The Anglish Moot

Staff F of the English Wordbook.

Basic abbreviations:

  • OE = Old English
  • ME = Middle English
  • SC = Scots
  • WF = West Frish
  • NF = North Frish
  • SF = Saterlandish Frish
  • WLG = West Low Theech
  • ELG = East Low Theech
  • NL = Netherlandish
  • NHG = New High Theech
  • IC = Icelandish
  • HIC = High Icelandish
  • NO = Nornish
  • SW = Swedish
  • DN = Danish
  • MLG = Middle Low Theech
  • MNL = Middle Netherlandish
  • MHG = Middle High Theech
  • OF = Old Frish
  • OS = Old Saxish
  • OHG = Old High Theech
  • ON = Old Norse
  • GO = Gottish
  • PWG = Or-West-Theedish
  • PG = Or-Theedish

For a full list of etymological and other abbreviations used in these wordlists, see: Offshortenings.


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Chancery English Class Anglish/English
Attested Unattested


fable n tale, wonder-tale byquid (<OE bigcwide)
fabric n cloth, argmt: shell, framework thrum (<OE)
fabricate vb bring into being, build, make, put together, run up, set up, shape; think up, write; lie, make up bework (calque: NL bewerken)
fabrication n making beworking (NL bewerken + -ing)
fabulous adj groovy, amazing, sterling, top-shelf, wonderful -
facade n foreside, forehead; outer-skin, put-on, show -
face n brow, shell, cast, side, foreside; neb, nebshaft, anleth (OED), look anatomy: leer (<OE hléor), neb (<OE nebb), onlet (<ME anlet, onlete).

hue, blee, mug, forefeeler (that which shows feeling at the front), sight, beseer

facet n side, bearing -
facetious adj biting, tung-in-cheek, sharp-witted, salty, smart, witty -
facilitate vb easen -
fact n truth sooth (<OE sōþ), deedsake (cf. NHG Tatsache)
fact, in phr indeed, in truth soothly
factor n building block -
factory n - buildworks, worksmithy (cf. IC verksmiðja)
faculty n - lorehalldeal
fad n hit, brainstorm -
faddish adj - a-go-go
fade vb dwindle, wane sear
feces n shit, shite, stool, dirt, dung -
fæggot n - stickbind, stickfasten, stickbundle
faience n - tin-glazed earthenware
fail vb fizzle, flop, flunk, let down truck (<OE trucian), swether
failure n oversight, blunder, washout truckness (<OE trucian), swethering
faint vb swoon, flake out, black out, dwam (<SC) -
fair n hoppings -
fairy n elf -
fairytale n - elvinrime
fait accompli n done deed, done deal, fulfilled, carried out, (thing) over and done -
faith n belief, troth, trow lief (<OE lēafa)
faithful adj down-the-line, fast, good, steadfast, steady, true-blue trowful, liefful (<OE ġelēafful)
faithfulness n - lieffulness (<OE ġelēaffulnes), trowfulness
faith, to have vb trust, lief trow
fake news n - beat-up
falcon n - falk (cf. DN/NO/SW falk, NL valk, NHG Falke)
fallacy n untruth untrue/wrong/unsound rake
fallible adj unsound, wanting -
Fallopian tube n - eggladder (calque: NHG Eileiter)
false adj lease, off, unsound, untrue, wrong. sham. crooked, flicke, misdealing, misleading -
falsely accuse vb - forwray (<OE forwregan)
fame n name, wellstanding, stardom, limelight, greatness bremeness, reem (<OE hrēmiġ; cf. NHG Ruhm, NL roem), reth (<OE hreþ), lise (<OE hlīsa)
familiar adj couth, friendly, inward, near, thick, tight; abreast; household hewcouth (<OE hīwcūþ), forwildering (as unlike bewildering)
family n kin, kindred, kinfolk, ilk, sib, household hird (<ME hīred), kneeris (<OE cnēoris)
family household n - hewreaden (<OE hīwrǣden)
famine n dearth, hunger -
famished adj hungry, starving, hunger-bitten -
famous adj well-known, couth meer (<ME mēr), breme (<OE brēme, cf. NHG berühmt, NL beroemt), liseful (<OE hlīsful), namecouth (<OE namcūþ)
fan n lover, nut device: blower, waffer, waffend

enthusiast: fultumer (<OE: fultum, support) bewonderer (cf. NL bewonderaar), wonderling

fanatic n hardnose -
fanaticism n - ellentroth
fancy n liking, longing, bent, flighty thought, daresay, brainwave -
fancy adj showy -
fantastic adj wonderful dreamsome
fantasm n dream; shade, shadow, wraith -
fantasy n daydream, dreamland, dreamworld, dreamscape

(genre:) wonder-tales

farce n take-off, dry-wit -
farm n holding earthfield
farmer n acreman, plowman, husbandman, tillerman, tiller, fieldsman earthtiller, cropcrafter, small-holder
farming n tilling earthtilling, cropcrafting
farrago n mash, mashing, all-kinds-of sundrying
farro n - emmer (<NHG), twocorn (calque of NHG Zweikorn)
fasces n bundle -
fascia n strip, band -
fascism n - bindlerichdom
fascist n blackshirt bindlerichliever
fascinate vb bewitch, spellbind, draw, fire, inthrall, eyebite (cited by Richard Chenevix Trench) -
fascinated adj inthralled, bewitched, spellbound -
fashion vb fit, put, shape; frame hue (<OE hīwian), fangle
fashion n trend, way fangle
fashionable adj dashing; cool (slang); trendy; crowd-pleasing -
fastidious adj choosy, picky -
fatal adj deadly -
fatal wound n - walben (<OE wælben)
fatamorgana n - loftglass
fate n doom, lot

weird (meaning was skewed by Shakespear's Weird Sisters, revived after dying as a word meaning "destiny")

wird (<ME wē̆rd/wird), orlay (<OE orlæg)
fatigue n frazzle, tiredness, weariness -
fatuous adj brainless, half-witted, thick-headed -
faucet n tap -
fault n shortcoming, want, weakness; mistake, oversight, trip; pockmark, misstep, dwild (<OE), shild (Eng.) (<ME schuld <OE scyld; cf. NL schuld)
fauna n wildlife deerworld, wightlife
faux-pas n mistake, misstep, slipup -
favor n kindness, blessing; one-sideness, shine hild, milts (<OE)
favorable adj bright, golden, heartening, hopeful belikening, fair-boding
favorite adj beloved, darling, dearest, fair-haired, fondest, [most] liked, [most] loved, sweet, white-headed, chosen, handpicked, crowd-pleasing fondmost, belikened, darling (cf. NHG Lieblings-), gunstelling (Afrikaans)


feasible adj likely, doingly, seemingly, timely, welltimed, wieldly, worthwhile howingly (<OE hogian 'plan')
feast n feed, spread; wealth simble (<OE symbel)
Feast day (religious) n - simbleday (<OE symbeldæg)
Feast of Tabernacles n - Simble of Ingathering
Feast of the Cross n Holy Rood Day -
Feast of the Transfiguration n - Forhallowing Day
Feast of Trumpets n - Simble of Beems
Feast of Unleavened Bread n - Simble of Unraised Bread
feat n deed, stroke -
feature n shape, look, make, mark -
February n - Soalmonth (<OE Solmōnaþ), Mudmonth, Filibrook, Horningmonth, Othermonth
feckless adj bootless, hamstrung -
federal adj - kernelish, rikebandish
federation n - forbend (calque of NL verbond), rikeband
feeble adj weak, backboneless -
fee simple n freehold -
feign vb sham, put on -
feint n blind, hoodwinking, put-on, red herring -
felicitate vb hug -
felicity n happiness sealth (<OE sǣlþ)
feline adj pusslike, catlike carlcatlike, queencatlike
felinology n - catlore
fellow n gesith sith (<OE gesīþ)
fellowship n - sithship (<OE gesīþsċipe)
felony n - headsin, deathshild (<OE dēaþscyld)
female n quean, lady, frow, wifekind, she-kind (pre: she-) -
feminazi (slang) n - manhater, werehater, gomehater
feminine adj - wifely (<OE wíflic, NHG weiblich), shesome
feminism n - queanstem
feminist n - queanstemmer
femme fatale n maneater -
femto (-byte) pref fifteen- -
femur n thigh bone -
fence n waugh, hedge, sundering edor
fence v swordfight -
fend (off) vb ward off, hold off, keep off -
fender n shield, windshield, hob; midriff -
fennec n - dryland fox
feudalism n - flack fellowship
feral adj wild, untamed, running mad, tameless -
feric adj ironlike -
feriferous adj - iron-yielding, ironbear, ironbere
ferment n barm, yeast -
ferment v yeast, brew -
ferocious adj fiendish, mad, grim, warlike, wild, frothing -
ferret n - neasle
ferret vb hound, harry, seek out nease (<OE neosian)
Ferris wheel n big wheel -
fertile n fallow, yielding, loamy wastombear
fervent adj glowing, warm-blooded -
fester vb burn, rot, weep, blain -
festival n holiday guild (<OE gield), frealsing
festive adj festlike, cheery, grooving, upbeat, hearty, merry, gleeful frealsing
festoon n - wreathe
festoon vb deck, trim, doll up clad up
fetid adj smelly, stenchy, rank -
fetish n - kink, overlust
feudal adj toll-run, fee-holding, lendship -
feud n foe-fighting, bad blood, ill-feeling -
fever n ail, sickness driff, rith, rithing (<OE hriþ), raised body heat


fiancé n betrothed, husband-to-be forloved (<NHG verlobter)
fiancée n betrothed, wife-to-be forloved (<NHG verlobter)
fiasco n out-and out breakdown, full-blight, misdeal -
fiber n bristle, thread; backbone, grit, guts, pluck thrum
fibula n calf bone, bow pin -
fiction n - literature: sheenwritcraft (cf. DN skønlitteratur)

umtruth, playtruth

fictional adj made up literature: sheenwritsome
fidelity n faithfullness, troth heldrede (<OE hyldræden)
fierce adj rethe -
fifth columnist n back-friend
figment n daydream dwimmer
figure n - gestalt (cf. NHG Gestalt), anseen (<OE ansien), beaconing (<OE bycnung)
figure out vb riddle, work out -
file n binder, writ -
filings n - swarf
Filipino Language n - Philipslandish Tung

Philipish Tung

Filipino (people) n - Philipslander


filter n/vb sieve, sift, winnow, trawl -
final adj last, rearmost, hindmost; flat, frozen, hard, set, settled, endmost afte (<PG aftai), aftere (<PG afteraz), after (<ON aptr, aftr <PG aftrą), Aftume (<PG aftumô)
finale n ending, showdown -
finally adv at last, endly, in the end, at last -
finance n thrift geldlore
fine (payment) n bote; geld, bed-geld, land-geld, barley-geld, cloth-geld -
fine n/adj

dusty, finespun, hairline; neat, straight, spot-on; four-star; keen, sharp; tasteful;

adv: all right, good, middlingly

sifer, swotel

n: lawslight

finish vb end, fulcome, fulfill beend (be-end) (cf. NHG beenden)
finish n ending -
finished adj ready, done -
fireplace n hearth oase (<PWG *aisā; cf. MLG êse)
firm adj fast, bound, unyielding, stalwart -
firmament n blue, heaven(s), high, welkin

swail, rother (<OE rodor), heaven-wheel (<OE), beaten-stretch (more literal to Biblical Hebresh raqia)

fiscal adj - gelth
fissure n crack, split, cleft chine (<OE cínu)
fix n fastening, righting, overhaul, setting, patch, healing -
fix vb fasten, right, work, overhaul, set, patch, heal. 2. (in a sporting contest: runstiff) -
fixed adj given, fast, fastened, wrought, set, patched -


flaccid adj limp -
flagellate n lash, leather, rawhide -
flagellum n whip -
flame n blaze, fire, fire-shoot, lowe lye, ligh (<OE līġ)
flamingo n - stiltswan, fireswan
flange n rim -
flask (<OE) n - flax (<OE flaxe)
flatulence n wind -
flavor n tang, smack, smatch -
Flensburg n - Flensborough
fletcher n - arrowsmith
flexible adj lithe, bendy, limber, bendfull, bendsome, bowsome -
flexibility n limberness bendfullness (<OE bendfulnes)
flight-hooligan n - flight-dretch
flinch vb draw back, wince, hang back, reel, shy, blench -
flirt vb eye-tease, eye play -
floccinaucinihilipilificate vb deem worthless -
flora n green bloomlife, wortlife
floss n/vb thread tooththread
flotsam and jetsam n - sea-bits and strew
flour n meal -
flourish vb bloom, blossom -
flower n bloom, blossom -
fluctuate vb ithe (<OE ȳþian)
fluctuate n swing
fluctuating adj - ithy (<OE ȳþiġ)
fluent adj flowing, smoothspoken -
fluffy adj puffy, downy (ON), feathery, featherlike, fleecy, woolly, hairy, fuzzy, soft, bushy, mushy, cozy -
fluid adj runny, flowing -
fluorescent adj leaming flowglowing
fluorine n - flowstuff
flux n flow, flowing outerning (<OE ūtirning)
flying buttess n - loftbow (cf. NL luchtboog)


focus n eye; lodestar fuster (<OE fustra)
focus v spotlight, hearth -
folly n dullness, unwisdom, witlessness, boneheadedness wanwit, dullship, stuntness, fleard, oodness, unwareship, sotship
folio n - leaf
fondant n frosting, icing -
fondue n - smeltcheese
font n - staffkind, staffcast, casting
fool n dotty, half-baked; sucker; halfwit, bonehead, meathead, bean-brain, mouth-breather -
fool's gold n mullock -
foolhardy adj brash, bold, headlong, heedless, hot-headed, daring, daresome, reckless -
foolish adj dotty, half-baked -
footprint n footmark footspoor, trod, last, footlast
force n strength, dint, might, craft thrake (<OE þracu), groundswell (nautical)
force vb thring, thrust, shove, pull, make to thwing (cf. NHG zwingen)
forceps n tongs -
forcible adj strong-arm, make to -
foreign adj outlandish, fremd ellendish (<ME elendish, ellendish, <OE elelendisc)
foreign country n farland, faraway land, outland althede, elland (<OE eleland, elland)
foreigner n outlander, outsider fremdling (<NHG Fremdling), comeling (<ME cǒmeling), fremder, wale
forest n wold, wood(land), woods, holt, frith, timberland, greenwood -
forester n woodward, woodsman frither (cf. NHG Förster)
forestry n - woodward-craft
forficula n earwig forky tail, clipshear
forge vb/n

get along; carve out, grind out, thrash out, work up; beat, draw, pound

n: smithy, hammermill

n: smithe (<ME smithe)
forgive (swayed by ON) vb - foryeave (<ME foryēven), foryive (<ME foryiven)
forgiveness (swayed by ON) n - foryeaveness (<ME foryēvenes), foryiveness (<ME foryevnes/foryivenesse)
forgiver (swayed by ON) n - foryeaver (<ME foryēver), foryiver (<ME forʒyver)
form n shape hue (<OE hiw)
form vb shape, make, begin, build -
formal adj starchy, stiff-necked, stilted; lofty, high-flown -
formation n setting up, shaping, building, making -
format n layout shape
formatted n - shaped
formicology n - antlore
formidable adj stalwart -
formula n draft leechwrit, spellwrit
fornication n - horning (<OE hornung); forlier (<OE forliger)
fort(ress) n keep, stronghold, fastness hillwark
fortification n stronghold umbtrimming (<OE ymbtrymming), befastening (calque)
fortitude n backbone, grit, grittiness, pluck ellen, strength
fortune n hap, luc, life-tide -
forum n moot, soapbox mootstow (<OE mótstów)
fossil n/adj forbone stonelaves (stone remains) adj: stonelave
fotanelle n soft spot, mold -
found vb ground, build, begin, put up, settle, set up, start up staddle (<OE staþolian), ground (cf. NHG gründen), stift (cf. NHG stiften)
founder n forenunner; begetter; father of staddler (<OE staþolian + NE -er), grounder (cf. NHG Gründer), groundlayer (cf. NL grondlegger, cf. NO grunnlegger)
foundation n groundwork, staddle grounding (cf. NHG Gründung), stifting (cf. NHG Stiftung) groundlaying (cf. NHG, DN)
fountain n cradle, root, seedbed, wellspring, bourn, burn
head: headspring
springwell, springbourn (cf. NHG Springbrunnen)
foyer n waiting room -


fraction n share, lot, deal, breaking -
fracture n/vb break -
fragile adj brittle, weak tider (<OE tȳdre), brokenly (<OE brocenlic), swack (<OE swæc)
fragment n thrum, scrap, shatters, sherd breakdeal
fragmentation n - forcleaving
fragrance n sweet smell, sweetness wortbreath (<OE wyrtbræþ)
framboise n raspberry -
francophone adj French-speaking -
franchise n saga, line -
France n - Frankland, Frankrich
frangible adj - breaksome
fraternal adj brotherly -
fraternity n brotherhood -
fraud n swindle -
fray vb frazzle -
frenulum/frenum n tongue thrum ( OE. thrum: only in tungethrum ‘ligament of the tongue’) bridle, bridleling (calque from Leeden); lip-thrum, brain-thrum, gum-thrum, gut-thrum, pintle -thrum
frenzy n madness hestmadness
french toast n sop in the pan -
frequency n oftenness -
frequent adj hang at; adj: everyday, household, often simble (<OE), loom (<OE ġelōm)
frequently adv often, over and over -
fricative adj rubclank -
friction n rubbing -
Frisia n Friesland -
Frisian n Friesish Frise (<OE Frysa)
Frisian adj Friesish Frisish (<OE Frysisc)
frigate n - lightship, lightboat
fringe n edge, outskirt -
front n fore, afore, foreside -
frontal bone n brow foreskull, forebone
frontier n mark, edge, balk, rone (OED); region: backlands, backwater, backwoods, bush, hinterland, outback, borderlands mear (<OE mǣre)
fructose n - berrysweet
frugal adj sparing, thrifty -
fruit n apple, applestock, ovest (obsolete meaning); -berry; seed, yield, spawn; output, work blead (<ME blēd), wassom (<ME wastme ⁊ <OE wæstm), ovet (<ME ovet; cf. WF oefte, ELG Ooft/Aaft, NL ooft, NHG Obst)
fruitful adj lush wassombere (<ME wastmbēre); wassomly (<OE wæstmlíc)
fruitfulness n - wassombereness
frustrate vb thwart -
fry vb hirst (<ME hirsten <OE hirstan/hierstan) -


fucacae n seaweed float-wort, seawrack
fuel n - firefood (<OE fȳrfōda)
fugitive n runaway, lamster flightling, wrack (<OE wræcca)
fulcrum n shaft, heart, swivel -
fulfillment n fulfilling -
fuliginous adj sooty, grimy, blackish, darkish, dusty, emberlike, cinderly, ashlike, coomy -
fulminate n huff -
fumigate vb - bereek (<OE berēocan)
fun vb play
function n work, job, goal brooking (<OE brúcing), working goal
functional adj working -
fund n nest egg; wherewithal; stock -
fundament n groundwork -
fundamental adj underlying, innermost, key, groundlaying (calque of NHG grundlegend, DN grundlæggende)
funeral n burial begraving, beearthing (cf. NHG beerdigung)
funereal adj mournful, ghostly, barrow-wightish (O.E.D.) -
fungus n - swamb (<OE swamm)
funk n dank -
furtherance (foreign suffix) n furthering
furnace n oven -
furnish vb bedight -
fury n - wood (<ME wōde; rimes with mood)
fuse n meld, cleave forsmelt
futile adj worthless fremeless
future n by-and-by, hereafter, offing, forthcomingness, to-come, to-be, after-time forthshaft, towardness (<OE tōweardnes)
future adj forthcoming, upcoming, incoming, unborn, toward

after-time, forthtime near and far