Flag of Dublin
Revetung English
Dwellername Dubliner

- Lord Boroughreeve

Mícheál MacDonncha (2017–2018)
Groundwork 988
Landswathe 44.40 miles²
Befolking 553,165 dwellers

Dublin (Greater Anglish: Blackpool) is the reveetown and biggest borough of Ireland. It is in the ethel's eastern shore in the folkshire of Leinster, at the mouth of the Stream Liffey and bordered to the south by the Wicklow Barrows. While the borough itself has a befolking of about 500 thousand dwellers, the Greater Dublin, which inholds surrounding places, has almost two twisand dwellers.

Built as a Viking thorp, the Kingdom of Dublin became Ireland's main borough following the Norman raid. The borough grew quickly from the 17th yearhundred and was for a short time the twoth biggest borough in the British Realm before the Deeds of Fay in 1800. Following the splitting of Ireland in 1922, Dublin became the reevetown of the Irish Free State, later ednamed Ireland.

As of 2010, Dublin was listed by the Oneworldness and World Boroughs Delving Network as a global borough, with a ranking of "Alpha-", which places it amongst the top thirty boroughs in the world. It is a past and nowaday kernel for learning, craftwork, workdealing, trade and worksomeness.


Dublin has a wealthy bookcraft and many well-known writers, such as Bram Stoker, the writer of Dracula, were born there. Dublin is also known for its glee and nightlife. Molly Malone is one of the most herried Dubliner songs.

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