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Basic abbreviations:

  • OE = Old English
  • ME = Middle English
  • PG = Or-theedish
  • SC = Scots
  • SW = Swedish
  • Dan. = Danish
  • ON = Old Norse
  • OS = Old Saxon
  • NHG = New Hightheech
  • IC = Icelandish
  • H.IC = High Icelandish
  • Du. = Netherlandish
  • Fris. = Friesish

For a full list of etymological and other abbreviations used in these wordlists, see: Offshortenings.



Chancery English Class Anglish/English
Attested Unattested
tabernacle n - tilding (< OE geteldung), shifthouse, worshiphut, worshipbooth
table n board, listing, spreadsheet beed (<OE bēod)
table cloth n - beedcloth (<OE bēodclāþ), boardcloth
table d'hôte n set meal guestgiver's beed
table of contents n inside inhold
taboo n/adj ban, out; that which cannot be spoken of shunning, mithing
tacit adj unspoken, wordless, not understood -
taciturn adj tight-lipped -
taco n wrap (Mexickish) foldwich
tactics n how, way wyecraft
tailor n needle-worker, outfitter thimbleman, wearshafter, seamer
tailor vb fit, put, shape -
Taishō (era) n - Greatuprightness, Greatrightwiseness
talkative (foreign suffix) adj talksome, chatty, gabby, outspoken, long-winded eloquent: quethel (< OE cwedol)
talus bone n anklebone -
tan v brown, bark yare (< ME yaren 'to tan')
tanner n barker yarer (< ME yaren 'to tan' + -er)
Tangut n/adj -

Westsummerwrit (calque of Cn 西夏文, xīxiàwén/hsi1hsia4wen2/ŝīŝià-ŭén/ㄒㄒㄧㄚ`ㄨㄣˊ), n/adj: Westsummerrish

tank n pond, pool, vat

bury (< OE beorgan 'to preserve')
vehicle: blastwain, fightwain, fightfarecraft, fightfarewain, meshfightwagon (< cf Panzerkampfwagen), mesh

tantrum n fit -
Taoism n - (Geater Anglish): Waytroth, Rightway (Lower Anglish): Taodom, Taotroth
tardigrade n waterbear -
target n goal, mark -
task n chore, char, errand, undertaking upgive (up + gave < OE geafu "gift", cf. NHG Aufgabe, Du. opgave, Nw. oppgave),

agift, agive, agiven (cf. NHG Aufgabe, a- denotes "on" as "auf-")

taste (sense) n smack; fondness tung, cride; belikening
taste vb smack, smatch tung
tasteless adj smackless , no smack -
tasty adj - smacky
tautology n - word-sameness (Barnes)
tattoo n - hidemark
tavern n alehouse, inn winehouse (< OE wínhús, cf. NHG Weinhaus), beer hut (cf. NHG Bierhütte),

gesthouse (cf. NHG Gasthaus)

tax n geld, tithe, toll gavel (< OE gafol)
taxation n tithing, tolling gelding, geldnold, gavling (< OE gafol 'tribute, tax, debt')
taxidermy n stuffing stightskinning (calque)
taxman n toller bidreaper (< OE Bidrepe), gaveler, geldman
taxonomy n stightlore


tea n - leafwos (ME wos 'juice'), leafbrew
technical adj craftly (Barnes) -
technical language n - craftspeech (< OE cræftspræc)
technically adj lorewise -
technocracy n - dabdom, dabship, dabrich
technology n craft, tooling, tool-work toolcraft
tedious adj dreary, leaden, humming longsome
telegram n - wire-spell, wiresend
telegraph n - spell-wire
telemarketing - farchepstowing
telepathy n mindreading thoughtcasting, farfeeling (calque. tele+pathy)
telephone n farspeaker dogbone, wirecaller, farsteaven (calque tele+phone)
teleport v - farferry
teleporter n - farferrier
telescope n spyglass farseer, sweeper, look-see
telework v farwork
television n show screen, small-screen, show box, broadcast screen, broadcast box bairdscraft, sightcasting, farseeing )
set: farseer (cf. NHG Fernseher), streambox, baird box, farwatcher
televisual adj - sightcast
temper vb/n vb: mood
n: anneal
temperament n - lund (cf. Ic.)
temperate adj mild forholding (Barnes)
temperate zone n - midstrip
temperature n heat, cold, warmth
tempest n storm -
tempestuous adj blood-and-guts, hammer-and-tongs, stormy thory
template n cutout forelay (cf. NHG vorlage)
temple n - bedehouse, worship stow, herry

body part: tending (Dan. tinding)

temporal adj timewise, timely, tidesome -
temporal adj earthborn, earthbound, freshly, worldly -
temporal bone n - tending bone
temporary adj flash, overtaken, overstepped, short-lived -
tempt vb whet, draw in, pull in, bait costen, forlead, cun, forseek (cf. NHG versuchen), fash

fraise (<OE frāsian)

temptation n itch, bait, come-on, draw, pull, hankering, snare, trap costening (< OE costnung), fanding, forleading, forseeking

fraising (<OE frāsung)

tenacious adj dogged; clingy -
tend vb tilt towards, lean, slant, look after -
tender adj nesh -
tenderly adj soft and fair
tendon n sinew -
tenebrous adj dark, gloomy, thester -
tennis n - holdlake (calque)
tense n - grammar: time-shape, timing (Barnes)
tense adj edgy, uptight; hairy, nail-biting -
tensor n stretcher, waybearer (telcraft) -
tent n tilt, teld, roof fieldhouse
tentacle n feeler, feelhorn rineling (calque)
tepid adj halfhearted; lukewarm -
terracota n - bakedearth (Italian calque), burnt clay (cf. Ic. brenndur leir)
terrain n landscape landship (<OE landsċipe)
term n name, word, frist (a term in which a debt is to be repaid) tide; begrip (calque)
terminal adj rearmost, endmost

sickness: deadly

terminal n ending endstop
terminate vb end (Barnes) -
terminology n wording (Barnes) -
terminus n end -
termite n white ant -
terrestrial adj ground-dwelling, earthly, groundly -
terrible adj dreadful, fearsome, gruesome, frightening, ghastly; frightful; awful, rotten -
terrific adj awesome, top-shelf; awfil, nightmare -
terrify vb fright, affright eyse (< OE egesian), afear, bray (< OE bregan); begallow
terrifying adj eldritch, frightening, gruesome, bone-chilling -
territorial adj/n - landly

military: landly (plural landlies)

territory n land, turf ledemark (< OE leódmearc 'people's territory')
division: landdeal; hundred, hund, ward, lathe, riding, tithing
terror n hang-up; dread, fright deadly: qualmthrea (< OE cwealmþrēa) pl: qualmthreën (< OE cwealmþrēan)

brow (<OE brōga)

terrorize v - eyse (<OE egesian)
terrorism n - awewhelming, fearstrikening
terrorist n - fearstriker
test n/vb - fand(ing) (< OE fandung)
testament (will) n will ervebeek (< OE ierfebéc), ervewrit (< OE ierfegewrit)
testator n willwriter ervewritend (< OE ierfewrítend)
testicle n bollock, ball shall (<OE sceallan), herth (<OE herþ), hoath (<PG huþō)
testimony n witness -
text n - queath (Fr. OE cwide)
textbook n handbook -
textile n - thrum
texture n mouthfeel -


thatched adj - thatchen (Barnes)
theater n - drama: waving (<OE wáfung), Toneel (<Dutch)
place: showhall, playhouse, wavingstow (<OE wáfungstów), wavingstead (<OE wáfingstede)
theme n feel underwarp (cf. Du. onderwarp)
theology n godlore -
theory n thought, thoughtlay beholding
therapy n - behandling (cf. Dan. behandling)
thermo- pfx - heat-
thermodynamic adj - warmthworkly, heatworkly
thermodynamics n - warmthworks, heatwork
thermology n - warmthlore, heatlore
thermometer n - warmthmeter (meter = mete + er; one who metes), heatmeter
thermonuclear adj - warmthkernly, heatkernly
thermostat n - warmthteller, heatteller
theropod n - yorebird
thesaurus n - begripwordbook (cf. NHG  Begriffswörterbuch)

(technically not native English, but North Germanic)

pron they/them/their (no oversetting needed) hie/hem/her (<OE hīe/him/hira)
throne n seat giftstool, giftseat (OE ġifstōl), kinestool (<OE cynestol), kinesettle (<OE cynesetl), kingleeder (<king + OE hlēda, meaning "seat"), highseat (<IS hásæti), kingseat
thug n outlaw, beater -
thunderous (foreign suffix) adj thundery -


tibia n shank-bone, shinbone -
tidal (foreign suffix) adj - tidely
tier n layer, row, string -
tiger n - stripecat
till prep - ooth (<OE ōþ)
time of tribulation n woe, hard times, dearth, evil arveth-throw, arvethrow (<OE earfoþþrāg; c.f. ME arveþ-sīþ)
timid adj shy, meek, thewless bleathe (<OE blēaþ)
tint n blee, hue -
tire n shoe, rubber, hoop wheelring, loftband, liftband, band, Ringy (German:Reifen)
titanium n - strongstuff, Ettinstuff
title n name, right, sterling -


tmesis n - umgrave, incarve


TNT n - boomkeg, blastkeg, boomstick, TCWMB (threechoke woodmead-benzene, calque of trinitrotouline/trinitro methylbenzene), TCWWB (threechoke woodwine-benzene)


toast vb thanksgiving -
toast n - roastbread (cf. NHG Röstbrot)
tobacco n - smokeleaf, smokingleaf, hirst loaf
to be able v to cun or to mow (old infinitives of "can" and "may")
toboggan n slide, slider -
toilet n bathroom, washroom, restroom shithouse (Dutch kakhuis)
toilet (bowl) n stool, pot, potty, can doppy (German: Töpfchen), gangsettle (<OE gangsetl), washsettle
tolerate vb thole, bear, put up with thware (<OE þwarian)
tomato n


heartapple (< OE heortæppel), goldapple (cf. NHG Goldapfel, French pomme d'or), bloodapple, swelling ovet (literal meaning of Aztecan tomatl)

tomb n grave thesterlock, lichrest, bed of dust, the dark inn, grass-bed, mold-earth, moldern, moldstow, the pit, lichpit, the delf, the deep-six, lair, narrow house, long-home, dust-bed, earth-home (Most found in Old English and in Full Oxford English Dictionary)
tonsure vb - besheer (<OE bisceran and <ME bisheren)
topaz n - basestone (<OE baswa stán)
topic n - underthrow (cf. Du. onderwerp "subject, topic")
topography n landscape -
torch n flashlight, handlight, wisp fackle (<OE fæcele, cf. NHG Fackel) brand, glimmer
torch vb fire, light brand
torment vb/n bedevil

n: hang-up

qualmness (<OE cwealmnes)

vb: aquilm (<OE ácwylmian, to be tormented)

susle (<OE sūsl)

tornado n whirlwind, whirlstorm, twister -
torpedo n tin fish (navy slang)

fornaughtsend (cf. Ic. tundurskeyti), seashot (sea-missile)

torso n upperbody, bouk -
tortoise n - landburdling (<OE byrdling), rover (contr. of 'roofer' or 'roofpod', akin to stegosaurus 'roofed lizard'), shieldback (cf. Ic. skjaldbaka), shellpad, fennich
torture vb bedevil, twist, writhe forpine, threst, befiend
total n overall -
total adj utter, full, all-out, full-on, overall -
totalitarian(ism) adj/n red fullreding, fullriking, overiking
totally adv altogether, fully, wholly, outright, utterly, all-utterly, full-on, allness, thoroughly, downright, wholeheartedly, stark, to the hilt, all the way -
totem n hallmark eldermark, kinmark
toucan n - pepper eater (cf. Swed. pepparätare)
touch n feel; reaping, groping (OED)
vb feel; rine, onrine, arepp, frede (OED); handle, finger berear (cf. NHG berühren calque of all Ger. speeches) (see rear ety. 2)

rine (<OE hrinan <ME rinen)

tour n sightseeing leadabout (cf. Du. rondleiding)
tour vb sightsee go about
tourist n sightseer fandler
tournament n manimatch
towel n cloth, handcloth, washcloth handdook (cf. Fr. handoek, Du. handdoek, NHG Handtuch), bedesheet (<OE beodsceat), thweal (<PWG þwahilu)
tower n keep, steeple -
tower vb - outwax
toxic(ity) adj/n - atter(some/ness)
toxoplasmosis n - bowmolden sickness


trace n smatch loast (<OE lāst)
trachea n windpipe lungleat, windtharm, throatboll, windadder
track n path, way -
tractor n tug, tower tugwain
trade union n - workship, iworkship, aworkship, yworkship, workscape, iworkscape, aworkscape, yworkscape (cf. NHG gewerkschaft), workers' guild
tradition n trend, folklore, folkways, oldenway, thew(s) besetness (cf. OE gesetnes)
traditional adj old-line old-stream, old-thread, thewkeeping, thewabiding, yorewise
traffic n wains, flow wayburden
tragedy n - doomfall, wopleeth (<OE wopleoþ), ill-hap, woehap
tragic adj heartbreaking, unlucky, woeful -
trail n byway, mark, road, stream, wake, way wanderway (cf. NHG wandernweg)
trail v 1. follow, hunt, shadow

2. dawdle, fall behind

trailblazing adj groundbreaking -
trailing adj abaft, following, hunting -
train n tow, tug wain (old word for a wagon)
trainer n - outbilther (cf. NHG Ausbilder)
trait n tie -
traitor n backstabber, bewrayer lew (<OE læwa 'betrayer, traitor'),forreder (cf. NHG Verräter, Du. verrader, OE forrǽda. see rede), trustreaver
trans- pref over- (only some words) through- or thru- (cf. NHG durch-) (only some words), yond-
transcend vb - oversty, overgo, overfare, outmire, outstep
transcribe vb downwrite overwrite (Du. overschrijeven)
transfer vb send, bring over, hand to/over, shift (Barnes) wend over, overbring 
transfigure vb/n shapeshift(ing) forwandle (cf. NHG verwandeln), yondshape
Transfiguration (religion) n - Forhallowing
transgender n/adj - overhade
transform vb shapeshift forshape (<OE forscieppan)

forwandle, forwend

transgress vb - overbreak (<OE oferbrecan)
transhuman n - yondwere, halfwere, halfman
transhumanism n - yondweredom, halfweredom
transit n/vb thoroughfare, faring -
transition n shift, overgang wending, switch-over, overswitch, frothering
transitional adj - wendingly, wendsome
transitive adj overfaresome (Barnes) -
transitive (grammar) adj - outreaching (Barnes), overgangly (cf. Du overgankelijk)
transitory adj fleeting whilewendly (<OE hwilwendlic)
translate vb anglished/englished, put into (Barnes), overset awendan, wend (<ME wendan, see also NE wend)
translation n oversetting wend (<ME wendan, see also NE wend)
transliminal adj - mirethwarsing
transliteration n - umwriting (cf. IC umrita, NHG umschreiben)
translucent adj - thurghbright, throughleaming, throughshinely (cf. Du. doorschijnend)
transmit vb spread; ship; hand over, oversend oversend (<OE ofersendan)
transmission n broadcast oversending
transparency n openness, see-throughness throughsightihood(ness) (cf. NHG Durchsichtigkeit)
transparent adj sheer, see-through; bright-line, glassy
through-seen (Barnes)
throughbright (<OE þurhbeorht)

throughshine (<OE þurhscýne), throughsighty (cf. NHG durchsichtig)

transpire vb 1. sweat
2. happen, come to happen, leak out, come out
transport vb ferry (from North Germanic) -
transsexual n folkhalf shifter, folkhalf switcher kinswitcher, overkind
transsubstantiate vb - yondwhat, yondandwork
transubstantiation n - wistforwandering (Norw. vesensforvandling; Dan. Væsensforvandling; NHG Wesensverwandlung)
transvestite n - thwart-dresser, otherdresser
trampoline n - spring-sheet
trapezium/trapezoid n - boardshape
trapezium (bone) n lesser boardbone
trauma n wound, aftershock -
travel vb fare (Barnes), wend, wayfare, yondfare, lithe -
traveler n wanderer, wayfarer, wayferend fere
traverse vb tread, yondfare yondshrithe (<OE geondscríðan)
treachery n - foe-hearted, swick, swickcraft
treason n forrede (cf. OE forrǽdan, Du. verraden, NHG verraten)
treasure n hoard, wealth hoard, dearworthness (<OE déorwyrðnes)

shat (<ME schat), yarse/yass (<OE gærsum; c.f. bass < OE bærs, arse/ass < OE ærs)

princely: drightmathem (<OE dryhtmaðm)

ancient:  earstreen (<OE ærġestrēon), eldstreen (<OE ealdstrēon)

treasury n - gavelgild (<OE gafolgyld), feehoard (<OE feohhord) hoardern (<OE hordern) feehove (<OE feohhof) cluff (<OE clyfa), mathomhouse (<OE māþumhūs)
treat vb behandle -
treatise n - offhandling (cf. NHG Abhandlung)
treatment n - behandling, tiling (<OE tilung)
treaty n truce, deal, bargain (Barnes) (peace): frithwrit, frithware (<OE friðuwær), foreward (<OE foreweard)
trebuchet n - slaught stonehauler, overbouk (calque), uprooting bouke (calque), slaught gearwork, gunne (<ME), swinging stonehauler, weighed stonehauler
tremble vb bever, shiver, quiver, shudder, shake, quake bive, aquake (<OE ācwacian and <ME aquāken)
tremor n quake, quiver, shake, shudder -
trench n ditch gravet <OE grafet), delf, waterfurrow
trenchantly adj telling, forthright, biting, stinging, sword-wordy (O.E. sword-word)
trespass vb overstep offbreete (calque of Ic. af-brot; cf. OE breotan)
trespasser n guilt-doer -
triangle n wedge threenook, threeside (cf. Du. trekant)
tribal leader n - kinelder, kinleader, hereman
tribe n kindred, stem

mathe, kneeress (< OE cnēoris)

tribulation n woe, hard times

costing (< OE costung), onfighting (cf. NHG Anfechtung), arwothe (<OE earwoðe), forniddenness (<OE forgnidennes)

tribunal n doomstow, deemstool
tribute n - gavle (< OE gafol)
tributary n brook rith, side-stream (Barnes)
triceratops n - threehornanleth (calque of Greek)
trichology n hairlore -
tricycle n - threewheeler
trick n wile, swack sare (< OE searu)
triennium n yearthree
trigonometry n threenooklore, threenooking
trillion num foursand, etning
trilobite n - thrilap, threeleaf bug
trilogy n - thrilock (cf. Du. drieluik)
Trinidad and Tobago n - Threefold and Smokeleaf
trinity n - threeness (Barnes), threefoldness
tripartite adj threefold threedealed (< OE þridǽled)
triple n threesome -
triple vb/adj threefold (Barnes) -
triplet n threeling thrin
tripod n - threefoot (calque)
triquetal bone n - threenookbone
tristful adj sad; downcast, gloomy, unblithe, unglad, wretched -
triumph n win, sig -
triumvirate n - thriwered (exact calque: trium- thri + -vir- were + -ate -ed)
trivial adj paltry ayeap, ageap (< OE ægype)
troops (army) n - sithreaden (<OE ġesiðræden)
tropical (climate) adj wethot wendringly (cf. Du. keerkring, NHG Wendekreis)
tropical zone n - wendring strip, innerstrip, innerslice
troposphere n - windhelm
trouble n upset, worry, plight, ordeal, headache, woe, dretch, dree, dref, swenk

in trouble: on the ropes, in deep water; in a hole,

trouble vb to upset, worry

in trouble: on the ropes

swench (< OE swencan)
troubled adj susley (<OE sēosliġ)
troublesome adj in a hole, in deep water, upsetting, straining, worrisome athrotsome (<OE aþrotsum)
truck n lorry freightwain (cf. W.Fris. frachtwein)
truncheon n cudgel, nightstick, club -
trunk n - body, bole, salk, stock, stem, shaft,
trunk n - slurf (cf. Du. slurf, W.Fris. sloarf), limbnose, armnose
try vb mint, fand, bid, shoot, crack, stab, go, seek, strive, work forseek (cf. NHG versuchen, Du. verzoeken) or forseech (regarding beseech), munt (< OE myntan)



tuba n - basshorn
tube n straw, pipe -
tubule n awl, straw -


n teaching geld leering
tulip n - houvebloom
tumor n amper (OE: ampre)
tundra n northgrass, coldgrass -
tunic n chesthelm, breasthelm -
tunnel n - burrow, crawlway, underway, going (cf. Ic. göng)
turban n - houve
turbid adj cloudy, droff, overcast, murky, muddy -
turn vb wend, writhe -
turn n (my turn): next in the row -
turn against vb gainsay, withstand -
turn into vb become, char forwandle
turn off vb switch off -
turn off vb switch on
turn out vb crop up
turning point n watershed -
turquoise vb/n teal greenblue
turret n small keep wyehouse (<OE wíghús)
turtle n shell-paddock (rare) burdling (<OE byrdling), rover (contr. of 'roofer' or 'roofpod', akin to stegosaurus, meaning 'roofed lizard'), shieldpad (cf. W.Fr. skyldpod & Du schildpad)
tutelage n - reding
tutor n teacher, leerer lorethew
tutu n - bumbum (French calque)


tweezers n nippers -


tycoon n - greatsman (cf. Eng. magnate)
type n kind (Barnes), ilk -
type vb peck, mash, strike; key, truckle, tap (in); write
typewriter n - writsare (cf. Du. schrijfmachine, NHG Schreibmaschine), keywriter, tapwriter
typhus n - lent-addle (Barnes)
typify vb kinden, mark, inbody -
typical adj everyday token
typographer n - outlayer, runecrafter
Tyrannosaurus rex n - king tharlathex (calque of Greek+Latin), great king athex (athex <OE āðehe: saurus), dread athex
tyranny n - tharlreding
tyrant n - tharlreder (<OE þearl 'severe, strict'), hardrede (cf. king Harold 3 of Norway), leedhater (<OE lēodhata/leōdhata)  pl: leedhatren (<OE lēodhatan/leōdhatan)