The Anglish Moot

Staff J of the English Wordbook.

Basic abbreviations:

  • OE = Old English
  • ME = Middle English
  • PG = Or-theedish
  • SC = Scots
  • SW = Swedish
  • Dan. = Danish
  • ON = Old Norse
  • OS = Old Saxon
  • NHG = New Hightheech
  • IC = Icelandish
  • H.IC = High Icelandish
  • Du. = Netherlandish
  • Fris. = Friesish

For a full list of etymological and other abbreviations used in these wordlists, see: Offshortenings.


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Chancery English Class Anglish/English
Attested Unattested


Jack o'Lantern n will-o-the-wisp, foxfire, wildfire, marshlight Jack o'Lightvat

marrowhead (cf. Dan. græskarhoved)

Halloween-marrow (cf. NHG Halloween-Kürbis)

jade flankstone (calque of Spanish piedra de ijada and Greek nephritikós)
jaguar n spoted cat, truenicker (calque of Tupi-Guarani yaguareté)
jail n lockup fanghouse; carcern, dimhouse, fastern, wittern 2. slang terms: slough, blackhouse, iron-house
jam n sweetspread (as strawberry, raspberry, quince, chokeberry sweetspread etc.), mush (German), Silt (Swedish:sylt)
jamais vu n - neverseen
janitor n caretaker -
January n Afteryool Afteryule (OE), Frostmonth (cf. OHG Härtemonat), Foremonth (<W.Fr. Foarmoanne) Afteryulemonth
Japan n Land of the rising sun Dawnland, Sunland
jar n urn (from Latin "urna") glass (cf. NHG Glas), pot
jargon n shoptalk, speak craftspeech (<OE cræftspræc)
jaundiced adj sallow -


je ne sais quoi n God-knows-what I-know-not, I-know-not-what
jealous adj green-eyed andy (<OE andig), ellenhetten (<ellenhette + -en), nitheful (<OE níþful), nithy
jealous person n -

andi(wo)man, ellenhettenwere, ellenhetten(wo)man

female: ellenhettenfraw (<ellenhetten + fraw, <NHG "Frau", woman), andifraw

benither, nither (cf. NHG Beneider, Neider)

jealousy n heartburn andiness, ellenhette (<OE ellenhete), nithe (<OE niþ)
Jehovah n Almighty, Everlasting, Father, Godhead, Lord Allfather, Life's Weaver, Dryghten (or Drithen), Worldshaper
jelly n - Foodsticklersnack
jellyfish n sea nettle seanettle, nettlefish, siltfish (SW sylt + fish)
jester n funniman, gleeman -
Jesus n Lamb of God, Healer, Ihesu (<ME), Hæland (<OE, German) Ihesu, Jesu (<ME)
jet black adj raven-black, crow black
jewel n rock slang hurst (<OE), arkenstone (<OE eorcnanstān)


jingoism n - wyetheedishness
jinx n mishap wanlucker


job n errand, chore, berth, business, work
second: bywork
join vb link, fit, fay, tie -
join vb meet, go in, come in chimb (<OE ċimban)
joint n limb, lith -
joke n prat, one-liner, gab wit (<OE witt,); witshard.
jolly adj blithe, gleeful, mirthful, merry -
jötunn n ettin (OE)
journal n logbook, daybook -
journalism n news logkeeping, logcraft, loggership, newscraft
journalist n newsman bewriter, logger, logkeeper, logwriter
journey n ramble, wayfaring, fare reys, fare (<ME, cf. NHG fahrt); taught, tought, taughtkin, toughtkin (cf. Du. tocht, -je), widesith, ferd (<ME, PG fardi)
joust vb - tiltyoke
jovial adj blithe, gleeful, merry, mirthful eady
Jōwa (1345-1350 era) n - Rightwisefrith, Rightwisebliss
Jōwa (834-848 era) n - Bowfrith, Bowbliss
joy n gladness,mirth, lust, blitheness, glee [1], wynbliss, faining, listing, warm fuzzle??
joyful adj blissful, tickled, mirthful, merry, gleeful, blithe eady, faining, listing, reemful, moodglad. (OE hremig)


Jr. Yr. for younger -


Judaism n - Jewdom (German:Judentum)
judicial adj doomly (<OE dōmlīc)
judge vb settle; call, make, reckon; gather, make out: deem, hold hiler (<OE heolorian)
judge n deemer (<OE dēma), deemster
judgment n doom, finding, holding; call; belief, eye, mind; fix, deemship, ordeal
judicious adj wise doomwise
juggernaut n drive, push -
juice n sap, wos; alne (OED, ‘energy’), fire -
juice up vb fire, liven up -
jukebox n - songbox, swinbox, gleambox, gleebox
July n - Meadowmonth(<OE mead), Meadmonth (<OE), Afterlithe, Haymonth
jump vb leap, spring, hop -
June n - Midsummermonth < OE, Erelith (<OE Ærra Līþa), Solmonth, Fallowmonth
jungle n whirlpool, madhouse, snaggle; weed garden orweald (cf. Du. oerwoud, NHG Urwald); weed weald, weed wold; wild weald; choke weald, werrow (calque from ‘werewolf’) weald
junior adj younger, youth, young, underling -
jurisdiction n law, lawhood leedred (<OE leodræden)
jury n oath-takers deemteam (<OE dēma + team)
just adj fair, right, evenhanded; reckoned; straight, upright -
just adv barely, hardly, slightly; but, nothing but, nobbut, only, straightforwardly; fully, rightly, sharply; nearly, lately, even

"I just saw that": only now, anowly, benowly

nar (cf. NHG nur)
just about adj almost sowhat (so + what) (cf. Du. zowat)
justice n fair shake, fairness, rightfulness, rightness righthood
justification n grounds begrounding (cf. NHG begründung)
justified adj well-grounded; reckoned, reckoned right; rightened begrounded (cf. NHG begründet)
justify vb uphold, reckon, righten soothfasten (<OE sóþfæst)

beground (cf. NHG begründen)

Jute n Gate, Geat -
Jutland, Jylland n - Gateland; the erehomeland
juvenile adj young; green, unfledged, unripened -
juvenile n youngster, youth, stripling frumbeardling