The Anglish Moot

Staff B of the English Wordbook.

Basic abbreviations:

  • OE = Old English
  • ME = Middle English
  • SC = Scots
  • WF = West Frish
  • NF = North Frish
  • SF = Saterlandish Frish
  • WLG = West Low Theech
  • ELG = East Low Theech
  • NL = Netherlandish
  • NHG = New High Theech
  • IC = Icelandish
  • HIC = High Icelandish
  • NO = Nornish
  • SW = Swedish
  • DN = Danish
  • MLG = Middle Low Theech
  • MNL = Middle Netherlandish
  • MHG = Middle High Theech
  • OF = Old Frish
  • OS = Old Saxish
  • OHG = Old High Theech
  • ON = Old Norse
  • GO = Gottish
  • PWG = Or-West-Theedish
  • PG = Or-Theedish

For a full list of etymological and other abbreviations used in these wordlists, see: Offshortenings.


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Chancery English Class Anglish/English
Attested Unattested


bacchanal n - wassail, beership (<OE ġebeorscipe)
bacil n - rodling, rodmoss
bachelor n stag, groom-to be -
bacon n (British) fatty ham, rasher (Commonwealth): lende meat, back meat, back ham. (America): swinestrip, pigstrip, bouke meat, bouke ham, maw meat, maw ham, spitch/spick (<ME spich/spik)
bacteria n - rodlife, splitmoss, stafflings
badger n brock thax (<PWG *þahs; cf. SF Taks, ELG Dass, NL das)
badminton n - featherball (cf. NHG Federball)
bag (<ON) n sack (<PG borrowed from Leeden) tash
baggage n belongings bundlepack
baguette n French loaf stickbread, Pariser (NHG), whitepolebread (calque: NHG Stangenweißbrot)
bail out vb pack out, peel off, pull out, run along -
bailiff n lawman, beadle, warden, warder; sheriff, steward shire reeve; moot beadle, doom’s beadle, doom’s lawman, doom’s warden, deemster’s thane, deemster’s reeve, law thane
balaclava n - head-sock, woolhat
balance n/vb

weighing shells; steady; match, make up for, even up; weigh; settle, work out, reckon, tally

composure: strength of mind or will

evenweight, likeweight

device: meter (<OE metan)

bald adj bare, peeled, stripped; naked; bright-line, straightforward, hairless -
baleen n whalebone -
ballad n jingle, folk song strollsong, rambler’s song
ballet n - fairtumb, toe-tumb
ballistics n - shootlore, guncraft; ball writ, ball reckoning, ballscore
balloon n/vb bladder; snowball, spread, swell, wax loftball (cf. NHG Luftballon)
baloney n twaddle -
Baltic Sea n East Sea -
baluster n - holdershaft
bamboo n - treereed (cf. HIC baðmreyr)
banal adj everyday, hackneyed -
banality n everydayness -
banalize vb hackney -
banana n - moonpod, moonapple, moonbairn, yellow-finger
bandage n/vb bind, swaddle, swathe, wreathe -
bandana n headwear, headcloth -
bandit n highwayman, crook, outlaw gunman
banish vb cast out, kick out, run off, throw out, turf out, ban (<OE bannan) fleme (cf. OE aflíeman)
banister n - handsill
bank n - benchhouse
banknote n greenback -
bankrupt adj broke, spent, in the red, on your upperes -
banner n jack, streamer fan
banquet n feed, spread; great meal, great board guestmeal, boardspread
baobab n - apebreadwood (cf. NHG Affenbrotbaum)
baptism n dipping, dunking, sprinkling; christening; seating; naming, cleping fulought (<ME fulloght)
Baptism of the Lord n Lord's Christening Lord's Fullwightening
baptize n/vb dip, dunk, sprinkle; christen; seat, name, clepe

fulwight (<OE fulwiht); depe (in OED), fulwighten (<OE ġefulwihtnian)

bar n

rod; benchmark, yardstick

counter: taproom, watering whole

bar vb ban, forbid, foreset, forset, freeze out, shut out; shut off, wall off -
barb n prick beardling, own (<PG *aigin; cf. MLG ine)
barber n - beardscratcher (calque: NHG Bartkratzer), haircutter (calque: NHG Haarschneider)
barbarian n/adj heathen, outlander, foeman; rough, wild; ruthless, uncouth fremd; weirdling
n: woss (cf. OE herewosa, NL woest)
barbarous adj heartless, wanton, bloody, outlandish; wode reethy (<OE réðig "savage")
barbeque n slow cook, turn burn stickwork
bargain vb cheapen, haggle -
barge n scow, lighter, flatboat, narrow boat nake (<OE naca, cf. NHG Nachen, NL aak); longboat
barnacle n - curlfooter (calque of Greek Cirripedia)
barometer n weatherglass thringmeter (meter = mete + -er; that which metes)
baron(ess) n - freelord(lady), athel(-ing/-in), thane
Baroque n(p)/adj(p) - Barock (cf. NHG Barock; anglicized)
barracks n - wyehut
barracuda n - toothfish
barrage n wall rithcleat
barrel n coop, tub, drum, tun, keg, firkin, vat; boatload, fistful, good deal -
barrelmaker n cooper -
barren adj bare, bony, dead, empty, waste child: barnless
barricade n bar, cleat, bulwark -
barrier n - forsetting, forditching
barter n/vb - wrixletrade
base n bedrock, bottom, footing, footing, ground, groundwork, keystone, root, underpinning, warp and woof; bridgehead, foothold; heart, seat; foot, rock bottom

military: holdout

hernstone/hirnstone (<OE hyrn 'corner')

physics: lyeshaft

base vb ground, hang, rest, build bestaddle
base adj low, mean -
baseball n - hardball (in analogy to softball)
baseless adj groundless ordless
basement n - underground
basic adj bare-bones -
basically adv at bottom, from the start; mostly, all in all, mainly, at heart, in itself, on the whole -
basil n - mistle (<OE mistel)
basis n bedrock, bottom, footing, footing, ground, groundwork, keystone, root, underpinning hernstone
basket n maund

cawl, windle (<OE)

basketball n - hoopball, cawlball, windleball, hoops (American slang)
bass n wicker fish-basket: haske (ME) lows; lowsinger
basin n bowl, sink; bed, trough

of a river: watershed

bastard n/adj n: bye-blow, lovechild, whoreson, mong
adj: misbegotten, unfathered, underbred

dogling (cf. OE docincel), mongling (replacing French suffix -rel with English suffix -ling)

calligraphic script, adj:  twimade

batik n/vb - dotting, waxdying, waxdye
batrachian n/adj - tailless (calque of Gk. anura)
battalion n throng, crowd sheltrum (cf. OE scildtruma)
batter vb beat, strike, cudgel -
battery n - beater, sparkhouse, glarload (calque of IC, amber+load, from Greek (electric "amber"), feed pack (from "power pack", but swapping "power" for "feed", which has the same meaning but is Germanish)
battery bear n moon bear -
battle n

hurly-burly, clash, fight

bade/badow (<OE beadu/beado), gouth (<OE gūð), stride (cf. OE stridan, NL strijd)
battlefield n - wyefield, gouthfield, bedefield, clashfield, fightfield
battleship n - dreadnaught, fightship, ifightship
Bauhaus (<NHG) n(p) - Bowhouse
Bavarian adj - Bairish
bay n inlay, bight; cove (sheltered) -
bayonet n goad buss-stinger (cf. IC byssustingur)



BCE (Before Common Era) n BC (Dionysian) BNE (Before Nowen Eld), BAE (Before Anward Eld), BME (Before Mean Eld)


bdellium n - pitch-stone, redpitch


beach volley n - beach flightball
beak n bill, neb -
beast n deer wilddeer, wightdeer, deerkind; undeer (cf. SW odjur)
beau n swain, ladfriend, fop -
beautiful adj sheen, comely, faire, good-looking, handsome, sightly; nifty, sterling, litty (<OE wlitig), moy (<SC; cf. WF moai), sheen
beauty n sheen, comeliness, becomeness, fairness, handsomeness, looks, loveliness, prettiness, sightliness; eyeful, knockout; bee's knees, standout littiness, sheenness (cf. NHG Schönheit), fair (<OE fæger), fairhood
because conj

as, as long as, being as (how), being that, for, inasmuch as, now, seeing, whereas, by way, since, therefore (sentence framework is flipped), in that, given that    

because of owing to, by dint of, by sake of, seeing that.

For-that, For-the, For-why, For-than (all attested in OE)

forwhy because, forof because of (obsolete), befrum, afteras (cf. SW eftersom), on grounds of/that (cf. NO på grunn av),beway (shortening of by way), for that (<OE for + þatt); note that no hyphen is used, forthy that (<OE for þy þe; cf. ME forrþi þatt) 
bedaub vb besmear -
beef n cowflesh rotherflesh (cf. NL rundvlees, NHG Rindfleisch)
beetroot (beet <OE bēte) n - red more (from Minecraft)
behaviour/behavior (foreign suffix) n bearing, ways uptreading
behavioral (foreign suffix) adj - behavely
beige n dun (in OE, but possibly Celtic rather than Germanic), dusty (dust-hued), sandy (sand-hued) yellowgray, yellowbrown
Belarus n - Whiterus(land), (cf. NHG Weißrussland), White Rusynland, White Ruthenland, East Lithland, Main Lithland, Russish Lithland, Lithland’s heartland, Greater Lithland, Old Lithland, Upper Lithland
belfry n - bergfrith
Belgium n Southern Netherlands, South Netherlands Belgland
belladonna n - deadly nightshade, dwale
bellicose adj brawly, hawkish wyelusting, fightsome
belligerent adj hotheaded wye dreeing
benefactor n - well-doer (cf. OE weldoend)
benefit n wellfare; windfall, godsend foredeal (cf. SC fordel, WF foardiel), freme (<OE fremu)

public: folkrede (<OE folcrǽd)

benefit vb


theen, freme (<OE fremian)

benevolent n kind-hearted, good -
benign adj harmless -
berate vb upbraid threap
beret n - flathat
berg n barrow, berry -
beryllium n - berylshaft, sweetshaft, greenshaft
besiege vb beleaguer; harrow, beset, rack umsit (<OE ymbsittan)
bestiality vb - deerlust, wightlust
betray vb backstab, sellout, two-time; give away; lead on, rat on, beswike, betrick bewray (wray), forrede (<OE forrǽdan; cf. NL verraden, NHG verraten) (see rede)
betrayer n deep throat, fink, nark, rat, whistle-blower; back-stabber, two-timer forreder (<OE forrǽda)
beverage n drink, quencher -





bi- pref two- twi-
biannual adj - halfyearly
bias n/adv slant, leaning, one-sidedness; athwart adv roodways adv
Bible n Holy Writ, holy book, the Book, the Word of God Christbook when referring to Christianity or the Messiah
bibulous adj spongy, thirsty; drunken soaksome
bicameral adj two-roomed; of two halls two-sele (archaic), two-halled, twistalled, twostalled, twifack, twifackly
bicycle n two-wheeler, wheelhorse farewheel (calque: NHG Fahrrad)
bidet n saddlebath -
bidirectional adj two-way twiway
biennial(ly) adj/adv - twoyearly
biker n rider wheeler
bikini n - two-bit (cf. Eng. two-piece)
bilateral adj two-sided -
bile bear n moon bear -
bill n reckoning, lawing (legislative) onwarp (cf. NHG Entwurf, NL ontwerp), forstell (cf. WF foarstell, NL voorstel) , forslay (calque: NO forslag)
billabong n oxbow -
billion nm - thrisand, thursand
binary adj tweil/twile (twi+le)
binoculars n field glasses

farlooker, farsights (calque of N.Pers. دوربین - dur "far" + bin "sight"), twiëyen (calque)

bio- pref - life-
biochemistry n lifeblendlore -
biochemical adj lifeblendish -
biography n - lifetale, lifesdraught, lifewrit
biological adj - lifelorely
biology n - lifelore
biome n - lifehood (bio- 'life' + -oma 'mass of something'), lifescape (from Minecraft)
BIOS (Basic Input Output System) n - BIOS (Bottom Input Output Setup)
bipedal adj two-legged; two-treadle -
biromantic n - twiliefer, twiliever, twilover
birthplace n - birthstead, kenningstow (<OE cenningstōw)
biscuit n cookie twobake, cakeling
bisect vb cleave, halve, carve in two halfcut, rend, twicut
bisexual n - twiluster
bison n wisent -
bittern n - haverbleat/havenbleat (<OE hæferblǣte/fenblǣte)
bitumen n blacktop -
bivalve n clam -
bizarre adj weird, offbeat, far-out, outlandish -




blackpowder n - blackdust
Blairite n(p) - Blairer
blame vb/n wite, guilt, chide threap(ing)
blasphemy n swearing hosp (<ME), godsmear, holyshending
blatant adj glaring -
blemish vb mar andmark (cf. IC andmarki)
blemish n mar, flaw, fleck, blot, spot -
blemishless adj clean, fair, flawless, fleckless furb
blizzard n snowstorm -
block n - cleat (from Minecraft)
blouse n keel -
bludgeon vb club, cudgel -
blue adj blow hewn (<OE hǣwen), woaden (<OE wǣden)
blue titmouse n - hikemouse (<OE hicemāse)
blurb n outline, upshot -




bodyguard n - bodyward
boffin n - witshipper
bog n mire -
bogus adj wrong, fake -
boil vb well up, seethe, foam, sizzle: simmer, plaw well (<ME wellen)
boilersuit n overalls -
bomb n blow sky-high blaster
bombard v - beshoot (cf. NL beschieten, NHG beschießen)
bonanza n windfall, stroke of luck wealth
bondage n yoke, thraldom haft (<OE hæft, cf. NHG Haft)
bonnet n hood, brimless hat -
bon voyage n may the good wind be on the road (calque from mandarin)
boomerang n - andglider
boondocks n nowhere, sticks backwater, sleepy hollow
bordello n whorehouse, brothel -
border n brim, hem, ring, rand, rim, edge, outskirts, mark mere (<OE mǣre)
Bornholm n - Burgendland (cf. OE Burgenda land)
boron n - boraxshaft
boss n foreman, head, leader -
botany n - wortlore, grasslore
Bothnia, Gulf of n - Bottoms’ Bight, Bight of the Bottomlands
bottle n flask -
bouillon n brew, dishwater -
boulevard n broadway, bullwark -
boulevardier n - townfrealser
boundary n end, line; brim, frame, hem, ring mere (<OE mǣre)
boundary tree n - meartree (<OE gemærtrēo)
bountiful adj bighearted, openhanded estful, givle
bouquet n - bloomset
bourbon n - Kentucky lifewater
bourgeois n hidebound, highborn highbred, athelborn
boustrophedon n oxplowwriting, oxwend writing
boustrophedon adj oxplow (writing), oxwend (writing)
boutique n -

wear shop, clothing shop, clothes shop

bovine adj cowlike neatly (<OE nēat + -ly), rotherlike
bowel n gut tharms (<OE)




bra n breastshirt, breastholder, boobsling -
brace n fastener, clasper -
bracelet n wristband, armband, bee trind, wristling
braces (dental) n - toothfasteners (cf. NHG Zahnspange)
bracket n - winkle (<OE wincel), holdknot (cf. Dn. hyldeknægt)
braggart n boaster, show-off, blower -
braille n - the blind's rune
brake n/vb - undershot (<OE underscyte)
branch n

bough, limb; feeder
sub: twig, offshoot

brassiere n - armward
brave adj bold, doughty, fearless, gutsy, manful, stalworth thrist (<OE þrīst, cf. NHG dreist), ellen
bravo! interj well done! -
brawl n flite, free-for-all -
bray n heehaw -
Brazil n - Rudland; Emberland
Brazilian pine n - glimtree fir
Brazilwood n - rudwood
breach of peace n - grithbruck (<ME griðbruche) pl: grithbrucken, frithbreach
breakable n brittle brickle
break into pieces vb - kniss (<OE cnyssan)
breakage (foreign suffix) n - breaking, britch (<ME bruche; cf. NL breuk)
breve adj short -
brewery n brewhouse brewern
brewology n - brewcraft
bribe vb buy off -
bric-à-brac n "by hook or by crook" -
brick n - bakestone (cf. NL baksteen, NHG Backstein), tile, stonewright (from Minecraft)
bricolage n do-it-yourself happenmade
bridal (foreign suffix) adj - bridely (cf. NHG bräutlich)
brief adj short, small, little -
brief n writ -
brief vb say, speak, tell, bid, write -
briefs n - legless undershorts
brilliance n brightness lixing (<OE līxung)
brilliant adj shining -
brisk adj swift, frisky ferk
broccoli n - sproutcole
brochure n flyer, handout leafel
bromine n - stenchshaft, brome
bronze n/adj copperbrass, redore -
browser n web crawler webseeker, nethunter
bruise n lill -
brunch n - brekkie
brunette adj black, dark, swart, swarthy -
brush n/vb - brust (<ME brust, cf. NL borstel, NHG Bürste)
brutal adj tough; heartless -
bryophyte n moss -




buccaneer n freebooter seareaver
bucket n pail, boatload (amount) stoop, skeel, amber (<OE amber), kivel (<OE cyfel)
buckle n clasp -
buckle vb fasten, clasp -
budget n nest egg; pool, stock -
Buddhism n The Way of The Buddha Buddha's Troth, Buddishtroth
buffalo n wild ox, wisent -
buffer n ward, shelter lanestow
buffet n - foodboard
buffoon n clown (likely North Germanic) -
bullet n slug, bolt, lead, ball, shot streal (<OE strǣl), thother/thudder (<OE þōðer, "ball"), gunstone (obsolete)
bulletin n - newtidings
bullion n ingots -
bulldozer n - mickle shovel
bully n - browbeater, strongarmer
bully vb manhandle, mess over (slang); browbeat, strong-arm -
bun n puff -
bunch n lot -
bungalow n - sleepout flackdwelling (flack = level)
bungler n - addlebrain, addlehead
buoy n - beacon, floatmark; lifeward
burbot n - eelpout (<OE ælepūte)
bureau n board, setup, shop revehouse, ambight
bureaucracy n - boardom, reevedom (state), beadledom (church), ambightfulness (based on OE ambiht "office")
burgeon vb bud, bloom, blossom -
burglar n stealer, thief, housebreaker housebreacher
burglary n housebreaking, theft, housebreach -
burgle vb steal, plunder, thieve housebreach
burlesque adj - funnish (Italian burla "trick, fun" + -esque < PIE *-iskos > PG *-iskaz > OE -isc > NE -ish)
bus n - folkwain, streetswain (cf. IC strætisvagn)
bust n chest, breast -
butcher n - fleshmonger
butler n steward flasker, mugbearer
button n switcher knap (<OE cnæp)
buzzard n - mousehawk (<OE mushafoc)





byline n - bystreak
bypass n skirt, shunt, overlook, shortcut, sidestep by-ago
bypast adj bygone -
by-product n offshoot, fallout by-fallout
byte n - eightcleft