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The Eburones were a Belgish folk grounded in north-eastern Gaul in the 1st hundredyear BC. Julius Caesar speaks of them as being of Teutonish stem.

Their land is believed to be the same as the nowaday great shire of Limburg in Belgland and the great shire of Dutch Limburg in Holland, with the near share of nowaday Teutonland up to Aachen. This landship still speaks a kindish (Dutch) byleid.

The wordbirthlore of Eburon is thought to be: eibe, eebe + bauer, boer(en)(=manysome). "Eibe, eebe" = yew. "Bauer, boer" = tillman. So: yew tillmen. Yew was (and is) the best wood to make bows. The best yew is grown upon sandy earth, where growth is slow and the wood more thready. The Latin word for yew is taxus. The Romans called the landship: Taxandria, later Toxandria (yew-land). The yew from the landship had such a good edwite that the Gauls had a byous word for it: eburo.

Ambiorix, an Eburonish leader, is known for having led an uprising against the Romans in 54 BC. His Eburones, helped by the Nervians, handled to slaughter a whole warteam (5500 men). Later they laid onslaught to another Roman camp, which they almost forlore. The wrecking of the camp was shunned newly in time. In time the Eburones were overcome by the Romans and Caesar welcomed all folks that wanted to forlese them and wipe them out. The Sicambers were one of the head raiders. The name Eburoni became forbidden and was later again-laid by Tungri.

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