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Basic abbreviations:

  • OE = Old English
  • ME = Middle English
  • PG = Or-theedish
  • SC = Scots
  • SW = Swedish
  • Dan. = Danish
  • ON = Old Norse
  • OS = Old Saxon
  • NHG = New Hightheech
  • IC = Icelandish
  • H.IC = High Icelandish
  • Du. = Netherlandish
  • Fris. = Freesish

For a full list of etymological and other abbreviations used in these wordlists, see: Offshortenings.


Chancery English Class Anglish/English
Attested Unattested
sabotage vb cripple, undermine? (mine is from Old French) underdelve (from undermine)
saboteur n - crippler
sacred adj holy, hallowed -
Sacrament n holy oath, holy undertaking, hallowing forhallowing, holywork, holy work, holy-work (<OE haligweorc)
sacrifice vb/n give, give up,  bloot (<OE blotan), offer/offering
sacrilege n unholiness holishending (cf. Du heiligshennis) (to shend, to defile)
sacrilegious adj unholy, sinful -
sacrosanct adj holy, hallowed -
sacrum n - holybone, roodbone
sadism n fiendishness, heartlessness meanlove, meanlust
sadistic adj heartless, coldhearted overtuly
safe n strongbox -
safe adj sound, fast; white; trusty, good, sheltered, shielded -
safety n shelter, wholeness, soundness, frith (archaic) munding, berg, frith
safe space n haven, hugbox frithyard (<OE friþġeard)
sagacious adj

insightful, wise, witty, foresightful

rede hedging, redhedging (<OE rǽdhycgende)

hyesnotter (<OE hygesnottor)

redesnotter, redsnotter (<OE rǽdsnotor)

searthinkle (<OE searuþancol)

shedwise (<OE scéadwís)

smighful, smigh (<OE sméah)

wisefast (<OE wísfæst)

awittle, yarewittle (<OE gearuwitol)

sagacity n wit-hood, withood, wit and wisdom.
Saint (St.) n Holy -
saint n - holyman, hallow
sainthood n hallowdom -
saliva n spit -
salamander n - landwater athex, land-newt, land-eft
salary n earnings, income, salt toll
sally vb/n outfall
salmon n - lax (<OE leax, cf. NHG Lachs, Yid. לאַקס (laks), ON, Ic. Sw. lax, Dn. Nw. laks)
saltire n Andrew's Rood (cross) -
salutary n friendly, good, helpful, kindly; good, healthy, wholesome -
salutation n greeting, welcome, hail -
salvation n lifeline

redding (<OE hreddung) halwendness (<OE hālwendnes)

salvo n unload, outburst -
sample vb to have a smack of, fore smack -
samurai n -Easternwye dawnlandish knight
sanctify vb hallow, behallow -
sanctioned adj law-hallowed
sanctuary n haven, grith, holyroom, hallow, holystead, frithhouse, frithstow -
sane n - witfast
sans prep without -
Santa Claus n Father Christmas -
sapient n much wise; aware -
sapphire adj/n - bluehurst
sarcophagus n - stonethrough

sunkingthrough (Egypt)

sasquatch n Bigfoot -
Satanism n -Heathenish Ostroth; Satandom; Satan-worship
satchel n knapsack, rucksack -
satellite n moon

artificial: ironmoon, swail searsender,

umworld loftvat ("around-world-air-vessel" att'd on the Old English Wikipedia as ymbeworuldlyftfæt) / * NB: 'ump-' as in 'umpteen' = around an amount

satiate vb fulfill, quench, slake -
satire(ist) n heaning, heancraft(er), heanwriting(er) -
satisfaction n gladness

cwemeness, quemeness (<OE cwemness), eadiness
befrithening (cf. NHG Befriedigung)

itheness (<OE  īeðnes)

satisfy vb gladden, slake, fulfill, sate, quench

queme, afill, befrith, sede (<OE ġesēdan)

saturate vb sop, soak, steep indrench (<OE indrencan)

sab (cf. SC sab)

Saturday n - Sunneve (<OE sunnanǣfen, akin to NHG Sonnabend, W.Fries. sneon)
sauce n dip -
sauerkraut n - sourcole, sourkale
sauna n steam room hot-house, hotroom, sweatbath
sausage n pudding, banger swineflesh, meary (<OE mearh), worsh (cf. G. wurst)
savage adj/n wild; wilder wildard
savanna n - wendringly grassland

barelands (cf. Eng. barrens)

save vb spare; keep, hold nerry (<OE nerian, akin to NHG nähren, cf. OE herian -> NE herry)<br />redd (<OE hreddan 'to free from recover rescue save take away')
berg/barrow (<OE beorgan 'to save, preserve', Goth bairgan, OHG bergan, ON bjarga)
hain, stow, hoard, heal
savior n -sparer healand (cf. NHG Heiland, from OHG Heliand 'the healing one')
halend, healer, healant (<OE hælend, in light of MnE 'coolant')

ner(i)gend (<OE, 'the Savior', cf. nerian)

savory adj -smeckfull hearthaft (cf. NHG herzhaft)
defty (cf. NHG deftig)
Saxon n Saxish
Saxony n Saxland (<OE Seaxland)
saxophone n saxhorn -
scald vb forseethe -
scale vb climb -
scale n layout, frame, framework, mete, setup animal skin: shale (<M. Eng. schale)
scalpel n - leechsax
scandium n scadistuff (<OE scedenig "south end of Sweden")


n - fenman (from Old Dutch thews of offering a man-bloot by either throwing the chosen into a fen, lynching them or throwing them into streams to undo the anger of the gods.); folk-devil.
scaphoid bone n - boatbone
scapula n shoulderbone, wingbone -
scar n blight, blotch, flaw, pockmark, wale, weal, wheal, wen, welt
scarabaeus stercoreous n - turd-weevil
scarce adj light, sparing; lacking, low, shy, wanting -
scarcely adv barely, hardly, narrowly, slightly -
scarcity n lack, shortness, seldomness, fewness, dearth -
scarf n - neckcloth (cf. Sw. halsduk; Dn. halstørklæde
scarlet adj bawsebrown wormred (<OE wyrmread)
scatophilia n - dritelust
scatter vb broadcast, cast, deal out, go-off, go through, let go, oversow, overspread, put to flight, spread, strew -
scene n background, setting; blowup, fireworks; footing -
schadenfreude "n" harmglee; warkglee
schizoid adj - splitlike (calque of Gk. schizein "split, break, shatter" and -oeides "like")

cleavemindy; mindcleavish

schizophrenia n - splitmindness, shattermindness (calques of Gk. schizein "split, break, shatter" and phrēn "mind, understaing")
kithshatter, kithcleave (cf. Ic. geðclofi)


scholar n learner; bookman loreman; fieldknower, learnand; writman; wordman; booklover
scholarship n knowledge, learning bookhood, loreship; writdom
school n - lorehall, learnhall?
science n knowledge, ken; lore, wisdom witship (cf. Du. wetenschap, NHG Wissenschaft); kendom
scientist n knower

witshipper (cf. Du. wetenschapper, NHG Wissenschaftler)

loreman, kenman, knowledgeman

scientific adj wisdomly, cunning; -craftly worldkenly, witshiply, lorely
scientific language n -

craftspeech (<OE cræftspræc); cunningtongue

scintillate vb sparkle, flash, shine, leam -
scissors n blades shears (Scots cf. NHG. Scheren)
-scope sfx - -seer
scorpion n - stingtail, night-sting
scoundrel n - makeshift
scout n pathfinder foretrekker (< Afr. voortrekker, 'pioneer')
scowling adj - black-browed, wild-eyed
screen n sheet, sail; shroud shirm (<PG skirmiz, compare Du. scherm NHG. Schirm)
scribe n writer, logger bookman
scrotum n ballsack*, sack* (*"sack" is an Old English loan word from Latin saccus); hanger cod (<OE codd)

ballbag (Scots bawbag, OE. beall and ON. baggi)

sceallen bag (<OE sceallan "testicles"; <ON baggi)

scrutinize vb - scrut (<OE scrutinan)

gaumgive (<Ic. gaumgæfa)

scrutiny n - shroutening (<OE sċrūtnung)
scuba n - siubt (Self-Inheld Underwater Breathing Tool)
sculpt vb carve, hew, shape, trim -
sculpture n carving -
sea monster n merfiend fivel (<OE)
search vb seek; rake, comb, delve, hunt, cape nease (<OE neosan, to search out, find out by enquiry)
speer (<OE spyrian)
search word n headword seekword
season n time, tide sele (<ME), yeartime, yeartide (by analogy from German Jahrzeit)
seat of joy n - gleestool (<OE glīwstōl)
sebum n tallow -
secede vb leave, withdraw, cleave, sunder, split off offsplit
secession n selfhhod, self-standing, freedom; withdrawal, walking away, breakaway, breakup, cleaving, sundering, splitting off selfstead; offsplitting; frith
secessionist n freedomfighter offsplitter
second n moment: tick, eyeblink 

nutlog  (hour: log,  minute: shortlog)

second adj twoth next, other, after (obsolete), twithe (twi- + th as in four-th)
secret adj/n

adj: dern, hidden, withdrawn, unseen, inward, stealthy, untold, unbeheld, underground, underhanded, hushhush, inly n: dern

n: hiddle (<OE hydels), dyle (<ME diȝel, <OE dīegol) hushthought, hushword
roun(d) (< OE run, 'mystery, secret, rune'), hem (cf.NHG. heimlich NHG "geheim", Du. "geheim", Sw. "hemmelighet", Da. "hemmelig")

secret society n - himebind (cf. NHG "geheimbund") stealthfay (cf. Ic. "seynifélagið"), hidden guild
secretary n reeve; helper, greeter inwriter
secrete vb seep, leak, ooze -
sect n block, body afterfollowing (<OE æfterfylgung)
section n bit, block
secular adj worldly, of this world, earthly -
secular n worldling; worldhood -
secularize vb - formean, forworlden (cf. NHG verweltlichen)
secure adj

shielded, belayed, fast, steadfast

inshielded, ward, warded, warden, wardened (Germanic), wardenenen (Germanic), bewardened, bewarden, guardened (Germanic), guarden (Germanic)
secure vb shield, ward, warden (Germanic), beward, guard (Germanic), ice, more, set, fasten inshield, mound/mund (<OE mundian 'to protect, shelter, guard)
security n fastness; stronghold, bulwark sickerness

sickerhood (NHG. Sicherheit)

sediment n dregs, silt, draff, dross -
seduce vb fortee, lead on spane (<OE spanan), adwell
segment n lith; string, thread -
segregation n - beshedding, asunderhood
seize vb hold, hend, clutch, take, gripe

fang (<OE fangen), reach (<OE geræcan), lach/laght, laught, or lachen for past tense, participle, or as an adjective (<ME lacchen, cf. OE læccan)

seizure n fit -
select vb choose, pick, wale -
selenium n - moonstuff
self-effacement n - self-naughting
self-esteem n self-worth -
self-restraint n - forhaveness (<OE forhæfnes)
semester n sixmonth, half-year -
seminar n workshop -
sempiternity n - endlessness, unendinghood, alwayness, everlastingness
semi- pref half-, sam-/sand-/some- (<OE sam-) -
semicircle n - halfring, samring
semisphere n - halfball, samball
senate n witenagemot witansmoot, witansimoot; eldermoot [elder: <L. senex + moot (council)]
senator n witan folkwit (<OE folcwita), elder
senile adj doddery, doddering, elderly, old, doted -
senior n - sinny (cf PG sinīgaz and calque of Goth sineigs)
senior citizens n elderly, old folks, eldfolk, eldman, the old -
sensate adj feeling -
sensation n 1. feeling 2. upthrill
sensational adj amazing wuldersome
sense n 1.feeling 2. meaning; wit(s) seave (<OE sefa)
sense vb feel -
senseless adj/n feelingless -
senses n the five wits
sensible vb - feelbere (calque), begetful
sensitive adj feeling, keen, sharp -
sentence n wordset; byword, saw (etym. 2), wordstring, saying cwide (<ME, OE cwide)
sentence vb doom -
sententious adj pithy -
sentience n awareness awaredom (obsolete OED word)
sentient life n wight, being, all flesh -
sentiment n feeling, thought -
separate vb sunder, split, break, cleave, fork shed (<ME sheden: cf. NHG/Du. scheiden)
separate adj sundry, freestanding, sundered
cleave, cloven
separation n splitting, split shedding, asunderhood, asunderness
September n - Holymonth (which was noted in OE), Sheddingmonth, Harvestmonth (<OE)
Septuagesima n - Berueingtide (<OE berwosungtid)
sequel n - afterfollowing, forthsetting (<NHG Fortsetzung)
sequence n aftermath, backwash, child, outcome, outgrowth, upshot; string; setup gatherbinding
sequential adj back-to-back, straight, through fayed, gatherbinding
sequoia n - ettinfirwood (cf. Du. reuzenpijnboom)
series n line, stream
(entert.) saga
serious adj earnest, unfunny, heavy, weighty -
seriously adv earnestly, thoroughly, wholeheartedly, with heart & soul, willingly, agoodly, weightily -
serpent n snake, worm  (<OE wyrm), adder slang (cf. NHG Schlange, Du. slang, Da. slange)
servant n help, helper; hireling, besteader

housekeeper, maid (fm.), dey (fm.), bondsman, loaf-eater, shalk, man, boy, may, thane, (<OE þegn), thrall, knight

thew (obs.)

theener, theen (<OE þēonest cf. NHG Diener)

ambight (<OE ambiht)

serve vb help, dish, hye, bestead, give

theen (<OE þeġnian cf. NHG/Du. dienen)

thew, ambight (<OE geambihtan; onþéowian)


a meal

vb help, give mess (<ME messen)

"Could you mess out the bread and ale for our guests?"

server n sender, broadcaster, outputter, mainframe -
serf n bondman, thrall -
service n besteading, help, choosing

theen (<OE þēnest, cf. NHG Dienst)

betheening (cf. NHG Bedienung)

folgth (OE folgþ, ME, EME)

servile adj bowing, scraping; thrallish thewly (<OE þéowlic)
session n sitting, stint -
settlement n hem, thorpe/thorp/dorp, wick, town, whistle-stop settlening, hemling, ham
several adj sundry -
severe adj stern, hard, harsh, tough, thorough -
severely adv hardly, roughly, sternly, stiffly; -
sewer n drain, sieve -
sex n kind folkhalf, hade
sex act n kin-making, lovemaking, breeding swiving, heamedlock (<OE hæmedlac)
fleshly knowledge, bysleep (cf. NHG Beischlaf, DU bijslaap)
sexual reproduction n breeding swiveful matchyielding, swiveful matchbearing
sexy adj

fetching, comely, hot, steamy, sultry,


shantytown n
shark n haye, dogfish highcarl (cf. O.N. hákarl), dreadfish, sea dog
shingles n tetter -
Shintoism/Shinto n Way of the Gods Waygoddom, Shintodom (no direct translation)
shoelace n shoestring -
shoe polish n blacking (earliest name for shoe polish)
shortage n dearth

shortdom, shorthood;

lack is Germanic but not Old English (seemingly)

show mercy vb spare orefast/arfast (<OE ārfæstan)
shrapnel n - blastfall, blastrain, blastbits
shrine n weved (OED ‘altar’) wighbed (<OE wigbed = altar)
siege vb beleaguer, (um)beset -
Sierra Leone n - Lein (pr. lee-in) Ridgelands
sign n token, shingle, mark -
sign vb blaze; onmark, underwrite undertoken (calque of Ger. speech cf. NHG unterzeichnen, Du. ondertekenen)
signal n bale-fire, beacon -
signaling v bale-firing, beaconing showing
significant adj noteworthy, weighty markworthy
'signify' v show
sign language n Token Speech (cf. NHG Zeichensprache), deaf talk (calque of Balinese: "kata kolok"), tokening-speech
silence vb hush, make still, soothe bestill, beroo (cf. NHG beruhigen)
silence n stillness forsowing (<OE forsuwung), roo (Eng., ME ro <OE rō, cf. NHG Ruhe )

bestillness, word-break.

silicon n - flintstuff
simian adj apeness
similar adj alike, akin akind, samekind
simile n likeness -
simony n church-mongering trade in ecclesiastia; (by a church-monger)
simple adj onefold, untrimmed -
single adj one ... only; alone, by oneself -
singular adj (unique) one-of-a-kind, great
singularity n oneness
sir n Lord, m’lord har (<ME harre<OE hearra, cf. NHG Herr)
sire n lord har
Sirius n Dog Star, Brightest Star -
site n stead point, location: 

ord (Eng.)

situate vb lay down, ground -
situation n lay? (cf. lay of the land) -
size n greatness, bigness, bulk grete (<ME <OE grīetu, cf. NHG Größe)
skateboard n/vb - rollboard

roller board

wheelboard (cf. Ic. hjólabretti)

skeleton n frame boneset, boneframework
slander n/vb n: smear

vb: belittle, defile, smear, sully, tarnish; lie

holen (<ME holen < OE hōlian
slave n bondman, thrall theen (OE)
slavery n thralldom/thraldom
smuggler n - owler
snow globe/snowglobe n - snowkuggle (cf. NHG Schneekugel)
soccer n football altheedish football (United States)
social media n - fellowly means; friendly sarrow (“miracle, wonder; technology”)
socialism n thralldom; churlishness rikeownership; allownership; worldrike, oneworldreevedom; fellowdoom, fellowdom, rikedom, unfolk, endfolk; allbinding, manbinding; “manbinding by the thralls, bindrike of the churls, worldreevedom of the knaves” (< ‘dictatorship of the proletariat’), evensthew, evensteven (cf. Ic. jafnaðarstefna); thrallruleness
socialist n, adj enthraller; churl rikeowned; rikebinder, manbinder, fellowshiply, fellowdomer, fellowdoomish; folkender, folksfoe; worldthrall
social/societal adj friendly, sharing -
society n fellowship, friendship, folk; kith and kin

sithership (<OE gesíðscipe, cf. NHG Gesellschaft)
big: theed/thede (<OE þeod), leedship (<OE léodscipe, from lede), thede, landleed, kinrike (<OE), folkstead (<OE), folkship (<OE) folcscipe)

socket n outlet

bone: cup

sodium n - saltstuff
solar adj sun-like, sunly -
solder vb weld, tin lead
sole (foot) n - ile (<OE ile, cf. Ic. il), footfolm
solid adj hard fast (dated sense of firm), earthlike (with each state of matter representing one element)
solitude n aloneness, allaloneness -
solstice n sunstead sunwend (cf. Du. zonnewende, NHG Sonnenwende)

sunstandstill (cf. Du. zonnestilstand)

solve vb answer loose, loosen, lease (calque of Ger. speech)
sophisticate v - forbuild (cf. NHG verbilden)
soporific adj - sleep-giving
sorbet n foam ice (<Icelandic frauðís, Hoschaf(<NHG ), water ice(<Danish) -
sorcerer n wizard, wyle drye (<OE drȳ)
sorcery n witchcraft, dwimmer dreecraft, dryecraft, wylecraft
sorrel n - sourleaf
sound n reard, cling, ring, loudness, pitch, loudening din, sough, yar/yer, loud, loude, lidden(<OE hlýd, OE hlýden, cf. NHG. Laut, Du. geluid, Dan. lyd, Swed. ljud, Icel. hljóð)

lemm (<OE "hlem")

sound v ring, clink, cling, louden

sound like:

to be heard like...

to sound like: onhear/ hear on (NHG. anhören)
soup n broth, gruel -
source n birthplace, root, begetter, dawn, onset, start, spring, wellspring, ere-, quell ordfrom (<OE ord, "point", + from)
sous vide adj - wetbaking
sovereign adj - selfstanding (cf. Sw. självständig)
space n - room

astrology: roomth

spaceship n starship -
spacious adj roomy, wide
spatial adj - roomthy
special adj - besunder (cf. NHG besondere)

sunderly (<OE sundorlic, cf. NHG sonderlich)

specialty n - besunderhood (cf. NHG Besonderheit)

ownhood/ship (cf. NHG Eigenheit/schaft)

species n - lifekin, lifekind
specific adj outright bestemed, bestevened (cf. NHG bestimmt) (see steven)
specifically adv only, one, inborn, clean-cut, sharp
sphenoid bone n - wedgebone
sphere n ball kuggle* (cf. NHG Kugel) (*Kugel is of either Semitic or Germanic origin)
sphincter n - closethew/closemoussock (cf. Du. sluitspier, NHG Schließmuskel)
sphinx n - maidenlee (cf. Ic. meyljón)

wilibilth (calque of Anc. Egyptian šzp-ꜥnḫ)

spice n - croud (cf. Du. kruid)
spine n backbone backridge
spirit n gast, gost, ghost, breath, soul, mind -
sponge n - swamb (<OE swamm)
sport n lark, lake (etym. 2) -
spy n/vb sleuth: very late borrowing into Old English (near to 1200AD) from The Orrmulum. speer (<OE spyrian)

loosesheerwere (<OE lēassċēawere)

squadron n - sheltron, shieldtrum (<OE scieldtruma); swathe (cf. NHG Geschwader); stafle (cf. NHG Staffel)
square n - fourside (cf. Du. vierkant)

in a city: tey (<OE tēge)

squirrel n aquern O.E. ācweorna, O.N. loan in O.E. scug; skug. shadow-tail
SSD ("Solid State Drive") n - SSD ("Still-Standing Drive" / "Stand Still Drive")
stabilize v steady, still besteady, bestill
stable adj steady, still, steadfast -
stadium n - spurd (<OE spyrd), Ger. Rennbahn
standard adj stock, mean -
stapes n stirrup earstirrup, stirrupbone
state vb utter -
state n condition: shape, lay (cf. lay of the land)
polity: moot, rike
statue n - standbilth (cf. Ger. Standbild; Du. Standbeeld)
status n rank -
statute n - setness
stay vb belive, blive, hold, keep -
stellar adj starly -
sternum n breastbone -
stew n scouse -
stingray n - -
stomach n maw -insides
store vb keep, hoard -
store n shop chepstow
story n tale, yarn telling, atelling, ortelling (cf. NHG Erzählung), lore
strange adj outlandish, weird, unwonted, wild, odd, freakish, eerie, queer fremd
stranger n outlander fremder, fremdling, cume (<OE "cuma")
stratagem n forset -
strategy n plot wyecraft
stray vb wander dwale (<ME dwalen)
street n road, way; roadway wainway, wagonway (to be brooked inborough to tell between the walking path (walkway) and the faring path)
stress n burden, weight, load thrutch (cf. NHG Druck)

belasting (cf. NHG belastung, Du. belasting)

strict adj hash, hard, stern, forbidding -
strive/strife vb/n fight -
structure n makeup, set, setting, frame; building, boards upmake
study vb/n learn, swot, either usage


(up on), thought; reading

n: learn
student n learner learningchild (<OE leorningcild)
studio n workstead

movies: filmingstead

stupid n/adj clueless (adj) clueless (n)
sturgeon n - stoor (<ME stor, <OE styria)
style n kind -
stylus n spear, pecker, picker, stick, shaft, writing tool, needle leadstick
sub- pref under-

(subsequent) after-

subdue vb beat down -
subdued adj beaten down -
subject v thread underthrow (cf. Du. onderwerpen, NHG. unterwerfen)
subject n - underthrow (cf. D. onderwerp)
subjunctive adj/n - underlinked (claque of Latin)
submarine n/adj adj: undersea n: U-boat (short for undersea-boat), diveboat (cf. Du. duikboot)
submission n willing underwilling, underwill, underwillness, underwillhood
submissive adj underwilling -
submit vb give in, ingive, hand in, send -
submitter n - agiver (cf. NHG Ergeber), ingiver
subordinate adj - underoathed
subscribe vb follow underwrite (calque of Latin)
subscriber n follower underwriter
substance n stuff (but a G (Frankish) root modified through Old French); being anwork (<OE andweorc)
substitute n stand-in, fill-in, back-up -
substitute vb swap, fill in, stand in, go as outtrade (cf. NHG. austauschen)
replace: aset (cf. NHG ersetzen)
subtitle n - underqueath, undername, understerling
subtle adj low-key -
suburb n - underborough (<OE underburg), foreord (cf. NHG Vorort)
subzero adj below-freezing -
succeed vb go after spow (<OE spówan)
success n - winth, spowing, afollowing
successful adj - spowful, afollowfull
successor n after-comer
succumb vb fall to alie (alying; alay; alain) (cf. NHG erliegen)

undernick (<OE underhnigan)

sudden adj swift, rushing, rash -
suddenly adv swiftly, rushingly, rashly, forthwith, straightaway -
suffer vb - thole (<OE þolian, þrowian), undergo (transitive), dree (<OE drēogan)
suffering n harm, ache, sorrow, woe, smarts tholing, dreeing
suffice vb do, be enough, reach, work, meet (transitive) outreach (cf. NHG ausreichen)
sufficiency n enoughness, fulth, fittingness -
sufficient adj enough, done, right, even, fair, fit, befitting, becoming filling, outreaching
suffix n - word tail, endfastening, afterword
sugar n - sweethurst (hurst is old english for crystal), sweetstuff

molecule: sweetmote

sugarcane n - sweetreed (cf. Du. suikerriet)
suggest vb imply: foreset, hint, infold
offer: foreset, bid, put forth
imply: ettle, bysay
offer: forthput, rede
suggestion n imply: foreset, hint, infold
offer: foreset, bid
imply: ettle, bysay
offer: forthput, rede
suicide n self-murder, self-killing, self-slaughter
sui generis adj one-of-a-kind -
sulfur n brimstone brimstuff
sullen n dark-brooding
sum (up) vb cast up, tally up -
sunflower n - sunbloom, sunblossom (<NHG. Sonnenblume)
sun's dwelling n - The sky
super adj/pfx adj: over, overly

pfx: over-

supercalifragilisticexpialidocious adj - overfairnessbrokenliatoneliteachworthy
supercontinent n - overworlddeal
superhero n - overheleth
superhuman adj - overman
superior adj overly -
supermarket n - overchepstow
supernatural adj otherwordly -
supernova n - overnew
superposition n - overstelling
supersede vb take over forthring (cf. NHG verdrängen)
superstition n - idle-belief
supervillain n - overnithing, overnither
supervise vb oversee -
supervisor n overseer -
supplant vb take over forthring (cf. NHG verdrängen)
supplement n - togive
supply n yield, stock, spring -
supply vb yield, feed, fill, afford -
support vb shore (unknown origin, found in Germanic languages), back up, forward, foster, upbring, uphold, underprop, upstart, underset bestaddle, understut (cf. NHG unterstützen), stut (< Scots)
support n back up, upholding shore (unknown origin, found in Germanic languages), fultum
suppose vb ween, believe, guess, think, reckon forethink
sure adj wis, siker, set -
surface n overlay, layer, overside -
surfeit v forset -
surgeon n sawbones woundleech (cf. NHG Wundarzt)
surname n last name -
surpass vb overtake -
surprise vb stun, astound, overcome, overtake overrush (NHG überraschen)
surrender vb yield, hand over, give up overgive
surround vb beset, forset, hem in, enring, inring umbgive (cf. Du. omgeven; NHG umgeben), umbring (cf. Du. omringen; NHG umringen)

Umbestand (Ymbstandan Old English)

survive vb outlive, live on, after-live overlive (cf. NHG. überleben Du. overleven Dan. overleve Norw. overleve Swed. överleva)
susceptibility n openness, givenness, helplessness -
susceptible adj given, open; helpless alout (<OE áloten) v. forthlout (<OE forþlútan); onfally (<NHG. anfällig) (see onfall)
suspect vb mistrust, underlook forthink (cf. Du./NHG. verdenken)
suspend vb - hang freely: uphang (cf. Du. ophangen, NHG aufhängen)
suspicion n mistrustfulness, underlook forthought (cf. Du. verdachting, NHG. verdacht)
suspicious adj mistrustful, wary forthoughtful/ forthoughty (cf. Du. verdacht)
sustain vb underhold, uphold, stay -
suitable adj fit -
Swabia n Swabeland, Sweafland (<OE Swǣfaland)
Swabian n Swabish, Sweafish (<OE Swǣfisc)
swastika n fylfot, gleerune (as a religious symbol) hookrood (cf. NHG Hakenkreuz)
syllable n - staveset, staffle/stavle (cf. SW stavelse), staffgrip(e)/stavegrip(e) (cf. Du. lettergreep)
symmetry n - foldmatch
sympathy n - sithfeeling (calque)
synesthesia n - linked feeling (calque)
synonym n likeword, selfsame, sameness, kinword otherword
synonymous with prep the same as, akin to
system n layout, makeup, setup stellel (cf. Du. stelsel)

outlay, upmake

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