in the Thrien tide, between 243 and 231 micklesand years ago. They became the riken land warveldeer after the Thrien-Jurish foregoingness 201 micklesand years ago and their riking went on through the Jurish and Chalken tides. While most dreadasks died out in the Chalken-Orbirthing foregoingness 66 micklesand years ago, the stonelavelog shows that birds are the afterbearers of dreadasks. Therefore, dreadasks can be split into birddreadasks and notbirddreadasks.

Lifelore Edit

Knowledge about the life of dreadasks comes from many stonelave and notstonelave logs inholding bones, dung, treadways, mawstones, feathers, skin inthrutchings, innards, and soft weavels.

Grete Edit

Dreadask grete likely frothered a lot through the Thrien, early Jurish, late Jurish and Chalken tides. Reavey wightfooted dreadasks were between 100 and 1000 mickleweights (220 to 2200 pounds) whereas nowen reavey meat-eating suckledeer peak at 10 to 100 mickleweights (22 to 220 pounds). The biggest dreadask known from good bonesets is Branca's olfhorseettin (Giraffatitan brancai) while the smallest notbirddreadask known from good bonesets is Huxley's nighbird (Anchiornis huxleyi).

List of Dreadasks Edit

English Binomial name Anglish


albertosaurus genus Albertosaurus albertsask Chalken
allosaurus genus Allosaurus ellask Jurish
ankylosaurus genus Ankylosaurus meldedask Chalken
apatosaurus genus Apatosaurus swikefulask Jurish
argentinosaurus genus Argentinosaurus silverlandask Chalken
austroraptor genus Austroraptor southreaver Chalken
brachiosaurus genus Brachiosaurus armask Jurish
brontosaurus (recently

reclassified as a

separate species)

genus Brontosaurus thunderask Jurish
camarasaurus genus Camarasaurus roomask Jurish
camptosaurus genus Camptosaurus bentask Jurish
carcharodontosaurus genus Carcharodontosaurus sharptoothask Chalken
carnotaurus genus Carnotaurus meatbullask Chalken
caudipteryx genus Caudipteryx tailfeatherask Chalken
centrosaurus genus Centrosaurus prickask Chalken
ceratops genus Ceratops hornleer Chalken
ceratopsia suborder Ceratopsia hornleerkin Jurish & Chalken
ceratopsid family Ceratopsidae truehornleerkin Chalken
ceratopsin subfamily Ceratopsinae highhornleerkin Chalken
chasmosaurus genus Chasmosaurus openingask Chalken
coelophysis genus Coelophysis hollowshape Thrien & Jurish
compsognathus genus Compsognathus rekenjaw Jurish
concavenator genus Concavenator humpbackhunter Chalken
corythosaurus genus Corythosaurus helmask Chalken
cryolophosaurus genus Cryolophosaurus coldcombask Jurish
dakotaraptor genus Dakotaraptor knifelandreaver Chalken
deinonychus genus Deinonychus dreadclaw Chalken
dilong genus Dilong caserdrake Chalken
dilophosaurus genus Dilophosaurus twicombask Jurish
diplodocus genus Diplodocus twibeam Jurish
dromaeosaurus genus Dromaeosaurus runningask Chalken
dryosaurus genus Dryosaurus treeask Jurish
edmontosaurus genus Edmontosaurus edmondsask Chalken
eoraptor genus Eoraptor dawnreaver Thrien
euhelopus genus Euhelopus truemarshfoot Chalken
gallimimus genus Gallimimus roosterhurer; cockhurer Chalken
giganotosaurus genus Giganotosaurus greatsouthask Chalken
giraffatitan genus Giraffatitan olfhorseettin Jurish
gorgosaurus genus Gorgosaurus dreadfulask Chalken
herrerasaurus genus Herrerasaurus herrerasask Thrien
iguanodon genus Iguanodon combasktooth Chalken
juravenator genus Juravenator jurahunter Jurish
kentrosaurus genus Kentrosaurus prickleask Jurish
kulindadromeus genus Kulindadromeus kulindarunner Jurish
lambeosaurus genus Lambeosaurus lambesask Chalken
maiasaura genus Maiasaura goodmotherask Chalken
megalosaurus genus Megalosaurus greatask Jurish
microraptor genus Microraptor littlereaver Chalken
monolophosaurus genus Monolophosaurus onecombask Jurish
montanoceratops genus Montanoceratops barrowlandhornleer Chalken
oviraptor genus Oviraptor eggreaver Chalken
pachycephalosaurus genus Pachycephalosaurus thickheadask Chalken
pachyrhinosaurus genus Pachyrhinosaurus thicknoseask Chalken
parasaurolophus genus Parasaurolophus bycombask Chalken
plateosaurus genus Plateosaurus broadask Thrien
protarchaeopteryx genus Protarchaeopteryx foreorfowl; foreeldwing Chalken
protoceratops genus Protoceratops forehornneb Chalken
psittacosaurus genus Psittacosaurus chatterbirdask, redemouthask Chalken
sauropod clade Sauropoda askfoot Thrien, Jurish & Chalken
shantungosaurus genus Shantungosaurus eastberryask Chalken
sinosauropteryx genus Sinosauropteryx midricaskwing Chalken
spinosaurus genus Spinosaurus backboneask (calque) Chalken
stegosaurus genus Stegosaurus roofask Jurish
styracosaurus genus Styracosaurus thornask Chalken
tarbosaurus genus Tarbosaurus frighteningask Chalken
tenontosaurus genus Tenontosaurus sinewask Chalken
therizinosaurus genus Therizinosaurus sytheask Chalken
theropod clade Theropoda wightfoot Thrien, Jurish, Chalken, Orbirthing, Newbirthing & Fourth
titanosaurus genus Titanosaurus ettinask Chalken
triceratops genus Triceratops thrihornleer Chalken
tyrannosaurus genus Tyrannosaurus ledehaterask Chalken
utahraptor genus Utahraptor highfolkreaver Chalken
velociraptor genus Velociraptor quickreaver Chalken
yi qi genus Yi Qi weirdwing Jurish
yutyrannus genus Yutyrannus featherleedhater Chalken
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