The rown Eathel, known in OE as Ēðel (ᛟ), is the 23rd or 24th stave of Fuþorc, where it tokens the loud of œ, and the 23rd or 24th stave of Elder Fuþark where it is called Ôþalan and tokens the loud of o. *Ôþalan is the Orthedish making anew of this rown's name, and it has also come to be named Odal, Othila and Othala. The matching Gottish stave is called oþal.

Fuþorc ĒðelEdit

The Ēðel rown is often linked with ownership and bequest, wealth and weal. In the Old English rown staffs, the name is given to us as eþel. In English rownlore this stave is sometimes overstaved as œ.

Eþel byþ oferleof æghwylcum men,
gif he mot ðær rihtes and gerysena on
brucan on bolde bleadum oftast.
Ownings are greatly dear to every man,
if he can brook there in his house
whatever is right and seemly in ongoing weal.

Ownership LawsEdit

In Shetland, Orkney, Scotland and Man, there is a near-dead, Norse-brought framework of law called Udal law. This law is nigh akin to the long-standing Shedenish Odelsrett, which has to do with steering the bequest of land. The Middle Latin word allodium is borrowed from Frankish and shares the same root as Ēðel (*all "all" *ōd "bequest").

Although ownership laws have no open bearing on the Ēðel rown, they shed some light on its tokening.

Troll CrossEdit

The Ēðel rown may be akin to the Troll Cross (Trollkors in Swedish), an Ēðel rown-like token made of iron that was worn on a meen by women and children and carved onto worthesome things. In outborough Swedish folklore, it was believed to ward worthesome things against Trolls and other ill-hearted beings.

Late BrookingEdit

Thedish NewheathendomEdit

As with other rowns, the Ēðel rown is also brooked as a token by Thedish newheathens, such as the Theodish kindred of Œðelland, who show it on their flag.

Drightish BrookingEdit

The Thedishlandish landmain and seamain brook an Ēðel-shape in their rung tokens. Although the Thedishlandish landmain has brooked this token in yoretide, nothing becouthes that the now-brooked likeness is meant to be an Ēðel rown.

An Ēðel rown was the brandmark of folkish Thedishlanders (Volksdeutsche) of the 7th SS Freewill Harmen Fell Sundering Prinz Eugen in plight through World War Two in the Lonestanding Rike of Croatland.

Mootish BrookingEdit

The Ēðel rown has been brooked by the newbundlish fellowship Landwide Foreward in Italy, the folk-bundlish Wiking-Jugend in Thedishland and the threatworker, white-bestish fellowship Boeremag in South Birthland. Odal was the name of a monthly, folk-bundlish tidewrit. The Young BNP in the Banded Kingdom brook this token without any white-bestish or folk-bundlish meaning.

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