Elizabeth of Everwick
Elizabeth of Everwick
Birth 11 Mudmonth 1466

Westminster Kingshouse, London, England

Death 11 Mudmonth 1503

Tower of London, London, England

Were Henry VII of England

- (Queen of England by wedlock) 18th Afteryule 1486 - 11 Mudmonth 1503

Erverike Everwick
Forecomer Anne Neville
Afterfollower Catherine of Waterdale

Elizabeth of Everwick (11 Mudmonth 1466 - 11 Mudmonth 1503) was the first queen of England by wedlock of the Tudor erverike from 18 Afteryule 1486 until her death, as the wife of Henry VII. She wed Henry after being held by him in 1485 after his winning at the Hild of Bosworth Field, the last share of the Wyes of the Loveblooms. Together, Elizabeth and Henry had eight children.

After the death of her father, King Edward IV, Elizabeth's brothers the "Firsts in the Tower" forswund, their doom unknown. Although the 1484 law of the Witenagemot, Kingly Right, deemed the wedlock of her elders, Edward and Elizabeth Woodtown, unsound, she and her sisters were welcomed back to the kingsyard by Edward's brother, Richard III. As an Everwicker firstine, the last win of the Lancasterer share of the Wyes of the Loveblooms may have seemed another ill-hap, but Henry Tudor knew the meaning of Everwicker backup and swore to wed Elizabeth before he came to England. This may well have led to the fizzling out from Everwicker backup. 

Elizabeth seems to have not had much share in lawmaking. Her wedlock seems to have been spowful. Her eldest son Arthur, First of Wales, died at the oldness of 15 in 1502, and three other children died young. Her twithe, and only son to live to grown-upness, became King Henry VIII of England, while her daughters Mary and Margaret became queen of Frankric and Scotland. Many modern kingborn, inholding Elizabeth II, get their rights through Margaret.

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