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Staff D of the English Wordbook.

Basic abbreviations:

  • OE = Old English
  • ME = Middle English
  • PG = Or-theedish
  • SC = Scots
  • SW = Swedish
  • Dan. = Danish
  • ON = Old Norse
  • OS = Old Saxon
  • NHG = New Hightheech
  • IC = Icelandish
  • H.IC = High Icelandish
  • Du. = Netherlandish
  • Fris. = Friesish

For a full list of etymological and other abbreviations used in these wordlists, see: Offshortenings.


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Chancery English Class Anglish/English
Attested Unattested
dairy n milkhouse deyhouse
damage n scathe, harm, wound, marring, loss, wound; fee -
damage vb scathe, harm, wound, mar, break, bruise, forspill fordo, shend
damaged adj scathed, broken, marred, dented, bruised, harmed, unsound -
damaging adj bad, baleful, baneful, harmful scathful (<Scots)
damn adj all-out, flat-out, out-and-out -
damn v (phrases) send __ to hell, to hell with __ bedoom (cf. Danish bedømme), telwith (Shortening of "To Hell with")
damned adj hexed, lost, swizzled -
damnation n hell, hellfire ordeal (cf. NHG Urteil)
damsel n maid, maiden, lass, wench -
dance (Frankish origin) n/vb step; flicker, flutter frike (<ME friken, frikien <OE frīcian), tumb, wirl, glithe (glee(music)+ shrithe(move))
dandelion n - horsebloom (cf. Du. paardenbloem), leetooth (cf. NHG Löwenzahn)
danger n plight, threat freech (<OE fréĉen), fear (meant "danger" in OE), derf (attested in the sense "trouble, tribulation") or "darf" (unattested, as far as I know) <OE deorf
dangerous adj plightful, threatening freehful (<OE fréĉenful)
dart n - darth (<OE daraþ)
data n rawput, worth(s)

ongift(s), meteworth(s) givele, metele, metebit givens (calque, Latin data < datum, plural pp. of 'to give' )

database n - fading (<OE fadung)
date n - dealmark (<OE tælmearc) talemark
date-fruit n - palmapple (<OE palmæppel)
dative (case) n - forgivingly, giver namefall, (to) whomfall (refer to German "Wemfall")
daub vb befoul, sully; besmear smite
day of tribulation n - arvethday, arveth-day (<OE earfoðdæg; c.f. ME arveþ-sīþ)


de- pref un- and- (<OE and-, cf. Fr. and-)
deacidify vb unsour (cf. NHG säuern)
deacidification n unsouring
deactivate vb switch off -
debate vb moot -
debatable adj moot, mootish, mootsome, mootworthy -
debitter (foreign prefix) vb unbitter (cf. NHG entbittern)
debris n trash, chaff, leavings, odds and ends, dreggs, draff, scrap, clutter, wreckage, deadwood, dross, spilth floatings (calque of flotsam), grouts (archaic)
debt n Shild (<Eng./NHG. Schuld/Du.Schuld) (calque of many Germanic tongues), owings
debut n beginning, birth, dawn, kickoff, morning, onset, start, threshold fanding (<OE fandian 'to try, experience')
decade n - yearten (cf. Du. jaartien, NHG Jahrzehnt)
decapitate vb behead -
decarbonise vb uncoal (cf. NHG entkohlen)
decarbonisation n uncoaling (cf. NHG Entkohlung)
decay vb foul, rot; sink, worsen; waste away abreet (<OE abreotan)
deceased adj breathless, fallen, gone, dead, lifeless fordeaden (cf. NHG verstorben); death-smitten, late, forheawen (<OE forheawen)
deceit n misleading, outwitting lease (<OE léas "falsehood, untruth")
deceive vb swike, mislead, forlead, fop, outwit, outsmart, snooker; bedidder, shrench, mislear, forblend, weye, swike (OED) beswike

peech (<OE pǣċan)

December n -

Ereyule (<OE Ærraġēola), Yulemonth (<OE Ġēolmōnaþ), Midwintermonth (<OE Midwintermōnaþ)

decent adj good, upstanding, befitting daven, douth, thewly
decentralization n - outkerneling
deception n cheating, crookery, foxiness; dwale, swiking, swikedom, prat, wrench (OED) dwild, adwild (<OE ġedwild)
decide vb choose, name, settle (up)on, fix, set, nail, doom (archaic/obsolete), deem (obsolete) betake, beshut (cf. Du. besluiten)
deciduous adj - leaf-shedding, leafsome, fallsome
decision n call beshut, throughshut
decisive adj all-out, out-and-out, outright, straight-out, hell-bent -
declaration n boding, forthspeaking forthspell (<OE forþspell) atueness (<OE ætywnys), matheling, quething
declare vb bode, swear, set forth, quethe, forthspeak, besheer mathel (<OE maþelian), spell out
declination n dwining, dwindling forbowing
decline vb dwindle, wane, fordwine, slump, lessen, weaken, flag, sink nether off

forbow (<OE forbugan)

decline (not accept) vb forbear offlean or lean off (cf. NHG ablehnen)
decoction n - mixling
decorate vb bedeck, trim, gild, behang -
decrease vb shrink, lower, wane, lessen; dwindle; dwine, fordwine ( > OE dwínan) (archaic) -
decree n/vb behest astight (<OE ástihtan), law-bode
decrepit vb timeworn -
dedicate vb earmark, set by, give up to beteach (<OE betǽcan)
deer (originally meant animal) n hart (<OE heorot)
de facto adj/adv true, in truth, truly. truthful in deed
defame vb file, shend, besmirch, befile unbreme
default n flaw -
defeat n loss, licking, drubbing netherlay, netherthrow
defeat vb beat, overcome, overrun, overwhelm, overthrow, bedrive besye (cf. NHG besiegen), betwing or twing (cf. NHG bezwingen)
defecate vb drite, shit, shite (obscene) -
defect n blight, blotch, flaw, pockmark asprungness (<OE)
defend vb bulwark, ward, keep, shield; uphold, helmstand, beshield, enshield, forfight fasten
defenestrate vb - outwindow
defense n shield, ward, shelter weir, foreswear (cf. Dan. forsvar), ewth, lewing (<OE hlēowung, "shelter, protection, favour")
deficiency n dearth, drought, lack, want (borrowed from Scandinavian) -
deficient adj wanting, missing, lacking -
deficit n shortfall, dearth, drought, lack, want -
defile vb befile, besmite, befoul, sully

andhallow, wleat (<OE ġewlætan)

define vb mark off, lay out -
definitely adv markedly, throughout, fully, thoroughly wisly (Eng. wis), sickerly (Eng. sicker)
definition n - wordmark (<OE wordgemearc)
deflect vb - drive off, bounce off
deforest vb - unwold (cf. NHG entwalden)
deforestation n - unwolding (cf. NHG Entwaldung)
deforested adj - unwolded
deform vb misshape, unshape -
deformed adj misshapen, shapeless thrawn (Scots)
deformity n blight, blotch, flaw, pockmark misshapenness
defragment vb cleave, misbreak -
defraud vb swindle, get, beswindle -
defrost (foreign suffix) vb thaw, unfreeze unfrost (cf. NHG entfrosten)
defy vb flout (Dutch: fluiten) -
degenerate adj rotten misthriveen, backbuilded
degeneration n rot, rotting misthriving
degrade vb bemean, nether, beneathen, below -
degree n cut, inch, peg, step flak ('level' cf. Fr. flak, Du. vlak)
dehortative adj forbidly (<OE forbēodlic)
dehydrate vb - unwater (cf. NHG entwassern)
dehydration n - unwatering (cf. NHG Entwasserung)
deify vb begod -
deity n god oos(e), ooce (<OE ós; c.f. goose < OE gós)
Deism n - Godtroth
delay n lag, holdup, frist -
de jure adj/adv lawfully, by law -
déjà vu n foreseen -
dejected adj beaten down -
delay vb stall, forestall, tarry, frist, belate -
delete vb/n get rid of, strike, cross out, forget unmark, forwipe (calque)
deliberate adj weighed, thought out; set, willed hillered
deliberate vb/n think about, think over hiler (<OE heolorian)
delicacy n - -
delicious adj smakely, dainty, lush, toothsome, mouthwatering, lickerish, winly -
delight n bliss, gladness, lust; liss, win, este (OED) fain, list, queemness, itheness (<OE īeðnes)
vb glew (OED)
delightful adj sweet, darling, pleasing, heavenly, winsome faining, listing, queemful
delimit vb - mire (<OE mære)
delirious adj bewildered, mind-wandering, dwale -


vb bear, free alease (<OE aliesan, alýsan, alésan)
deliverer n - aleasand (<OE aliesend)
delivery n childbirth, birth -
delude vb mislead -
deluge n flood, rainstorm, cloudburst, overflowing, drenching The Deluge: The Flood
delusion n misbelief -
demeanour n jib -
dementia n madness, mindloss -
demilitarized adj unweaponed -
demise n downfall hengang (< OE hingang 'a going hence, departure, death')
Demiurge n Craftsman, "god of this world" -
democracy n shire, township (< δῆμος [1]), shirefolk (cf. LoR) churlrich, shiremight (calque of Gk δῆμος ‘rural district’ + κράτος ‘might’), folkdom, folkshire, folkswald, shirewield, folkswield, folksreevedom; folkship (<OE folkscipe); shiredom, shirerich (which would mean something like ‘democratic-republic.’)
demodulation n - backrighting
demograph n - folk outline
demolish vb tear down, forspill, wreak, break forswerve (<OE forsweorfan)
demolition n wipeout -
demon n fiend, hellfiend, mare hellwight, hellghost, ork (<OE orc)
demonstrate vb show -
dendrite n - sinewtwig
dendrochronology n - treering-timetelling (cf. Ic. trjáhringjatímatal)
dendrology n treelore
dengue n - breakbone driff (cf. Eng. breakbone fever)
denial n naysay, forsaking, forswearing forswearhood
denigrate vb slighten, belittle, downcast beswart, blackwash
denomination n - benaming, offshedding (Du. afscheiding)
denote n betoken, mean -
denouement n unravelling -
dense adj thick, heavy, tight -
density n

thickness, slowness, tightness

crowd: huddle

dental adj - toothly
dentist n - toothleech (cf. Dn. tandlæge); teethhealer; gum-digger
denude vb strip, unclothe, bare, lay bare -
deny vb gainsay, withsay, naysay; withhold, forswear, forsake -
deodorant n - unsmeller, reekkiller
deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) n - unasourseedsweetkernly sour; lifetwine
depart vb book slang, cut off, dig out, peel off, run along, step along, walk out, leave ago (<OE agōn)
departing/departure n/adj farewell, leav(ing), walking out

afaring, witing

death: hingang (<OE)

department n - ambight, offdealing, bedealing
depend vb hang, hinge on, rest on, trust in, lean on onhang, onhinge, offhang/hang off of (NHG. abhängen)
dependence n - onhanginess, offhanginess (NHG. abhängigkeit)
dependent adj - hingey, offhangy (NHG. abhängig)
depict vb show -
depreciate vb cheapen, lessen, write off underworthen
depressed adj beaten down -
depression n blues, downer, downheartedness, downbeat, glumness, listlessness, sunkenness, woefulness moodsink, yomerness (<OE geom), unmood (<OE unmōd), thungmood (cf. Ic. þunglyndi)
deprivation n lack, want; bereaving -
deprive (of) vb bereave, strip benim; beshear, latch (in OED;<ME lacchen, <OE læccan)
deputy n - outfader (cf. NHG Abgeordneter)
deracinate vb uproot -
deranged adj crazed, mad, moonstruck, unhinged wood
deregulation n - unreding
derivative n - upleading, leading-up (cf. NHG Ableitung)
derive vb come from, bring from, spring from, stem from, draw off from ord from
derived adj forthbrought, brought forth from -
dermatology n - hidelore, skinlore
dermis n hide, rind, hackle -
derogatory adj - aworthly
desacralize vb - unhallow
desalinate vb unsalt (cf. NHG entsalzen)
desalination n unsalting (cf. NHG Entsalzung)
descend vb fall, slope, bear nethergo, asink (<OE āsincan and <ME asinken)
descendant n offspring, kid afterbear (by analogy to forebear), aftercomer, afterling, ofcomeling (cf. NHG)
descent n downcoming, downgoing nethergang
describe vb draw out, outline, set out, betell, bewrite, put out meal out
description n bewriting, tale, inwording, drawing bemealing
desecrate vb unhallow, befoul -
desk n - writboard (cf. Du. schrijfberd), writbeed (cf. Du. schrijftafel, NHG Schreibtisch)
desert vb leave, forsake military: hereflight
desert n dustbowl, dryland westen (<OE wésten, cf. NHG Wüste, Du. woestijn), weste land, drought
deserter n - herflighter (<OE hereflýma)
deserving adj meedful, worthy -
desiccate vb drain unwater (cf. NHG entwässern)
design vb/n lay out, draft, outline, set out, craft -
designate vb betoken, mark, earmark, show, call, name -
desinfectant n - withersmite
desire vb/n crave, wish, lust, yearn, long, hanker (for, after), list wilne (<OE), freck (<OE frician and <OE frec)
desirous adj wishful, longing weening (<OE wenan)
desist v leave off
desolate adj barren unbeheld
desolation n - aweestness (<OE áwéstnes)
despair n hopelessness wanhope, forthought
despair vb (phrases) give way, lose heart, lose hope, give up, give up hope

forlorn, hope-yearn, forthink (< OE), ortrow/ortrew (OE <ortreowe), orween (OE < orwen)

desperate adj hopeless, forlorn hope-yearn(ing/ful), ortrowly/ortrowly (OE - see 'despair'), unweenly (OE < unwen)
despondency n - atsprungness (<OE ætsprungnes)
despise vb hate, behate, loathe forthink
despite prep although, notwithstanding -
dessert n afters, pudding, sweet -
destination n - goalspot, goalstead
destine vb tee, set up to happen, foredoom, weird -
destiny n lot, doom, foredoom, the stars, weird eld-orlay (<OE ealdorlæg), orlay (<OE orlæg)
destone (foreign prefix) vb - unstone (cf. NHG entsteinen)
destroy vb fordo, toshend, do in, pull down, shatter, tear down, unmake, break down shend, dilghe
destruction n breakdown, downfall, undoing, unmaking downbusting, fornaughting (cf. NHG vernichtung), forweird (<ME forwī̆rd)
detail n - meal (<OE mál), speckmark
detain v hold
detach v unlink, unbind, unstick
detective n sleuth, bloodhound -
deteriorate vb worsen, grow worse -
determination n - bestevening (cf. NHG bestimmen)
determine vb name, settle; root out besteven (cf. NHG bestimmen) see steven, aread (<OE ārǣdan, <ME areden and akin to NHG erratten)
detest vb hate, loathe -
detracting n back-biting
detractor n back-biter -
detrimental n harmful, scatheful -
Deus vult/Deus lo vult interj God wills it -
Devail/Devil n fiend, our foe/Foe; Liar; ettin (OED, ‘Titan’), Woden (‘maddening one, Devil’) Os (< OE ‘spirit, demon, devil’)
devalue vb cheapen, lessen downworthen, unworth(en)
devastate vb ransack, wreck, reave, undo, toshend fordo
devastation n Def 1: wreckage, breakdown

Def 2: shock, grief

Def 2: Norn
develop vb grow, build, unfold, unwrap, foster -
developed, poorly adj wan-thriven -
development(al) n/adj growth; upshot; ripening, fostering forblowing
device n tool, hardware, gadget (etymology uncertain) -
devious adj shrewd, wily -
devise vb think up, think of; leave in a will afind (<OE āfindan and akin to.NHG erfinden)
devolve vb - netherwind
devote vb earmark, set by wigh (cf. Du. wijden)
devour vb fret, gulp (up), raven, wolf forswallow (<OE forswelgan)
devout adj down-the-line, fast, good, steady, true-blue -
dexterity n deftness, nimbleness handwitness
dexterous adj deft, nimble handwit, handskillful, handcrafty


di- pfx - twi-
diabetes n sweethurstsickness -
diabetic adj sweethurstsickened -
diabolic n fiendish -
diacritic n mark -
diæresis/diëresis n break breakmark
diagonal adj leaning, sloping, slanted -
dialect n street-talk (sometimes)

byleed (<Scots byleid), folktongue/folktung, landspeech (cf. NHG. Landessprache), tongfall/tonguefall (<Dutch)

diameter n bore straightspan, wreathwidth, ringwidth
diameter, inner n inner: bore; outer: girth -
diamond n - hardore, toughhurst (calque)
diaphanous adj sheer -
diaphragm n - midrith (<OE midhriðre)
diarrhoea n skitter, the runs fallthrough (cf. NHG Durchfall)
diary n daybook -
diaspora n yondseeding outscattering, the wanderings, yondscattering (calque from Greek dia + speirein), scatterdom
dichotomy n - twidealing (cf. Du. tweedeling; NHG Zweiteilung)
dictator n ‘king’ fulldighter, dighter (<OE dihtan "direct, arrange")
dictatorship n Fulldightership
dictionary n wordbook -
die (Theedish) n - wirple
diet n - foodline
differ v - undershed (calque of Ger. speech. NHG Unterschieden, Du. onderscheiden)
difference n otherness, anotherness, unlikeness dealing, shedding, sundriness, undershed (cf. NHG Unterschied/Du. onderscheiden)

diversity: fayness (<OE fægnys)

different adj unlike, unsame, sundry, sunder, sundered missen (<OE), shedded, undershedly (NHG. unterschiedlich)
different adv other, otherwise sunderly, sheddedly; forsplit (cf. NHG verschieden)
differentiation (mathematics) n - beshedding; forsplitly (cf. NHG verschiedenlich)
differently adv otherwise, sunderly -
difficult adj pick-and-shovel, uphill, hard sweer (<OE swær), grinding, uneath (<OE unēaþe)
difficulty n hardship, struggle hardput
diffident adj withdrawn -
digit n finger, toe -
digital adj scorely, chip-driven bitly
dignity n worth, selfworth wirthe (<OE wirþu, cf. NHG Würde)
digraph n - twiwrit (calque)
digress n - umsweep (<OE ymbswæpe)
dilapidated adj threadbare, timeworn, rundown -
dilate vb - abreethe (<OE abreoþan)
diligent adj tied-up, working knerd/knard (<OE cneord), heedfast
diminish vb lessen, lower, wane, dwindle, dwine - fordwine
dimension n breadth -
dilletante n short thinker: one who thoughts don't carry far into a subject. -
diminish vb lessen, lower, wane, dwindle, dwine fordwine
diminutation n - inlessness
diminutive adj tiny, impish, small, little -
dimorphism n - twoshapenness
diningroom n eatingroom buttern, beetern (<OE beotern 'table-room')
dinner n

evening meal, mese (obsolete) fr. OE: (table, that which is set on a table, dish, food, meal)

eveneats (cf. D. avondeten, NHG Avondessen), rearding (OE reord 'to feast'), evenmeal
dinosaur n - dreadask, dreadathex (calque from Greek), dreadwight, bulkwight, forebird
diocese n - bedereve shire
diphthong n - twithedin (calque)
diploma n - douth writ
direct adj rode, straight, straightforward, unbending, head-on, forthright, open, outspoken; straightway, anon -
direct vb drive, lead, steer, trend, bend, show, beward, beright, right; iwisse, iwise, geng, wis, wise, aweld, stightle (OED) wees (<OE wisian)
direction n drift, trend, bend, way, heading, wending, warding -
direct object (grammar) n - openware, straight mark (straightmark)
directory n - threadlist
dis- pref mis-, un- and- (<OE; cf. NHG ent-...)
disability n - behindering (cf. NHG Behinderung)
disable vb cripple, lame, hamstring -
disabled adj lame, halt -
disadvantage n afterdeal, drawback, downside -
disadvantaged adj hindered -
disappear vb flee, melt, sink, go missing fordwine, forswind (<OHG farswindan; cf. NHG verschwinden), swind (<OE swindan)

forfly (cf. NHG verfliegen)

disappoint vb let down -
disarm vb - andweapon, unweapon
disarrange vb rumple, tousle -
disaster n shipwreck, fizzle, washout ill-hap, grimming, harrow-hap, wipe-out
disastrous adj baneful, deadly, dreadful, black, hapless, harmful, doomfull, wrackful -
discalced adj barefoot, barefooted -
discard vb get rid of, deep-six, to rid awayen, forthrow (Eng., cf. NHG verwerfen)
discharge n/vb unload unfull(cf. NHG erfüllen)
disciple n - loreknight (<OE larcniht)
discipline n/vb ?school, field; rear up, upbraid, steadfastness thewfastness
disclaim vb foreswear, forego mishold, unhold
disclaimer n forsaker, yielder -
disclose vb bare, show, tell -
disconcert vb - taken aback
disconcerting adj offputting, upsetting. -
discontinue vb cut, end -
discount n - fall-off (cf. Ic. af-fall)
discourse n chat, speak rearding, wordling (<OE wordlung)
discourse vb talk, speak, mouth out wordle
discover vb/phr find out, get on, hear, learn, wise up; dig out, dredge up, hit on, nose out, root out; bare, unbosom, unfold

onfind, unthatch/unthack, unmesh, befind (cf. NHG befinded, Du. bevinded), undeck

discovery n finding, unearthing befinding, onfinding, undecking
discredit vb s(mirch -
discriminate n treat unfairly beshed (<OE bescéadan), unfairse (unfair + se as in cleanse and bless)
discuss vb talk about, talk over, talk through wordwrestle


addle, cothe, sickness, illness, wanhaleness -
disease, skin n tetter skinaddle
disempower vb - unmight(en) (cf. NHG entmachten)
disfigure vb mar, misshape -
disgrace n shendship shand (<OE sċand)
disgrace vb shend (conjugated as the vb "to send") -
disgrace(ful) n/vb shame, shend shendful (<ME shendful)
disgusting adj loathely, wlatsome, foul, pukening, gruesome, ghastly, rank, icky witherly (NHG. Widerlich)

witherward (NHG. Widerwärtig)

dishevelled adj cluttered, tousled, untidy -
dishonourable adj - arless, heanful, heanlike (OE heanlic)
disinclined adj loath -
disinfect vb - unsmittle, smallifekill
disinfectant adj - unsmittling, smallifekilling
disinfectant n - unsmittler, smallifekiller
disk n - flat, trind
dislike vb mislike -
dislocate vb - unstead
disloyal adj - fickle (<OE ficol)
dismember vb - alithe, unlimb
dismiss vb snub, slight, sack, fire -
disobedience n - overhearness (<OE oferhirness)
disobedient adj unhold, unhearsome, hardheaded, stubborn, wayward -
disorder n unfettle
disordered adj unsided, throughanother -
dispatch vb send off, forthsend -
dispel vb uproot, drive off
disperse vb scatter, spread, strew todrive, tofare
displace vb uproot unord
display n/vb fair, show; lay out, show off, strut, forthset -
displease vb - misqueme (<OE miscwéman)
disposable adj throwaway -
disposal n deep-six, junking, throwing away -
disposition n heart, mind, thinking hye (< OE hyge)
disprove vb belie -
dispute n bickering, brawl, tiff unreckoning (calque)
dispute vb bicker, brawl, tiff, wrangle flit (OE)
disqualify vb unfit -
disregard vb overlook, forheed overgum (<OE ofergumian)
disrobe vb - unclothe (cf. NHG entkleiden)
disrobed adj - unclothed
disrupt vb upset, unsettle, break, break up, sunder, split, shatter, tear, rip, rattle, muddle -
dissect vb sithe, cut up -
dissemble vb bluff, sham, put on; let on, make out aswike
dissolution n breakup, split, sundering -
dissonance n infighting -
dissuasive adj forbidly (<OE forbēodlic)
distance n lead, length, spread, stretch, way; breadth, field; unlikeness, otherness, farness -
distant adj away, deep, far, far away far-flung, far-off; cold-eyed, dry, offish, standoff; other, unalike, unlike farlen, offward (OE)
distill vb drop, trickle, strengthen, forsteaming
distinct adj marked, sundered undershed (calque of many Ger. speeches).
distinguish vb make-out undershed (calque of Ger. speech. NHG Unterschieden, Du. onderscheiden)
distort vb misshape, twist, throw, warp -
distract vb throw off, draw off, pull away, bewilder, mislead heed off, mind off
distraught adj worked up -
distress vb/n bother, upset, worry
n: woe, harm's way



distress signal n - woecall
distribute vb deal out, hand out, mete out, spread, spread out breat/bret/brut/brit (<OE bryttian)
distribution n dealing, setup, spread brittening (<OE bryttian)
district n neighbourhood shire, riding, leet, -wick, wike, stretch
distrust vb forthink, mistrust -
disturb vb stir, muddle, unsettle dreve (<OE dréfan) , sturian (<OE styrian), bestir
disturbance n stir, teasing, harrying, bothering, unsettling dreving, bestir
disturbing adj creepy, startling, frightening, unsettling, upsetting, stirring, scary bestiring
diurnal adj daily -
diverse adj manifold, sundry, manikind -
divert n - off-lead
divide n split, gap -
divide vb cleave, shed, split, sunder, share, of-mete, deal to-tweam (<OE to-twaémen)
divination n foretelling freit (<ME freit), wile (<OE wigle)
divine adj godly, holy wily
divinity n holiness -
division n cleaving, splitting, tweeming, shedding, sundering -
divorce n splitting-up wedending, wedbreach
divorce vb split up wedend, wedlock-free


docile adj meek; law-abiding learnsome, loresome (<OE lārsum)
doctor, medical n healer learer (<ME lerare <OE lārēow) leech, healand
doctrine n - lorespell (<EME)
document n - leafwrit
documentary n broadcast leafwritfilm, logfilm, truthfilm
dogma n - set-in-stone thinking; hardline beliefs
dogmatic n - set-in-stone; hardline
dolphin n mereswine tumbler (cf. NHG Tümmler)
domain n - lorddom
dome n - cupple (calque of Italian cupola) (cup + -le diminutive)
domestic adj homeland (politics); household; tamed; born -
domesticate vb tame houserede
domicile n grith
dominate vb lord over, bestride rich (<OE), hire (calque)
donate vb bestow, give, overgive, yield -
donation n gift, yield, outgiving -
donkey n easle (<OE esol and akin to NHG Esel)
doppelgänger n look-alike, evil look-alike, ill-boding look-alike Walking-dead, death-ghost, twinish-unknowns
dormant adj sleeping, drowsing -
dormitory n bedroom sleepstow, sleepearn (<OE slæpærn)
dorsal adj back -
dosage n muchness -
double vb/n/adj twin, twofold, twosome, two times vb: twifold (<OE twifealdian)
doubt n/vb qualm, niggle, wonder, tweag;

twimindedness, lack belief (in), misbelieve, mistrust

ink (<OE inca; ME inke)

twimind, tween (<OE tweo, <OE tweona)

doubtful n twiminded tweenful
douse vb drench -
dozen adj twelve -
dozen n tens -


draconian adj - harsh, rough
dragon n lindworm, wyrm -
dragonfly n adderbolt (Brit. dialect) leanfly
drainage basin n watershed -
drama n play, show showplay (cf. NHG Schauspiel)
dramatic adj hammy; showy, splashy -
dramatist n playwright -
dress n bodyskirt, fullskirt, long skirt, smock, frock -
dress vb clothe, don -
dromadary n - drylander
drought resistant n - drought-hardy
drug (Germanic) n lib rushmiddle (cf. NHG Rauschmittel)
drupe n - stoneberry


dual adj twin, twofold -
dub vb name, call -
dubious adj dodgy, shady, shaky; loath; iffy, far-fetched, unlikely; hinky, mistrustful, unsettled frainworthy, bethinkly (cf. NHG bedenklich) see bethink
duchy n earldom Heretogdom
due adj owing, thanks -
duel n ballgame wyefare
duet n - twising
dugong n - seacow
duke n earl alderman (<OE ealdorman), hertow (<OE heretoga)
dunce n have a dry brain mouthbreather (slang)
dune n - sandhill
dungeon n dung, hole, hollow, delvehollow, delfrum -
duplication n twofoldness twiness
duration n - time-length
during prep throughout bewhile
Dutch(man) adj - Lowland(er), Netherland(er)ish
duty n foranswering (cf. NHG Verantwortung), pleck (cf. OE pleoh)
duvet n bedspread, eiderdown -


dynamic n snell, flush, lusty, red-blooded, goey speedfast, beweighful
dynasty n house, line erverich
dysentery n - reddrif (<OE drif: fever)
dysfunctional adj unworking, badworking -
dyslexic n word-blindness -
dystopia n - torestead (calque using obsolete English tore "hard, difficult" + stead)
dysphoria n - undergladness, misweight (calque)