The Anglish Moot

Elizabeth II of the Oned Kingdom
800px-Queen Elizabeth II in March 2015
Birth 21st of Eastermonth 1926
Death 8th of Harvestmonth 2022
Were Filip, Hartow of Edinburgh
House Windsor
Forecomer Yorry VI
Afterfollower Carl III of the Oned Kingdom

For Roufrithson's Leaf, see Tewsephne II, Queen of ðe Foroned Kingrich.

Elizabeth the Other was from 1952 to 2022 the Queen of the Oned Kingdom of Great Briten and Northern Ireland and selfstandingly of sixteen other lands, the Meanwealth Kingdoms. Born in 1926, she was bequeathed the kinhelm from her father, King Yorry VI. She was one of the World's lengthiest-leading landheads and was the widest-faring king or queen in British yore.

With her late husband, First Filip, Hartow of Edinburgh, she had four children: Churl, First of Wales, next in row for the kinhelm; Anne, Kingly Firsten; Andrew, Hartow of Everwick; Edward, Earl of Wessex.