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Basic abbreviations:

  • OE = Old English
  • ME = Middle English
  • PG = Or-theedish
  • SC = Scots
  • SW = Swedish
  • Dan. = Danish
  • ON = Old Norse
  • OS = Old Saxon
  • NHG = New Hightheech
  • IC = Icelandish
  • H.IC = High Icelandish
  • Du. = Netherlandish
  • Fris. = Friesish

For a full list of etymological and other abbreviations used in these wordlists, see: Offshortenings.


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Chancery English Class Anglish/English
Attested Unattested


labia majora n - greater ladylips (<calque of Latin + "lady")
labia minora n - lesser ladylips (<calque of Latin + "lady")
labor vb work, swink; sweat, grind, slog, strive, struggle wirch/worch/werch <OE wyrċan (attested as historical/dialectal verbs), arbeit
labor n work, swink, swot; sweat, elbow grease, struggle
med: childbirth, birthing
arveth (<OE earfoðe)
labor union (see trade union) n - workship, styfellowship
laborer n worker, swinker blue hem (blue collar)
laboratory n workshop, workhall workstead
laborious adj backbreaking, burdensome, toilsome -
labyrinth n maze -
lacerate vb cut rend, snithe
lachrymose adj sad, teary, tearful, weeping, weepy -
lackadaisical adj lackadaisy, listless, lazy -
lacklustre adj dim, dull, leaden, lifeless, dead, brightless -
lacrimal bone n - tearbone
lactose n - milksweet
lacuna n dearth, hole gapfall
lager (beer) n - light beer (cf. Sw. ljust öl), "a light" (inf.)
lagoon n - sealock
lambaste vb berate, flog, scathe, upbraid flay
lament n/vb mourn, weep, yammer, wail, bewail norn, quithe, beweep (<OE)
lamentable adj bemoaning, doleful -
lamp n beacon, light chell (cf. OE ciella, OHG kella)

lightvat (<OE leohtfæt)

leamer, crusie, waylight

lampion n - lightvat
LAN (local area network) n - ord network
language n tongue/tung, speech, leid (from Scots), talk

reard (rerd, reird) (<OE reord), landspeech (<OE landsprǣċ), leed, thodspræc (Plural: thodspræcken)

literary: booklead (<OE bōclæden) , tung

language arts n - Thodsprack Lists, Roufrithsoned Engliſh: Þodspræck Liſts
languid adj limp; down-and-out, sapped, wimpish slack
languish vb pine, dwindle, droop, ebb, lessen, wane, wither, weaken, wear away, swine dwine, addle (<OE ádlian)
languor n listlessness; lowness, wimpiness -
lanolin n - woolwax
lantern n lightbearer, handlight, waylight
lapidary n - ingraver
lapis lazuli n - skystone (calque)
lapse n fluff, slip, screwup, backslide dwild (<OE 'error')
large adj great, broad, wide, mickle, muckle, stour entish
largely adj broadly, mostly, mainly, greatly, stourly -
larynx n - stevenbox (cf. Eng. voice box)

throathead (cf. NHG Kehlkopf)

lascivious adj foul, lewd; lustful; horny gole (<ME<OE gāl; listed in OED as obsolete), gat-toothed (<ME gat-toþed)
laser n - losyr (light outbroadening by spurred yoreputting of rodding)
lasso n - throwsling; throwknot
latitude n - bowheight
Latvia n Lettenland (archaic) Lettland
Latvian n Lett
laud vb - herry (<ME herian)
laughable adj - laughworthy
launch vb take off -
launder vb wash, cleanse furb
laundrette n washhouse furby's
laundry n wash, washing furbing
lava n molten rock rown/rean (cf. ON; Ic. hraun)

barrowquick (cf. Ic. bergkvika)

lawn n mead -
lawyer n lawman -
lax adj careless, slack; loose, slackened -
laxative n - (stool-)loosener
lay (poem/song) n - yedding
layman n newbie, dabbler, beginner byfellow


LCD n flatscreen frost outplay, ??flowing frosted outplay


leakage (foreign suffix) n leak, leaking
league n - measure: Waystound (cf. NHG Wegstunde), Gaulish milegroup/association: bind (cf. NHG Bund)
lease vb let -
leash n lead, tether -
lecherous adj hot, itchy, lewd, wanton -
lecture v read, teach foreread (calque of all Ger. speeches)
lecture n reading

teach: leer

talk: foredraw (calque of all Ger. speeches)

lecture(school): forereading (calque of all Ger. speeches)

lecturer n reader lorespeaker, leerer
lederhosen n - leatherhosen
leg n shank -
legacy n bequest -
legal adj lawful, aboveboard -
legalize vb phrase: make lawful belaw, berighten, tholingly
legend n key; folktale, saga must-read tale, wonder-tale
legendary adj - talewoven
legible adj - readsome
legislation n law set (cf. NHG gesetz), wit (cf. Du. wet)
legislator n law-maker, law-giver -
legislature n lawmaking body -
legitimate adj rightful, (of birth) fullborn, lawful -
legume n ovest -
leishmaniasis n - blackdriff (cf. Eng. black fever)
leisure n free-time, time off, holiday, rest, spare time, freedom faining, list, eathdom (cf. Scots "Aisedom")
leisure adj free, busiless, off -
leisure, have vb rest, loaf, while away the time fain, list
lemon n - sourapple
lenitive adj soothing milding
lens n eyeglass -
lepidoptera n moths, flinders (butterflies) -
lepton n - lightmote
lesbian n wolden (calque), dyke (slur, offensive) -
lesson n teaching, learning read, underright (cf. NHG Unterricht)
-let suf -ling, -el, -le -
lethal adj deadly, fey (obsolete) -
lethargic adj sluggish, listless, tired, sleepy sleeple
lethargy n listlessness, sluggishness, sleepiness sleepleness
letter n character: bookstaff, bookstave, rune/roun kite (<US prison, slang); speech-tokens

errandwrit, errandbook (<OE ǽrendbóc)

lettuce n sleepwort, leaghtrick/leaghtry (<OE lēahtric)
leukemia n - blood MTF (see cancer)
level n layer, rank,

(of a game:) board

steig (Icelandic: stigi, German: Steig) flake (Fr, see Du. vlak)

tool: gauge, tier, emnet (<O.E)

level adj flat, even, straight -
lever n switch liftstaff
leverage n heft, pull, sway -
leveret n young hare hareling
leviathan n - nicker (<OE nicor 'sea monster')
lexicon n wordhoard (<OE wordhord), wordlist -


LGBT n/adj queer (n/adj) queerly (adv) LVTO (Lesbish, Vincish, Twiloving, Otherhade) otherfolk (wordly umwriting of queer)


liability n downside, drawback law: linkworthiness
liable adj guilty

law: linkworthy

liberal adj broad-minded, freehearted, openhanded, unstinting, unselfish custy (<OE cystig), givele(<OE gifol)
liberalism n - freewardness
libertarian(ism) n/adj - freesome (troth/seeker)
liberate vb free befree (<OE befreogan, cf. NHG befreien), loose, let go

lease (<OE aliesan 'to let loose, free, deliver, liberate')

red(d) (<OE hreddan 'take away, save, liberate')

liberation n freeing, freedom befreeing
liberty n freedom, free will freels (<OE freols)
library n bookhouse, bookhoard bookhall, bookstrain, booksamning
librarian n bookman, bookkeeper -
license n leave -
licentious adj hot, lewd, itchy -
lichen n lungwort raw (<OE ragu)
lieutenant n helpmate, sidekick steadholder
life course n - lifeswend (<ME levenswende)
life of the mind phr intellectual or aesthetic pursuits, scholarship,. 2. the realm of the imagination. mind's life
ligature n belt, binding, strap, string -
lilac n - elderbloom (cf. NHG Fliederblüte)
lily n - lilie, liliebloom
lily pad n - seabloom (cf. NHG seerose), waterbloom
limbo n - netherworld
limerence n crush -
limit n bound, threshold, cap, stint; landmark mire (<OE mære)
limit vb bound, tint, narrow -
limitation n cramp -
limpid adj see-through; cool, smooth, together, unruffled, unshaken, unworried -
lineage n blood-ties, house, strain, seed strind
line n streak -
linear adj straight(wise) -
linen n - flaxcloth
lingerie n knickerwear, smallclothes, naughty-nighties
lingua franca n shared tongue -
linguistic adj - tonguely, speechly, wordly
Linguistic Purism n - quide swoteling


linguistics n - tunglore, speechlore, quidelore (<OE cwide)
linguist n - speechlorer, quidelorer (<OE cwide)
linnet n lintwhite -
linoleum n - corksail
linseed n flaxseed -
lion n - lewcat, manecat
lipid n fat, speck lind
liquid n wet (OED) bree, wettock, flowstuff, weet/wete (archaic/dialectal variants of "wet")
liquid adj flowsome, flowy, wet weet/wete (variant form of "wet" < OE wǽt/wét < PG *wēt-)
liquor n mead, shench, shenk, firewater, booze gut-rot, knock-out drops, srandy, burning wine, lith
liquorice/licorice n sweetroot -
litany n - beesong (cf. Ic. bænasöngur)
literal adj - verbatim: 

wordly (NHG. wörtlich) of letters: bookstavely (NHG Buchstäblich)

staffly (<OE stæflīċ)

literally adv word for word verbatim: wordly

of letters: bookstavely

literary adj written, bookish -
literary horror n dread-devils, death-devils. A genre of fiction which is intended to frighten, scare, disgust, or startle its readers by inducing feelings of horror and terror. -
literate adj learned, well-read -
literature n bookcraft booklore, the written word, writings, written works, writcraft
lithium n - stonestuff
lithograph n - stonewrit
lithography n - stonewritting
Lithuania n - Lithland
Lithuanian n - Lith, Lithman
littoral adj - searim, shorely
liturgy n - ledework (calque of Gk. leit-urgia),
lizard n ask, askard (Brit. dialect) athex (<OE aþexe), eft


llama n - sheepolvend (calque of Du. schaapkameel + olvend (<OE olfend) for camel)


lobe n - lap (cf. NHG Lappen)
lobotomy n - lapdeal (calque)
lobster n - hummer (<Da., Nor., Swe., G, hummer)
local adj near, nearby, neighboring steadly, stowly
locality n shire, neighborhood bystead
locate vb find; come upon -
location n spot, whereabouts, lying (cf. NHG Lage, Du. ligging)

Ord (Eng. but seldom, NHG. Ort, Du. od, Sw. udd)

locomotive n - draughtwain
lodge n inn, bergh, guesthouse, bed & breakfast; watchman's hut, shed, gatehouse, townhouse cote
lodge vb dwell stow, ern (<OE ærn)
lodger n boarder, roomer board & roomer
logarithm n - splittle
logic n witcraft rethemete, redecraft, flitcraft
logistics n yieldship, yieldcraft -
logo n brandmark -
logos n Word thew
-logy, -log, -logue suff -lore, -craft -frod (cf. Ic. jarðfræði 'earthfrod' ~ geology; OE frod 'wise')
longitude n length bowlength
loin n - lende (<OE lenden)
loot vb steal, rob, thieve -
loot n haul, plunder, pickings, booty, fang, stolen goods -
loquacious adj feather-tongued, gabby speakle
lothario n widow-hunter
lounge n living room, sitting room -
lounge vb idle, lie, moon -
low (<ON) adj neath ley, netherly
Lower Saxony n - Nether Saxe, Nethersaxe, Nethersaxonland
loyal adj stalwart, down-the-line, true-hearted, good, fast, steady, true-blue, steadfast true (<OE trēowe, cf. Du trouw, NHG. treue), trothsome, trothful, trothly, trothfast (<NE steadfast + troth, cf. Swed. trofast, Norw. trofast <ON trúfastr)
loyalist n stalwart truand (cf. Du getrouw, NHG Getreue)
loyalty n troth, trueness trow (<OE trēowe, cf. NHG. Treue, Du trouw)

hield (<OE)


lubricate vb slick, wax, wet -
lubricated adj slippery -
lubricious adj hot, lewd, itchy, wanton -
lucid adj shining, glowing -
Lucifer n - lightbearer (<OE lēohtberend), Roufrithsoned Engliſh: Ioſter (YAW-stir)
Lügenpresse n lying-news -
lullaby n cradle-song -
luminous adj light-bearing, bright, lightened, beamful -
lunacy n madness, witlessness moonstroke, moonmadness
lunar adj moonly, moonish -
lunar phase n moon shape mooncast
lunate bone n - moonbone, sicklebone
lunatic adj bats, batty, unhinged, moonstruck (archaic) moonmad
lupine adj wolven -
luscious adj lush, sweet, good, lovely, smacky, smackful -
luster n gloss, gleam -
lutein n - yellowen (luteus -> yellow + -in -> -en)
luteinizing hormone (LH) n - beyellowenning spur (BS)
lutetium n - parisstuff, lightburghstuff, lightstuff
luxe adj silken -
luxuriant adj green, leafy -
luxurious adj galful (<OE gālful)
luxury n gal (<OE gāl)


lycanthropy n - warewolf-sickness
lymph n - suckedderweet (cf. Ic. sogæðavökvi)
lynx n - lox (<OE 'lox', <PIE 'leuk', light)