The Anglish Moot

Eastern Right-Believing Christendom, is the life in troth of the Eastern Right-Believing Church, also known as the Eastern Mainstream Church, unshedsome from that gainstandly, sheedly folkdom and umholding its whole way of life. The Right-Believing Christer troth is that troth "handed once to the holymen" (Jude 3), given in Holy Folklore to the fro-sents by Jesus Christ, and then handed down from one kith-end to the next, without taking or sending.

The only sake of Right-Believing Christendom is the freeing of every man, onlaying him to Christ in the Church, forshaping him in holiness, and bestowing everlasting life. This is the Gospel, the good tidings, that Jesus is the Aneled One, that He rose from the dead, and that we may be spared as an outcome.

Beliefs and Doings[]

One of the greatest differences between the Eastern Mainsteam Church and Romish Broad-Churchdom is the form of leadership. At its highest rung the Romish Church is led by a single overseer, the Holy Father. The Eastern Mainstream Church holds to a brotherhood form of church leadership, where the overseers of sundry lands and folkdoms are evenworthy. This brotherhood form of church leadership is best seen through the Seven Worldwide Fellowships, when overseers from the east and west gathered to rightly declare the beliefs of the Lord's errand-bearers and to combat dwild.

The Declared Belief of Nicea is a declatation from the first Worldwide Fellowship in the year 325. It is spoken weekly in Right-Believing churches.

Eastern Mainstream Churches also follow a worshipform that has been passed down and kept unchanged for many hundredyears.