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Basic abbreviations:

  • OE = Old English
  • ME = Middle English
  • PG = Or-theedish
  • SC = Scots
  • SW = Swedish
  • Dan. = Danish
  • ON = Old Norse
  • OS = Old Saxon
  • NHG = New Hightheech
  • IC = Icelandish
  • H.IC = High Icelandish
  • Du. = Netherlandish
  • Fris. = Friesish

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Chancery English Class Anglish/English
Attested Unattested
co- pref fellow-, by-, i-, even- -
coagulate vb clot arun (cf. NHG gerinnen), rennen (<ME rennen, <OE rennan/rennian)
coalition n - block (see Italian "blocco")

band, ring

coast n seaboard, strand. sea rim, sea strand, sea wang, warth
coastline n shoreline, -
coat of arms n - kinshield, weapon
cocaine n slangs: blow, snow dust, snow, white, white lady, slim, snuff. -
coccyx n tailbone -
cochlea n - hearsnail (cf. NHG Hörschnecke)
cockroach n - shave (cf. NHG Schrabe)
cocoa (bean) n - mucknut, muckbean, muckseed, bitternut, bitterbean, bitterseed
cocoa (drink) n - muckbrew, bitterbrew
coconut n - skulnut (skull + nut; coco comes from Span./Port. for skull)
code n


software: backend

coeval n/adj - evenold
coffee n brew beanbrew
coffer n - hoardvat (<OE hordfæt)
coffin n - pine box, meat box, deadchest, (cf. Du. doodkist), through (O.E.)
cognate n - kinword
cognizant adj aware rathe
cohabit vb live together bylive
coherence n - weenness, withspeakfreedom (NHG. widerspruchsfreiheit)
coin n - mint (<OE mynet, cf. NHG Münze)
coincide vb - inbefall, atbefall, atfall
coincidence n happen-so (in OED, US regional colloq.) likehappening, tofall (calque of all Ger. speeches)
coitus n - swiving, heamedlock (<OE hæmedlac), bysleep (<NHG Beischlaf)
cojones n balls, guts -
colic n - bellyharm
collapse n/vb downfall, infall, swooning vb: cleave in
colleague vb workmate, fellow worker -
collect vb gather sam (<OE samnian)
collection n gathering, set thingstock, ingathering, ingetting, samming
colonize vb settle, take over,
spread through(out)
colony n - settling
color n hue, cast, blee, light wavelength farb or farve (<OE færbu, cf. NHG Farbe), dye (<OE deah; noun form obsolete), hue
color vb hue, dye, shade, blee farb
column n upright sile
combat n fight, hild gouth
combination n binding, tying, knotting, fastening, gathering forbinding (cf. NHG Verbindung)
combine vb bind, tie, knot, fasten, gather, put together gatherbind, withbind, forbind (cf. NHG verbinden)
combustible n/adj adj: fiery
n: tinder
adj: fireworthy (may also mean non-combustible)

n: tinderkin (<OE tyndercyn)

comedian n funnyman, merry-andrew funspeller, lustspeller, laughtersmith
comedy n merrymaking funplay, lustplay (cf. NHG Lustspiel)
comestible n eatings chewings
comestible adj eating eatworthy
comet n shooting star strealer, faxed-star (resemblance to hair flowing in the breeze), tailstar
comfort n rest, ellen, elning, frover (OED) fastness, bulwark; bliss; weem
comfort vb strengthen; ellen (OED); soothe, brighten, shed/cast light on, lighten up, light up frofrenn (<OE frêfran), frofer/frover; also frother (<ME frofer; <OE frōfo
comfortable adj soft, lithe, snug  queem (<Scots, cf. NHG bequem), froverly/-some
comic n strip, stripbook -
comic adj funny; laughing -
command n behest, bidding

military: headship

command vb bid, lead, behest; spearhead sway, yebe, hote, hight, befeal (<OE bifelhan and akin to NHG befehlen)
commander n head, leader campelder (<OE campealdor), bebeedend (<OE bebēodend), herreaswer (<OE heraræswa), hildwiser (<OE hildewīsa), hertow (<OE heratoga), wield (<OE walda)
commandment n behest; (Torah) teachings bodeword, mustsaying
commemorate vb mind umbethink
commemoration n minding, umbethinking bethoughtening
commence vb begin, start -
commensurate adj fitting -
comment n - bemark
commentary n input, feedback upmarking (cf. Du opmerking)
commenting n - bemarking
commerce n business, trade; dealings chapstow
commercial n businesswise tradewise
commissioner n - intrustee, Roufrithsoned Engliſh: intruſtee
commit vb do, betake, plight forove (cf. NHG verüben), theen (<OE ġeþēon)
common adj shared; household: cut-and-fry, workaday; broad-brush, overall; shared; middling; lowbrow; everyday, wonted, widespread

peasants: churlish

mean (<OE gemæne, cf. NHG. Gemein). alt variants include Roufrithsoned Engliſh: imean (<ME imene, ȝemǣne 'common, general, universal'; cf. OE gemæne), mean, or amean; allshare, withmean, wonesome (<OE wune 'custom'); wunly (SW vanlig)
CE (Common Era) n In the year of Our Lord (Dionysian) YL, GÆ (Dionysian), Mean Eld (ME), Nowen Eld (NE); do not confuse for language abbreviations
commonly adv meanly, often imeanly, ymeanly, ameanly, wonesomely,
commonwealth n - meanwealth, folksrich, rich, Roufrithsoned Engliſh: imeanwealth
commotion n unrest stirness (<OE styrenes)
communicate v share, talk; spread, brainstorm, bespeak, tell, make known, oversend, share, utter, say, word, give outthrutch, outthrust, outsend, outspeak (cf. Du. uitdrukken, NHG ausdrücken), betwixtsend, crosstalk
communicative adj chatty speakle (<OE sprecol), speakly
communion n fellowship, share, sharing -
communism n thralldom; churlishness richownership; allownership (the state owns all means of production and private property is counterrevolutionary); worldrich, wieldworld, wieldall, oneworldreevedom (cf. international, global); allbinding, manbinding; “manbinding by the thralls, bindwield of the churls, worldreevedom of the knaves” (< ‘dictatorship of the proletariat’)
communist adj red; churlish, knavish (cf. proletarian) richowned, stealall
community n shire, fellowship meanship or ameanship (<OE ġemǣnsċipe and akin to NHG Gemeinschaft), folkship; Roufrithsoned Engliſh: imeanſhip; imeanth (cf. G gemeinde)
compact adj deal, hard, stiff, unyielding, crowded, packed, thick, tight, thumbnail (expression) withfasted, withfied
companion n fellow (<ON), mate (<Middle Low German), gesith (historical title) feer (<OE ġefēre), sithe (<OE ġesīþ)
company n business, outfit, brotherhood, fellowship (<ON) ship, sitheship (<OE ġesīþsċipe)
comparative n - overlikening (e.g. bodylore 'anatomy')
compare vb liken, stack up aliken (<OE anlician), withmete, withput, withlay
comparable adj alike akind, samekind
compass n - magnetic: eighttoken (cf. Ic. áttaviti)

pair of: ringupspurrer (cf. Ic. hringfari)

compassion n feeling, kindness, ruth, goodwill milts, evensorrow
compassionate adj kind, feeling, ruthful -
compatible adj kindred samehaft (cf. Ic. samhæft), fordrawnly (<NHG verträglich)
compatriot n kinsman landsman (<OE landesmann), fellow-land(wo)man
compel vb fordrive, strong-arm, make-to thring, bede (<OE ġebædan)
compensation n meed, bote forgooding, frover  (<OE frōfor)
competent adj fit, good; fair, right -
compete vb match up wedbewharve (grounded on NHG. wettbewerb stehen) gaintussle (gain+tussle)
competition n bidding wedbewharve (<NHG wettbewerb) gaintussling (gain+tussling)

more new: wedbestriding (the wedding of bestriding) see bestride

compile vb put together -
complain vb whine, bitch, caterwaul,
moan, gripe, whinge
cher (<OE ceorian)
complete adj full, whole, done, over, through, up; in depth, thorough, all-out, downright, flat-out, sheer, stark, stone, straight-out, thorough, utter; out-and-out, skillful,full-standing, thoroughgoing -
complete vb fulfill, end, overcome fuldo (<OE fuldōn and <ME fuldon)
completely adv outright, fully, utterly, thoroughly, through and through,
inside-out, to the hilt, altogether, deeply, soundly,
complex adj manifold, knotted, snarled -
complexion n hue, look, blee, ilk, kind, suchness, way, outlook skin-look, skin-hue
compliant adj toward, abiding followsome, bowsome (<OE buxum)


- maze, intangle, manifold
complicated adj knotty, tangled manifold (<OE)
compliment n/vb flatter n: sweaseness (<OE geswæsnys)

vb: swease (<OE swæs)

n/vb: love (<OE lof, cf. NHG Lob) (rhymes with stove)

complimentary adj - sweasely (<OE swæs + -lic), loving (rhymes with roving)
compline n - nightsong (<OE nihtsang, akin to "evensong")
component n - underdeal (cf. Du. onderdeel), makebit, inbit, gatherbit, wholebit
compose vb make, put together glinge, (<OE - to adorn, set in order, compose), adight (<OE), asing (<OE), awrite (<OE), samen (<OE), fay (<OE), withput
composer n - swinsmith, leethwriter
composition n layout

Isetness (<OE)

compound n cocktail, meld, mix forbinding (cf. NHG Verbindung)
comprehensive adj all-in, thorough, whole, all-out
adv: fully, inside-out, through and through, understandbere, forstandbere
begriping (calque), invatting (<OE fæt 'vessel'; calque)
comprise vb make up inhold, invat (cf. Du. omvatten)
compromise vb/n tradeoff, deal

vb: meet halfway

compunction n qualm, misgiving -
computation n reckoning -
compute(r) n/vb vb: reckon, arime (<OE) ithink (<OE)

n: circlewyrd, circleweird (OE circolwyrde: computer, mathematician. However, circle is an early Germanic borrowing from Greek via Latin)

reckoner, uprimer, upthinker, upreckoner, alderrime, alderrimer, alderreckoner, endberder, endberdend, enberdend (calque, based on French and Spanish Ordinateur/Ordenador), fade-sare (fade < OE to arrange. sare < OE device, craft, machine) reckonsare, rimesare
comrade n fellow, friend gade (<OE gada), sithe (<OE ġesīð)

faithful: trewpoft (<OE trēowġepofta)

concatenat - therbinding
conceal vb hide, shroud, overshadow mithe
concealment n hiding, hideaway, lair, nest dern, hidlock
conceivable adj thoughtworthy -
conceive vb take, catch; be with child; ken (OED); beget, dream, make out, twig knit, forseed
concentrate vb meet, cluster, gather; fasten, lump, build up, strengthen, mind bemiddlen, ibemiddlen
concentrated adj crammed, clustered, gathered, lumped together, built up, minded on -
concentration camp n - shandstead
concentric adj ringed, overlapping middlesharing
concern n care, worry, reck yeam (<OE ġīeme)
concerned adj chary
concerning prep as for, as far as, on, toward, anent -
concert n - ileethering, Roufrithsoned Engliſh: ileeðering
concept n mind's eye begripe (<ME begripen <OE begrīpan, cf. Du begrip, NHG Begriff) mindseye (Compound currently growing in popularity)
conception n mind's eye, thought bilth; of child: beseeding


vb end, wind up, wrap up, break up, leave off, let up, wind up, wink out, name, settle upon, gather, make out -


n ending, finding(s), endgame endsay
concrete n/adj beton, hard gainstandly (NHG. gegenständlich)
concurrently prep meanwhile, all-the-while,
all along
concussion n shell shock -
condemn vb doom, put down fordeem, forordeal (cf. Du. veroordelen)
condemned, the n doomed beforeordealt (from forordeal, via Du. veroordeel)
condemner, the n deemster forordealer (from forordeal, via Du. veroordeel); doomer
condescend vb belittle, stoop,
talk down, lower
condition n onlay, fettle, iting (<OE), readen, burdness (<OE), cost (<OE), areadness (<OE araednis) foreworth (cf. Du. voorwaarde), bethinging (cf. NHG. Bedingung)
condom n warding, rubber, scumbag -
condominium n housetown political entity: wholelordship/whole-lordship (cf. NHG Gesamtherrschaft), wield, reevedom
conduct vb lead, drive, beload (<OE), Ioad (<OE) -
cone n taper (< OE) keggle (cf. Du. kegel, NHG Kegel, Dan. kegle), ringwedge
confectionary n sweets, sweetmeat, sweet-shop -
confederacy n deal (treaty or constitution—cf. Lat foedus); binding; bond, tightbond (Lat. con- is an intensifier, marking a strong treaty or bond) richesband (band of states), richesdeal (covenant between states, cf. Lat. foedus), landsband, landsdeal; richship, loosebind
confederate adj/n friend, buddy, henchman; bonded, bound agade (<OE gegada)
confederation n bond, binding richesband, richship, loosebind
confer vb bestow, lend, give over -
conference n meeting, gathering, moot instelling (W. Fris. ynstelling, Du. instelling, Eng. in + Eng. stell + -ing)
confess vb acknowledge, own up shrive, beken (Eng., cf. NHG/Du. bekennen), andet (<ME andetten), det
confession n acknowledging, shrift andetness (<OE andetnes)
confidence n belief, hope, troth can-do-feeling
configuration n setting, set up

of elements: layout, shape

instelling (cf. Du instelling)
confine vb lock in, keep, trap, fetter, bind, latch, grasp, abed (by illness), bedrid bemire (pref. be-, <OE mære)
confirm vb strengthen, starken, acknowledge besteady (cf. NHG bestätigen)
confirmation n strengthening, starkening besteadying (cf. NHG bestätigung)
confiscate vb filch beslay (cf. Du. beslag)
conflagration n fire -
conflate vb - withmelt
conflict vb/n fight, feud -
confluence n - eameet
conform vb dovetail, blend, groove, key, withshape evenlike (<OE efenlician)
conformism n - evenlyinghood
conformity n - evenlying
confound vb befuddle, bewilder, addle -
confront vb take on, come at, be up against -
confuse vb befuddel, mistake, ravel, bewilder, muddel, mangel, addel ablend, forwrixle (cf. NHG verwechseln)
confusing adj manifold, bewildering, muddlesome, misleading -
confusion n muddling, bewildering, mishmash ablending
confute vb overstale (<OE Ofer-staélan - to confute, to convict, to convince) -
congregate v forgather
congress n gathering, moot
conics n - kegglelore
conjecture vb aread (<OE ārǣdan,<ME areden and akin to NHG erratten)
conjugate vb bend forbow (cf. Du. verbuigen, NHG. verbeugen)
conjunction n linking word linkword, bindword, yokeword
conjure vb - beswear (cf. NHG beschören)
connect vb link, fit, tie-in, bind, link forbind (<OE forbindan)
connotation n undermeaning
conquer vb do down, overcome, upend, worst, overwin (<OE/ME/Arch.E) aover (calque of many Germanic languages)

overwin (<OE oferwinnan and <ME overwinnen)

conquered adj overwon
conquerer n overwinner aoverer (cf. NHG Eroberer)
conquest n overwin -
consanguinity n kinship -
conscience n - thewing, inwit
conscious adj aware, mindful, heedful -
consciousness n awareness, mindfulness, heedfulness, wake inwit
conscript vb draft, call-up -
consecrate vb bless, hallow, behallow, bename -
consecutive(ly) adj/adv straight, running, unbroken; one after the other, right after
consent n/vb leave thaving, thwaring

vb: thwarelalk (<OE þwærlælcan) 

conservation n - orholding (cf. NHG Erhaltung), bewaring (cf. Du. bewaren)
conserve n - orhold, beware
consequence n aftermath, backwash, outcome, upshot, wightiness offleading (cf. Ic. af-leiðing)
consequently adv hence, thereby, thereupon, thus, wherefore, sithence (obsolete) -
consider vb

heed, bethink, think about,
reckon, set down

hie, hedge (<OE hycgan 'bear in mind, confide, trust'; compare lie < OE licgan, buy <OE bycgan), awene (<OE awenan) behawe (<OE behawian 'to see clearly, take care'), rase (<OE ræswan 'to think suppose suspect consider conjecture'), smigh (<OE smēagan 'consider think about mediate examine scrutinize'), yondthink (<OE geondþencan 'to reflect upon'), hiler (<OE aheolorian 'weigh, balance, Latin equivalent: librare, trutinare), beshow (cf. Du. beschouwen), umbthink (<OE ymbþencan), aweigh (cf. NHG erwägen)
consideration n thought -
consist of vb be made up of bestand of (cf. NHG bestehen aus)
consistency n - weenness
consistent adj - weenly (<OE wénlic)
console vb frover, soothe, allay sorrow, share grief,
give strength and hope
consolation n - froverness, freefernes (<OE fréfernes), frover (<OE frōfor)
consonant n - withlide, midloud (<NHG Mitlaut), midclinker (Du. medeklinker), samedswaying, sameswaying (<Elfric's OE samodswegend)
conspicuous adj sightly forthsighly (<OE forþgesýne), kenspeckle
conspiracy n plot -
conspiracy research n - plotlore
conspiracy theorist n wiseman, knower, wit (ironic) plot-beholder
conspiracy theory n - plotbeholding
conspire vb plot -
constant adj ongoing, abiding, steadfast, steady, singal (<OE sin-gal - perpetual, Everlasting) onwherft, simble (<OE simbel)

resistant: bestandy/bestanding (NHG. beständig)

constitution n clay, self; build, lawbook, frame, shape, law

forfastening (cf. NHG Verfassung), overlaw

constraint n - thwing (<OE geþwing)
constrict vb tighten intighten, betighten
consulation n - bereading (cf. NHG Beratung)
consult vb see with -
consume vb eat (up), drain, spend, intake forbrook (cf. verbrauchen)
consumerism n - intakerhood
consummate adj crack, good, great, skilled; blooming, straight-out; utmost -
consumption n intake -
contact vb get, reach fay, rine, forthreach
contain vb hold, inhold, have in itself -
contaminate vb befoul smittle
contemplate vb - yondthink (<OE geondþencan)
contemplation n thought yondthinking (<OE geondþencan + -ing)
contemporary adj today's new-timey, tidely, fellow-timed, like-timed
contempt n loathing, hatred -
contemptuous adj - shanding
contend n set to -
contend (argue) vb flite, hold -
content n/vb vb: gladden inning (<OE innung), inhold (calque from NHG 'Inhalt')

of one's character: inwit of one's moodstathel

content adj happy, gladdened, gruntled fained, list
contention n wrangling -
contents n inside Inhold
contest n match witherwin (<OE wiðerwinn)
context n light, framework, ins and outs, layout,
basis: underlay
umbrealm, underlyings,
contiguous adj abutting -
continent n mainland worlddeal (<OE worulddǣl), greatland, landstretch, fastland
continuation n astandendness, astandingness (<OE) -
continue vb go on, abide, keep on, keep at
transitive: let something go on, forlong
ongo, forthgo (cf. NHG fortgehen), forthset (cf. Du. voortzetten), throughgo (cf. Du. doorgaan), singel (<OE ġesingalian)
continuing adj - on running
continuous adj unbroken, ongoing forthgoing, forthset, simble (<OE)
contort vb writhe -
contract n bond, deal handfast, writdeal
contradict vb gainsay, withsay, withspeak  witherspeak (cf. NHG widersprechen), andwitness (cf. Ic. and-vitni), witherqued, anspeak (<OE ġēansprecan)
contradiction n gainsaying withspeech (NHG. Widerspruch), witherquedding (<OE wiðercwedung), anspeech
contrarian n aginner -
contrary adv against witherward (<OE wiðerweard), witherto, withershins
contrast n againstness, otherness, unlikeness, cleaveness, sunderness shedspan, undershed, witherputting
contrast vb sunder, cleave, shed, tell asunder undershed (cf. NHG unterscheiden, Du onderscheiden), witherstand (calque), offstand, witherstack, offstack (cf. Du. afsteken), witherput
controversy n - gainwending (lone translation from Latin)
contribute vb pitch in bypull, bydraw/drag (cf. Du bijdragen) 
contribution n input -
contrite adj sheepish nust or anust (<OE gehnyst), thrasted (<OE geþræsted)
contrition n sorrow, guilt, ruth -
control n hands, oversight, running, stewardship, arm, grip, hold, sway, steering bridling
control vb lead, bridle, hold, steer, keep, tame, steward sway
conundrum n riddle -
conurbation n - towncluster(ing)
convect vb ibear, imbbear, iferry, awaybear (all < OE) -
convenient adj comely (<OE cȳmlīċ)
convent n - nunring
convention n - acoming (cf. "a-", cognate of "com-" + "come" < OE cuman, cognate of "venio" + "-ing")

law: wonelaw (cognate of wone <OE wuna, "custom, habit, practice, rite" + law), sidelaw (cognate of side <OE sidu, "custom, note, manner" + law)

convergence n meeting -
conversation n talk, mailing underholding (cf. NHG Unterhaltung)
converse vb speak, talk -


on the other hand, otherwise -
conversion n umbuild (cf. NHG Umbau)
convert vb wend, make over turn over: bewharve (<OE behwierfan, behweorfan)
turn around: bewend (<OE bewendan), forwandle
convertible n drophead, soft-top, hard-top -
convey vb give, spread; bear, ferry, deed, make over inway
convict n lag overstale (<OE Ofer-staélan - to confute, to convict, to convince), haftling (<OE hæftling, cf. NHG Häftling), overstell
convince vb wheedle, talk round, talk into, win over overtalk (<OE oferreccan, cf. NHG. überreden)
convoy n - wain row
cooperate vb work together evenwork (<OE efenweorcan), getherwork (<Fr gearwurkje), midwork, samework (cf. Norw. samevirk)
cooperative n - neatship, aneatship (cf. NHG genossenschaft)
cop vb nab -
cop n hound, pig (slang, slightly vulgar) frith wike (peace officer)
cope vb deal -
copious adj beteeming -
copper n - ar (<OE ar)
coppern adj - arn (cf. Eng. gold -> golden)
coppery adj - ary
copse n thicket, shaw -
copy n - twin
copy vb imitate: ape twin, eftyield, andwrite
imitate: evenledge (<OE efenlæcan)
copy & paste vb - twin & tack
coral n/adj - limeshaft; yellowpink
cord n line, rope, string, wire tew, rib-cloth
cord vb fasten -
cordial adj friendly, hearty, warm -
cords n - manstows
corduroy n ribbed cloth rib-cloth, manstow (manchester)
core n kernel, heart, yolk, innermost being -
coriander n - cloveleaf, clovelobedleaf, broadlobedleaf/bradlobleaf (based on description of leaf)
cormorant n sea raven shrab or shrave (<OE scræb), coal-goose
cornea n - hornweb, hornflesh
corner n nook, winkle, hirn, edge -
coronation n - kinehelming (<OE cynehelmung), wreathing
corpor(e)al adj bodily bodisome
corporation n - businessbody
corpse n body, dead body lich, nee (<OE nēo), likam
corpus n body likam
Corpus Christi pn - Wistforwandering Day
correct adv/adj right, aright, befitting -
correct vb right, righten, mark berighten (cf. NHG. berichtigen)
correction n righting punishment: threal (<OE þrēal), berightening (cf. NHG. Berichtigung)
correction fluid n whiteout -
correspond v match, match up, link, link up, be alike, meet onspeak (cf. NHG entsprechen)
corridor n hallway -
corroborate vb bear out -
corrode vb gnaw forrot (<OE forrotian), begnaw (<OE begnagan)
corrugated adj - wrizzled
corrupt adj/adv crooked, bent, rot forrot
corslet n byrnie -
corvée-work n - workrede (<OE weorcræden)
cosmetics n fard -
cosmolabe n - tungleheight meter
cosmopolitan n - worldsman
cosmopolitan adj worldly -
cosmos n world allworld, allrow
cost n outlay, worth -
costly adj dear -
costume n outfit, get-up, fake dress derning
Côte d'Ivoire n - Windward Shore, Tusk Shore, Elpbone Shore
cottage n hut, cote sheel
cottager n - cotsettle
cotton n - seedwool, treewool (calque)
council n gathering, huddle, board, brotherhood, fellowship, thingstead (<OE þingstede), thingstow (<OE þingstōw) rede, redemoot, redebody, reevedom
counsel n/vb lead, shepherd rede, law-erne (legal-eagle)
counselor n alder(wo)man rede(wo)man, redegiver, theagher (<OE þeahere/ġeþeahere)
count vb tell, reckon arime
count n earl -
countenance n cast -
counter- prefix with-gain-, wither- -
counterbalance n offset -
counterclockwise adj withershins withersunwise
counterculture n - otherway, witherkithship
counterfeit goods n - apeware, openware
counterpart n match witherdeal, evenbilth (cf. NHG Ebenbild)
equivalent: gainsteck (cf. NHG gegenstück)
countersign n - gaintoken(ing) (cf. NHG. gegenziechnung)
countersign v - gaintoken (cf. NHG gegenziechnen)
counterstroke n - witherclap
country n land, weald, upland (countryside), kith, fatherland, homeland, motherland, rich (state) native: ethel (<OE æþel), folkland, erd (<ME), ethelric, etheldom
county n shire, ethel, earldom, wapentake, erd, fold reveship
countrywide adj landwide
county council n thing (<ON þing), folkmoot (<OE folcgemōt), folksmoot (<ME folkesmōt/folkesmot) shiremoot
coup vb strike putsch (<German)
coup d'état n richstrike -
coup de grâce n topper lithing, miltstroke
coupling (train/carriage) n thill -
coupon n - deemslip
courage n mettle, boldness, fearlessness, heart, heartiness, daring, backbone beld/bield (<OE bieldu), noth (<OE noþ)
courageous adj bold, daring, doughty, fearless,full-hearted, unfrightened, stouthearted moody (cf. NHG mutig)
course n line, pathway lode, begang/bigong, ierning/running (<OE ierning, whence running), shrithe (<OE), yong (<OE Geong), rin/rine, rune [< OE Ryne, course, rush]
course (academic) n learnset, loregang, lorestream
court n/vb hof vb: splunt (<Scots)
courteous adj fairspoken hovely
courtyard n - hallyard, boroughyard (<OE burggeard)
cousin n kins(wo)man nearkin, farsib,

swoor (<OE gesweór "cousin")

coven n - witchring
covenant n oath, deal, bond, binding -
cover n holster, sheath heling, helm, thacking, taching, decking, beweave (<OE bewǣfan and <ME biwēven)
cover vb thatch/thack, overlay, hide, deck, overspread hele (Eng. dialectal), helm, bewreen (OE bewrēon)
coverage n - yondfetching, overthetching, overthatching, overhealing, yondhealing
covered area n deck, roofed deck heling (ME hillet), helm (<OE helmian)
covering n skin, feathers, hackles heling, overwrigels (<OE oferwrigels)
cover with vb lay on -
covert adj hidden, shrouded, stealthy, under wraps, heled
cover-up n whitewash, hush-work shroudening
covet vb crave, want, hunger after, thirst after, cast greedy eyes upon -
covetous adj greedy, graspy, grabby, hoggish, wanting -
coward n wimp, woos, fearer, nithing arg, flytail, feyling (cf. NHG Feigling)
cowardice n argth (<OE iergþ)
cowardly adj gutless, thewless, woosy, fearful fey/fay (<OE fæge, cf. NHG feige)
coworker n by-worker, fellow worker, workmate -