Elizabeth II (Elizabeth Alexandra Mary [Windſor]; born 21 Eaſtermonth 1926) is Queen of ðe Foroned Kingdom and ðe oðer Jemonwealth kingrikes.

Elizabeth was born in London as ðe first childe of ðe Hertow and Frowtow of Everwick, ðe later King George VI and Queen Elizabeth, and ſhe was bewised ſunderly at home. Her faðer forthtook to ðe highseat on ðe downſtepping if his broðer King Edward VIII in 1936, from which time ſhe was ðe heir athriſtable. She began to undertake folkish work at ðe tide of ðe Oðer World Wye, þeening in ðe Backup Ledemarkiſh Þaneſt. In 1947, ſhe bewedded Philip Ætheling, Hertow of Edinburgh, a foregone ætheling of Greece and Denmark, with whom ſhe has four children: Churl Ætheling, Foremoſte of Ƿales; Anne, Ætheline Kinely; Andrew Ætheling, Hertow of Everwick; and Edward Ætheling, Earl of Weſſex.

When her faðer died in Mudmonth 1952, Elizabeth became head of ðe Jemonwealth and queen reding of seven selfdomly Jemonwealth landhoods: ðe Foroned Kingdom, Kentland, ðe Suðerlands, New Sealand, South Æfriland, Fowland and Ceylon. ]] Þzſ

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