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Basic abbreviations:

  • OE = Old English
  • ME = Middle English
  • PG = Or-theedish
  • SC = Scots
  • SW = Swedish
  • Dan. = Danish
  • ON = Old Norse
  • OS = Old Saxon
  • NHG = New Hightheech
  • IC = Icelandish
  • H.IC = High Icelandish
  • Du. = Netherlandish
  • Fris. = Friesish

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Chancery English Class Anglish/English
Attested Unattested
A.D. adv in the year of our lord Y.L.
ad infinitum adv forevermore at eke, ekely, for eke, unto everness
adamant adj unyielding, unswayed, loud -
adamant n - untamstone (un- + tame + stone)
adaptable adj - onwending (cf. Du. aanwendbaar)
adapter n - eck-on, fayfitter
add vb fay, eke "fay to this wordbook!" reckon up, put on, onput (Barnes), at-eke (OE)
add up vb cast up, tally up -
addict n - soughtier (cf. NHG Süchtiger)
addicted adj - soughty (cf. NHG süchtig)
addiction n craving, yearning sought (<ME soght cf. NHG Sucht)
addition n faying togive
additional adj - bycoming (Du. bijkomend), coming by
additionally adv

again, also, besides, either, further, furthermore, likewise, moreover, then, too, withal, yet, over and above

eke (also)
address vb call, name, clip, bespeak at-speak, bequethe, hote
address n link sitline (<OE: asittan 'to live together'), callword
adept adj skillful, skilled, good, deft, cunning -
adequate adj right, even, fair, fit, befitting, becoming makeshift, make-do
ADHD n - Heedlacking Oversprackdom Unfettle
adhere vb cling, stick, cleave to, follow, stand by to cleave at (<OE)
adherence to good morals n - thewfastness
adherent n follower, stalwart -
adiposis n overweight fat
adjacent adj near, next, neighboring, beside, by -
adjective n - mark-word (Barnes)
adjunct n helpmate, sidekick -
adjust vb set, fit, gear forstell (cf. NHG/Du. verstellen) (see stell)
admonish vb - formone (cf. Du. vermanen)
administer vb wield, deal, lot, begive  bewit
administration n dealing, shire, begiveness shiredom, shirecraft, richdom, forwield, forwielding (cf. NHG verwaltung)
admiral n - fleethelm, fleetleader, fleetwielder (wielder < OE walda)
admiralty n - fleetwieldery, fleetdom
admire vb look up to bewonder, belook
admission n doorway thwaring
admit vb

let in, acknowledge, welcome, greet, take in

confess: own up

andet (<OE andhetan), give to (cf. NHG zugeben, Du. toegeven)

confess: beknow (Eng.)

sense to join a club, society, admit to hospital, etc: instep, onsend, tosend, intake

admonish vb chide, forewarn, upbraid, warn tell off, man (<OE manian)
adolescence n youthhood, growing up teenhood
adolescent n youth, youngling, youngster, teen -
adopt vb take on, follow; take in,
mother, rear, foster,
bring up, take care of
adoption n fostering intaking
adorable adj comely, lovely, looksome, dear, sweet -
adorn vb bedight, bedeck, yare, trim, bedizen

breen (<OE berenian)

with precious stones: astean (<OE āstæna āstænan)

adrenaline n - thringweald
adulation n - hallowing
adult n grown-up
adulthood n - -
adulterous adj forlear, woughhammend
adultery adj - wedlock breach, wedbreach, bedswerving. 2. forlairness (<OS Farlegarnessi; see OE leġer), woughhamd
adumbrate vb outline -
advance vb make inroads, forward, further, go (on)

trans. put forth

forthgo, forespring, wade on
advance n inroads, headway; breakthrough
in advance: beforehand
forthgoing, forespring
advanced adj quick, ahead, higher, better, hard, tough, skilfull, clever, manifold, knotted, snarled forthstridden, foresprang
advancement n furthering
advancing adj striding, forespringing -
advantage n boon, foredeal, high ground, upper-hand boot, behoof, upside
advantageous adj helpful, worthwhile behovely, frimful/frimly (<OE frimlic)
advection n Tobearing, Atbearing, Onbearing
advent n coming, onset, showing up, calling on, coming forth incoming, fore-yule, fore-yuletide, (fore-christmas)
adventure n happening, time; flutter, throw, undertaking, fare rose (<OE rās), wayspell (cf. Sw.vågspel), darefare
adventurous adj daring, free-swinging, gutsy, bold rosey, free-ghostly
adverb n - byword (cf. NHG. Beiwort, Du. bijwoord, Dn. biord)
adversarial n - thwartsome (Barnes), witherlike, gainsaying, fiendish, foelike
adversary n foe, witherling, fiend withersake (<OE wiþersaca, cf. NGH. Widersacher)
adversity n ill, knock, mishap; hardship, hurdle, pitfall thwartsomeness, hardhap, witherness
adversive n - thwartsome, withersome
advertize vb boost, play up, show off showmede
advertisement n boostering, showing -
advice n tip, help, read, reading rede (<OE raed, cf. Du. raad, NGH. Rat)
advisable adj - redesome (cf. NHG ratsam)
advise vb Beread, Berede berede, mind
advocacy n boost, boostership, backing forespeech (<OE forespræċ, cf. NHG. Fürsprache, Du. voorspraak)
advocate n/vb plead for, uphold, back up;
spokesman, stand up for
forspeak (<OE foresprecan, NHG fürsprechen)
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