African Bush Elephant
Africkish Bush Elpend
Kingdom Deer (Animalia)


Wirebacks (Chordata)
Undershed Bonebacks (Vertebrata)
Ilk Suckledeer (Mammalia)
Overshift Highsundeer (Afrotheria)
Shift Slurfdeer (Proboscidea)
Kin Elpends (Elephantidae)
Kinds Highsunelpends (Loxodonta)
Morrowlandelpends (Elephas)

Elpends are stour wort-eating suckledeer with many markworthy ownships, foremost of which is a long slurf brooked for many things, such as breathing, lifting water, and grasping wares. Their snitheteeth grow into tusks, which can be brooked as weapons and tools for moving wares and digging.

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