The Anglish Moot

Staff A/An of the English Wordbook.

Basic abbreviations:

  • OE = Old English
  • ME = Middle English
  • PG = Or-theedish
  • SC = Scots
  • SW = Swedish
  • Dan. = Danish
  • ON = Old Norse
  • OS = Old Saxon
  • NHG = New Hightheech
  • IC = Icelandish
  • H.IC = High Icelandish
  • Du. = Netherlandish
  • Fris. = Friesish

For a full list of etymological and other abbreviations used in these wordlists, see: Offshortenings.


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Chancery English Class Anglish/English
Attested Unattested
-an pfx -en, -ish, -er (demonym), -
anachronism n mistiming (Barnes) -
anaconda n - whipsnake
anesthetic adj unsightly dwale
anagram n - stavewrixel
anal adj bottom arsely, arsen
analgesic n numbing anwark
analog adj gear-driven -
analogy n - alikeword
analogous adj
analyze vb look at forloosen (Barnes), think through, unthread, unriddle, onlight, onseek,

forloosen, uploosen, upsunder, nease (<OE to search, to find out by inquiry), anease

anarchism n/adj - lawlessholth, lawlesshood
anarchy n lawlessness

redelacking, ethellessness
chaos: dwolm (<OE)

anastomosis n shunt -
anathema n - forputting (calque Gk. anathema)
anatomy n - bodylore
ancestor n forebearer, forefather, elder, forerunner, fore-elder, alder-father, spearside, spindleside, forekin foremother, foreolder, alder-mother
ancestry n strain, seed, bloodties, house strind
ancient adj hoary, olden, old-time, foreold (Barnes) fern (<OE fyrn), orold (cf. NHG uralt), yoren, gamle (<OE gamol)
ancient times n yoretide -
andiron n firedog firegoat
androgyny n -

werewifehood (Calque of the Greek + "hood")

android n - manhue/werehue (cf. Greek andros 'man' and oeidēs 'hue' (<OE hiw))
anemometer n - windmeter (Barnes)
anemone n - windrose
anesthesia n - unfeeler (calque), number (one who numbs)
angel (Latin loanword that entered into Proto-Germanic) n - rotherer, errandghost (<OE ærendgást)
anger (O.N. loanword) n madness, wrath, uptightness, waspishness greme (<OE grama), waspness
angle n nook, bight, winkle nookspan, nookwidth, hook, hurn (<OE hyrne), whem (<OE hwemm)
angry (O.N. loanword) adj mad, wrathful, uptight, waspish, wasp -
anguish n woe, sorrow, heartbreak, heartache, throe angsomeness, bosom-hell, susle (<OE sūsl)
angular adj - nook-shot, sharp-nooked, straight-edged, hyrned (<OE hyrnen), edgy
animal n being, deer (obsolete or Shakespearean) wight (<OE wiht), wilder, soulend, livle, neat (from OE, like neatsfoot oil),
neatenkind (<OE)
animate vb liven, enliven
literary: quicken (Barnes)
besoul (cf. NHG beseelen, Du. bezielen)
animation n drawn film -
anime n - dawnlandish livedrawing
animosity n hate(red) -
annals n - year-bookings
annelid n ringworm -
annex vb - onend (on+end) (cf. NHG Anschluss)
annihilate vb wipe out fornaughten (Barnes) benothing (Eng.)
annihilation n wrecking fornaughting, spild (OE)
anniversary n yearday, yeartide (Barnes), Frealstide (<OE a festival of the church, an anniversary), Year-imind (<OE) mind day (<OE gemynddaeg)
Anno Domini adv in the year of our lord -
annotate vb mark bemark
annotation n marking bemarking (NGH Bemerkung)
announce vb ban, bode, bid, kithe forcouth (<OE cýðan, cf. NHG verkünden), meld (<OE meldian, cf. NHG./Du. melden), forthspell, spell out
announcement n - oncouthing (cf. NHG Ankündigung)
annoy vb irk (Barnes), nettle, dretch, grill -
annoying adj irksome (Barnes) -
annual adj yearly -
annual n yearbook -
annul vb fordo, call off -
annuli astronomici n Gemma's Rings -
anoint v smear, salve (<MW, cf. OE sealf & cf. NHG. Salbe; do not confuse with Latin homonym) anele, throughsmear (<OE þūrhsmyrian)
anonymous adj nameless, unnamed, unknown -
anorexia nervosa n - foodshy, eatshy, fastlust
antagonist n

fiend, foe

witherling, gainstander
antarctic n southend -
Antarctica n South End South Hern, Underland
antecedence n beforemath, foregoing -
antediluvian adj - foreflood
antenna n - yardhorn, sailyard, feelers (biology)
Ante Meridiem phr Before Midday (calque) -
antelope n pronghorn (specifically American antelopes) sawhorn, wildbuck
anterior adj foreward; foregoing, former -
anterior n fore, foreside -
anthem n - folksong, landsong
anthocyanin n - bloomblue, blossomblue
anthophilia n - bloomlust
anthology n reader fayness
Anthropocene n Mantide
anthropology n - theedlore, manlore, werelore
antibiotic n gainrodlifeanwork
antisemite adj Jew-hater -
anticipate vb foretell, foresee forethink (<OE foreþenċan)
anticlockwise adj/adv widdershins withclockwise, withershins
antics n - odd behaveness, childishness
anticonstitutionally adv - witherlawwritly, withlawwritly
antidisestablishmentarianism n - gainunstathelingmanness
antidote n - atterloathe (<ME atterllothe)
antigen n - offweirstuff
antihero n - banestar, gainheleth, withheleth, witherheleth
antilope n - buck (cf. Afr. bok), bloomgoat
antimatter n - gainstuff, witherstuff, unbeing, unstuff
antipathy n mislike -
antipope n gainfather (cf. NHG gegenpapst)
antiquated adj careworn, timestruck -
antique n eldern, barn-find, timeless-ware(s)
antique adj barn-find (antique: more than a hundred years old; vintage: several decades old)
antiquity n olden days; oldness, eldnerliness

afern (OE fyrn 'former, ancient')

antiseptic adj - withersmite
antistatism n -


antistatist adj - witherlawmootish
antistatist n - leedward witherling
antitoxin n - gainatter
antler n - blowhorn (<OE blōwan)
antonym n - witherword
gainword (cf. NHG gegenwort)
anulus n ring -
anus n arsehole (vulgar), asshole (American, vulgar; note that arse is not said as often in America) arse-thirl (OE: earsþerl), back-tharm, endring
anxiety n worry, fear angness, angens, angs, moodcare