Theech Folkship Ledewealth
Deutsche Demokratische Republik (Allmean Hightheech)
East Theechland
Proletarier aller Länder, vereinigt Euch!
Workers of all lands, forone yourselves!
Auferstanden aus Ruinen
Risen from Wreckings
(and biggest stead)
East Berlin (in truth)
Reevetung Allmean Hightheech
Inwonername East Theech
Lawmoot Bound one-mootband fellowship ledewealth by the teachings of Marx and Lenin (1949-1952)
Oneness one-mootband fellowship ledewealth by the teachings of Marx and Lenin (1952-1989)
Oneness witenagemotish ledewealth (1989-1990)
Landswathe 108,333 fourside-thousandtals

Yield DM (East Theech Mark)

East Theechland (Allmean HightheechOstdeutschland), reevely the Theech Folkship Ledewealth (TFLAllmean Hightheech: Deutsche Demokratische Republik, DDR), was an ethel that stood from 1949 to 1990, when the eastern share of Theechland was a bit of the Eastern Block during the Cold War. Meanly thought of as a samendom-ethel in Mean English, it thought of itself as a fellowship "ethel of the workers and fieldmen." It was made up of landshares that was led and taken over by Workermootish might at the end of the Twithe World Wye - the Workermootish Overtaking Swath of the Potsdam Deal, bounded on the east by the Oder-Neisse line. The Workermootish swath inringed West Berlin but did not inhold it, owing to this, West Berlin stayed outside the laws of the TFL.  

The Theech Folkship Ledewealth was founded in the Workermootish swath, while the Bound Ledewealth was founded in the three western swathes. East Theechland was an under-ethel of the Workermootish Band. Workermootish overtaking overlords began giving law over to Theech samendom leaders in 1948, and the TFL began to work as an ethel on 7 Winterfulth 1949. However, Workermootish felds stayed in the land bewhile the Cold War. Until 1989, the TFL was led by the Fellowship Oneness Mootband (Sozialistische Einheitspartei Deutschlands; SED), though other mootbands in name took a share in its befriended-fellowship, the Landwide Fore of Folkship Theechland. The SED made the teachings of Marx and Lenin needed in lorehouses, as well as the teaching of the Russish tung

The landwealth was leading-behest and more and more ethel-owned. Worths of housing, bare-bones goods and helpings were set by leading lawmoot plotters rather than swelling and withering through pool and want, and were heavily fed by the lawmoot. Although the GDR owed great wye-amends to the Workermooters, it became the most spowful wealthdom in the Eastern Block. Outwandering to the west was a marked worry - many of the outwanderers were learned young folks and it weakened the ethel in wealth. The ethel strengthened its western borders, and in 1961 built the Berlin Wall. Many folks working to flee were killed by traps, such as landmines. Sundry others were locked up for many years.  

In 1989, manifold folkly, wealthly, and lawmootish mights in the TFL and in outlands led to the fall of the Berlin Wall and the setting up of a lawmoot earmarked to freedomness. The following year, open choosings were held, and worldwide dealings led to the underwriting of the Last Settlement Deal on the rank and borders of Theechland. The TFL sundered itself, and Theechland was edforoned on 3 Winterfulth 1990, becoming a fully selfstanding ethel once more. Sundry of the TFL's leaders, namely its last samendom leader Egon Krenz, were wrayed in ed-oned Theechland for lawbreakings made bewhile the Cold War. 

In an earthloric way, the Theech Folkship Ledewealth bordered the Baltish Sea to the north; Poland to the east, Checkslovakland to the southeast and West Theechland to the southwest and west. Innerly, the TFL also bordered the Workermootish block of Befriended-overtaken Berlin, which was also led as the land's in-truth revetown. It also bordered three blocks overtaken by the Oned Rikes, Oned Kingdom and Frankric known alltogether as West Berlin. The bits overtaken by the Western lands were shut off from the leftover of the TFL by the Berlin Wall from its building in 1961 until it was brought down in 1989. 

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