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Basic abbreviations:

  • OE = Old English
  • ME = Middle English
  • PG = Or-theedish
  • SC = Scots
  • SW = Swedish
  • Dan. = Danish
  • ON = Old Norse
  • OS = Old Saxon
  • NHG = New Hightheech
  • IC = Icelandish
  • H.IC = High Icelandish
  • Du. = Netherlandish
  • Fris. = Friesish

For a full list of etymological and other abbreviations used in these wordlists, see: Offshortenings.



Chancery English Class Anglish/English
Attested Unattested
tabernacle n - tilding (< OE geteldung), shifthouse, worshiphut, worshipbooth
table n board, listing, spreadsheet beed (<OE bēod)
table cloth n - beedcloth (<OE bēodclāþ), boardcloth
table d'hôte n set meal guestgiver's beed
table of contents n inside inhold
taboo n/adj ban, out; that which cannot be spoken of shunning, mithing
tacit adj unspoken, wordless, not understood -
taciturn adj tight-lipped -
taco n wrap (Mexickish) foldwich
tactics n how, way wyecraft
tailor n needle-worker, outfitter thimbleman, wearshafter, seamer
tailor vb fit, put, shape -
Taishō (era) n - Greatuprightness, Greatrightwiseness
talkative (foreign suffix) adj talksome, chatty, gabby, outspoken, long-winded eloquent: quethel (< OE cwedol)
talus bone n anklebone -
tan v brown, bark yare (< ME yaren 'to tan')
tanner n barker yarer (< ME yaren 'to tan' + -er)
Tangut n/adj -

Westsummerwrit (calque of Cn 西夏文, xīxiàwén/hsi1hsia4wen2/ŝīŝià-ŭén/ㄒㄒㄧㄚ`ㄨㄣˊ), n/adj: Westsummerrish

tank n pond, pool, vat

bury (< OE beorgan 'to preserve')
vehicle: blastwain, fightwain, fightfarecraft, fightfarewain, meshfightwagon (< cf Panzerkampfwagen), mesh

tantrum n fit -
Taoism n - (Geater Anglish): Waytroth, Rightway (Lower Anglish): Taodom, Taotroth
tardigrade n waterbear -
target n goal, mark -
task n chore, char, errand, undertaking upgive (up + gave < OE geafu "gift", cf. NHG Aufgabe, Du. opgave, Nw. oppgave),

agift, agive, agiven (cf. NHG Aufgabe, a- denotes "on" as "auf-")

taste (sense) n smack; fondness tung, cride; belikening
taste vb smack, smatch tung
tasteless adj smackless , no smack -
tasty adj - smacky
tautology n - word-sameness (Barnes)
tattoo n - hidemark
tavern n alehouse, inn winehouse (< OE wínhús, cf. NHG Weinhaus), beer hut (cf. NHG Bierhütte),

gesthouse (cf. NHG Gasthaus)

tax n geld, tithe, toll gavel (< OE gafol)
taxation n tithing, tolling gelding, geldnold, gavling (< OE gafol 'tribute, tax, debt')
taxidermy n stuffing stightskinning (calque)
taxman n toller bidreaper (< OE Bidrepe), gaveler, geldman
taxonomy n stightlore


tea n - leafwos (ME wos 'juice'), leafbrew
technical adj craftly (Barnes) -
technical language n - craftspeech (< OE cræftspræc)
technically adj lorewise -
technology n craft, tooling, tool-work toolcraft
tedious adj dreary, leaden, humming longsome
telegram n - wire-spell, wiresend
telegraph n - spell-wire
telemarketing - farchepstowing
telepathy n mindreading thoughtcasting, farfeeling (calque. tele+pathy)
telephone n farspeaker dogbone, wirecaller, farsteaven (calque tele+phone)
teleport v - farferry
teleporter n - farferrier
telescope n - farseer, sweeper, look-see
telework v farwork
television n show screen, small-screen, show box bairdscraft, sightcasting, farseeing )
set: farseer (cf. NHG Fernseher), streambox, baird box, shirm (cf. NHG Schirm), farwatcher
televisual adj - sightcast
temper vb/n vb: mood
n: anneal
temperament n - lund (cf. Ic.)
temperate adj mild forholding (Barnes)
temperate zone n - midstrip
temperature n heat, cold, warmth
tempest n storm -
tempestuous adj blood-and-guts, hammer-and-tongs, stormy thory
template n cutout forelay (cf. NHG vorlage)
temple n - bedehouse, worship stow, herry

body part: tending (Dan. tinding)

temporal adj timewise, timely, tidesome -
temporal adj earthborn, earthbound, freshly, worldly -
temporal bone n - tending bone
temporary adj flash, overtaken, overstepped, short-lived -
tempt vb whet, draw in, pull in, bait costen, forlead, cun, forseek (cf. NHG versuchen), fash

fraise (<OE frāsian)

temptation n itch, bait, come-on, draw, pull, hankering, snare, trap costening (< OE costnung), fanding, forleading, forseeking

fraising (<OE frāsung)

tenacious adj dogged; clingy -
tend vb tilt towards, lean, slant, look after -
tender adj nesh -
tenderly adj soft and fair
tendon n sinew -
tenebrous adj dark, gloomy, thester -
tennis n - holdlake (calque)
tense n - grammar: time-shape, timing (Barnes)
tense adj edgy, uptight; hairy, nail-biting -
tensor n stretcher, waybearer (telcraft) -
tent n tilt, teld, roof fieldhouse
tentacle n feeler, feelhorn rineling (calque)
tepid adj halfhearted; lukewarm -
terracota n - bakedearth (Italian calque), burnt clay (cf. Ic. brenndur leir)
terrain n landscape landship (<OE landsċipe)
term n name, word, frist (a term in which a debt is to be repaid) tide; begrip (calque)
terminal adj rearmost, endmost

sickness: deadly

terminal n ending endstop
terminate vb end (Barnes) -
terminology n wording (Barnes) -
terminus n end -
termite n white ant -
terrestrial adj ground-dwelling, earthly, groundly -
terrible adj dreadful, fearsome, gruesome, frightening, ghastly; frightful; awful, rotten -
terrific adj awesome, top-shelf; awfil, nightmare -
terrify vb fright, affright eyse (< OE egesian), afear, bray (< OE bregan); begallow
terrifying adj eldritch, frightening, gruesome, bone-chilling -
territorial adj/n - landly

military: landly (plural landlies)

territory n land, turf ledemark (< OE leódmearc 'people's territory')
division: landdeal; hundred, hund, ward, lathe, riding, tithing
terror n hang-up; dread, fright deadly: qualmthrea (< OE cwealmþrēa) pl: qualmthreën (< OE cwealmþrēan)

brow (<OE brōga)

terrorize v - eyse (<OE egesian)
terrorism n - awewhelming, fearstrikening
terrorist n - fearstriker
test n/vb - fand(ing) (< OE fandung)
testament (will) n will ervebeek (< OE ierfebéc), ervewrit (< OE ierfegewrit)
testator n willwriter ervewritend (< OE ierfewrítend)
testicle n bollock, ball shall (<OE sceallan), herth (<OE herþ), hoath (<PG huþō)
testimony n witness -
text n - queath (Fr. OE cwide)
textbook n handbook -
textile n - thrum
texture n mouthfeel -


thatched adj - thatchen (Barnes)
theater n - drama: waving (<OE wáfung), Toneel (<Dutch)
place: showhall, playhouse, wavingstow (<OE wáfungstów), wavingstead (<OE wáfingstede)
theme n feel underwarp (cf. Du. onderwarp)
theology n godlore -
theory n thought, thoughtlay beholding
therapy n - behandling (cf. Dan. behandling)
thermo- pfx - heat-
thermodynamic adj - warmthworkly, heatworkly
thermodynamics n - warmthworks, heatwork
thermology n - warmthlore, heatlore
thermometer n - warmthmeter (meter = mete + er; one who metes), heatmeter
thermonuclear adj - warmthkernly, heatkernly
thermostat n - warmthteller, heatteller
thesaurus n - begripwordbook (cf. NHG  Begriffswörterbuch)

(technically not native English, but North Germanic)

pron they/them/their (no oversetting needed) hie/hem/her (<OE hīe/him/hira)
throne n seat giftstool, giftseat (OE ġifstōl), kinestool (<OE cynestol), kinesettle (<OE cynesetl), kingleeder (<king + OE hlēda, meaning "seat"), highseat (<IS hásæti), kingseat
thug n outlaw, beater -
thunderous (foreign suffix) adj thundery -


tibia n shank-bone, shinbone -
tidal (foreign suffix) adj - tidely
tier n layer, row, string -
tiger n - stripecat
till prep - ooth (<OE ōþ)
time of tribulation n woe, hard times, dearth, evil arveth-throw, arvethrow (<OE earfoþþrāg; c.f. ME arveþ-sīþ)
timid adj shy, meek, thewless bleathe (<OE blēaþ)
tint n blee, hue -
tire n shoe, rubber, hoop wheelring, loftband, liftband, band, Ringy (German:Reifen)
titanium n - strongstuff, Ettinstuff
title n name, right, sterling -


tmesis n - umgrave, incarve


TNT n - boomkeg, blastkeg, boomstick, TCWMB (threechoke woodmead-benzene, calque of trinitrotouline/trinitro methylbenzene), TCWWB (threechoke woodwine-benzene)


toast vb thanksgiving -
toast n - roastbread (cf. NHG Röstbrot)
tobacco n - smokeleaf, smokingleaf, hirst loaf
to be able v to cun or to mow (old infinitives of "can" and "may")
toboggan n slide, slider -
toilet n bathroom, washroom, restroom shithouse (Dutch kakhuis)
toilet (bowl) n stool, pot, potty, can doppy (German: Töpfchen), gangsettle (<OE gangsetl), washsettle
tolerate vb thole, bear, put up with thware (<OE þwarian)
tomato n


heartapple (< OE heortæppel), goldapple (cf. NHG Goldapfel, French pomme d'or), bloodapple, swelling ovet (literal meaning of Aztecan tomatl)

tomb n grave thesterlock, lichrest, bed of dust, the dark inn, grass-bed, mold-earth, moldern, moldstow, the pit, lichpit, the delf, the deep-six, lair, narrow house, long-home, dust-bed, earth-home (Most found in Old English and in Full Oxford English Dictionary)
tonsure vb - besheer (<OE bisceran and <ME bisheren)
topaz n - basestone (<OE baswa stán)
topic n - underthrow (cf. Du. onderwerp "subject, topic")
topography n landscape -
torch n flashlight, handlight, wisp fackle (<OE fæcele, cf. NHG Fackel) brand, glimmer
torch vb fire, light brand
torment vb/n bedevil

n: hang-up

qualmness (<OE cwealmnes)

vb: aquilm (<OE ácwylmian, to be tormented)

susle (<OE sūsl)

tornado n whirlwind, whirlstorm, twister -
torpedo n tin fish (navy slang)

fornaughtsend (cf. Ic. tundurskeyti), seashot (sea-missile)

torso n upperbody, bouk -
tortoise n - landburdling (<OE byrdling), rover (contr. of 'roofer' or 'roofpod', akin to stegosaurus 'roofed lizard'), shieldback (cf. Ic. skjaldbaka), shellpad, fennich
torture vb bedevil, twist, writhe forpine, threst, befiend
total n overall -
total adj utter, full, all-out, full-on, overall -
totalitarian(ism) adj/n red fullreding, fullriking, overiking
totally adv altogether, fully, wholly, outright, utterly, all-utterly, full-on, allness, thoroughly, downright, wholeheartedly, stark, to the hilt, all the way -
totem n hallmark eldermark, kinmark
toucan n - pepper eater (cf. Swed. pepparätare)
touch n feel; reaping, groping (OED)
vb feel; rine, onrine, arepp, frede (OED); handle, finger berear (cf. NHG berühren calque of all Ger. speeches) (see rear ety. 2)

rine (<OE hrinan <ME rinen)

tour n sightseeing leadabout (cf. Du. rondleiding)
tour vb sightsee go about
tourist n sightseer fandler
tournament n manimatch
towel n cloth, handcloth, washcloth handdook (cf. Fr. handoek, Du. handdoek, NHG Handtuch), bedesheet (<OE beodsceat), thweal (<PWG þwahilu)
tower n keep, steeple -
tower vb - outwax
toxic(ity) adj/n - atter(some/ness)
toxoplasmosis n - bowmolden sickness


trachea n windpipe lungleat, windtharm, throatboll, windadder
track n path, way -
tractor n tug, tower tugwain
trade union n - workship, iworkship, aworkship, yworkship, workscape, iworkscape, aworkscape, yworkscape (cf. NHG gewerkschaft), workers' guild
tradition n trend, folklore, folkways, oldenway, thew(s) besetness (cf. OE gesetnes)
traditional adj old-line old-stream, old-thread, thewkeeping, thewabiding, yorewise
traffic n wains, flow wayburden
tragedy n - doomfall, wopleeth (<OE wopleoþ), ill-hap, woehap
tragic adj heartbreaking, unlucky, woeful -
trail n byway, mark, road, stream, wake, way wanderway (German: wandernweg)
trail v 1. follow, hunt, shadow

2. dawdle, fall behind

trailblazing adj groundbreaking -
trailing adj abaft, following, hunting -
train n tow, tug wain (old word for a wagon)
trainer n - outbilther (cf. NHG Ausbilder)
trait n tie -
traitor n backstabber, bewrayer lew (<OE læwa 'betrayer, traitor'),forreder (cf. NHG Verräter, Du. verrader, OE forrǽda. see rede), trustreaver
trans- pref over- (only some words) through- or thru- (NHG. durch-) (only some words), yond-
transcend vb - oversty, overgo, overfare, outmire, outstep
transcribe vb downwrite overwrite (Du. overschrijeven)
transfer vb send, bring over, hand to/over, shift (Barnes) wend over, overbring 
transfigure vb/n shapeshift(ing) forwandle (cf. NHG verwandeln), yondshape
Transfiguration (religion) n - Forhallowing
transgender n/adj - overhade
transform vb shapeshift forshape (<OE forscieppan)

forwandle, forwend

transgress vb - overbreak (<OE oferbrecan)
transhuman n - yondwere, halfwere, halfman
transhumanism n - yondweredom, halfweredom
transit n/vb thoroughfare, faring -
transition n shift, overgang wending, switch-over, overswitch, frothering
transitional adj - wendingly, wendsome
transitive adj overfaresome (Barnes) -
transitive (grammar) adj - outreaching (Barnes), overgangly (cf. Du overgankelijk)
transitory adj fleeting whilewendly (<OE hwilwendlic)
translate vb anglished/englished, put into (Barnes), overset awendan, wend (<ME wendan, see also NE wend)
translation n oversetting wend (<ME wendan, see also NE wend)
transliminal adj - mirethwarsing
transliteratetion n - umwriting (cf. Ic. umrita, NHG umschreiben)
translucent adj - thurghbright, throughleaming, throughshinely (cf. Du. doorschijnend)
transmit vb spread; ship; hand over, oversend oversend (<OE ofersendan)
transmission n broadcast oversending
transparency n openness, see-throughness throughsightihood(ness) (cf. NHG Durchsichtigkeit)
transparent adj sheer, see-through; bright-line, glassy
through-seen (Barnes)
throughbright (<OE þurhbeorht)

throughshine (<OE þurhscýne), throughsighty (cf. NHG durchsichtig)

transpire vb 1. sweat
2. happen, come to happen, leak out, come out
transport vb ferry (from North Germanic) -
transsexual n folkhalf shifter, folkhalf switcher kinswitcher, overkind
transsubstantiate vb - yondwhat, yondandwork
transubstantiation n - wistforwandering (Norw. vesensforvandling; Dan. Væsensforvandling; NHG. Wesensverwandlung)
transvestite n - thwart-dresser, otherdresser
trampoline n - spring-sheet
trapezium/trapezoid n - boardshape
trapezium (bone) n lesser boardbone
trauma n wound, aftershock -
travel vb fare (Barnes), wend, wayfare, yondfare, lithe -
traveler n wanderer, wayfarer, wayferend fere
traverse vb tread, yondfare yondshrithe (<OE geondscríðan)
treachery n - foe-hearted, swick, swickcraft
treason n forrede (cf. OE forrǽdan, Du. verraden, NHG verraten)
treasure n hoard, wealth hoard, dearworthness (<OE déorwyrðnes)

shat (<ME schat), yarse/yass (<OE gærsum; c.f. bass < OE bærs, arse/ass < OE ærs)

princely: drightmathem (<OE dryhtmaðm)

ancient:  earstreen (<OE ærġestrēon), eldstreen (<OE ealdstrēon)

treasury n - gavelgild (<OE gafolgyld), feehoard (<OE feohhord) hoardern (<OE hordern) feehove (<OE feohhof) cluff (<OE clyfa), mathomhouse (<OE māþumhūs)
treat vb behandle -
treatise n - offhandling (cf. NHG Abhandlung)
treatment n - behandling, tiling (<OE tilung)
treaty n truce, deal, bargain (Barnes) (peace): frithwrit, frithware (<OE friðuwær), foreward (<OE foreweard)
trebuchet n - slaught stonehauler, overbouk (calque), uprooting bouke (calque), slaught gearwork, gunne (<ME), swinging stonehauler, weighed stonehauler
tremble vb bever, shiver, quiver, shudder, shake, quake bive, aquake (<OE ācwacian and <ME aquāken)
tremor n quake, quiver, shake, shudder -
trench n ditch gravet <OE grafet), delf, waterfurrow
trenchantly adj telling, forthright, biting, stinging, sword-wordy (O.E. sword-word)
trespass vb overstep offbreete (calque of Ic. af-brot; cf. OE breotan)
trespasser n guilt-doer -
triangle n wedge threenook, threeside (cf. Du. trekant)
tribal leader n - kinelder, kinleader, hereman
tribe n kindred, stem

mathe, kneeress (< OE cnēoris)

tribulation n woe, hard times

costing (< OE costung), onfighting (cf. NHG Anfechtung), arwothe (<OE earwoðe), forniddenness (<OE forgnidennes)

tribunal n doomstow, deemstool
tribute n - gavle (< OE gafol)
tributary n brook rith, side-stream (Barnes)
triceratops n - threehornanleth (calque of Greek)
trichology n hairlore -
tricycle n - threewheeler
trick n wile, swack sare (< OE searu)
triennium n yearthree
trigonometry n threenooklore, threenooking
trillion num foursand, etning
trilobite n - thrilap, threeleaf bug
trilogy n - thrilock (cf. Du. drieluik)
Trinidad and Tobago n - Threefold and Smokeleaf
trinity n - threeness (Barnes), threefoldness
tripartite adj threefold threedealed (< OE þridǽled)
triple n threesome -
triple vb/adj threefold (Barnes) -
triplet n threeling thrin
tripod n - threefoot (calque)
triquetal bone n - threenookbone
tristful adj sad; downcast, gloomy, unblithe, unglad, wretched -
triumph n win, sig -
triumvirate n - thriwered (exact calque: trium- thri + -vir- were + -ate -ed)
trivial adj paltry ayeap, ageap (< OE ægype)
troops (army) n - sithreaden (<OE ġesiðræden)
tropical (climate) adj wethot wendringly (cf. Du. keerkring, NHG Wendekreis)
tropical zone n - wendring strip, innerstrip, innerslice
troposphere n - windhelm
trouble n upset, worry, plight, ordeal, headache, woe, dretch, dree, dref, swenk

in trouble: on the ropes, in deep water; in a hole,

trouble vb to upset, worry

in trouble: on the ropes

swench (< OE swencan)
troubled adj susley (<OE sēosliġ)
troublesome adj in a hole, in deep water, upsetting, straining, worrisome athrotsome (<OE aþrotsum)
truck n lorry freightwain (cf. W.Fris. frachtwein)
truncheon n cudgel, nightstick, club -
trunk n - body, bole, salk, stock, stem, shaft,
trunk n - slurf (cf. Du. slurf, W.Fris. sloarf), limbnose, armnose
try vb mint, fand, bid, shoot, crack, stab, go, seek, strive, work forseek (NHG. versuchen, Du. verzoeken) or forseech (regarding beseech), munt (< OE myntan)



tuba n - basshorn
tube n straw, pipe -
tubule n awl, straw -


n teaching geld leering
tulip n - houvebloom
tumor n amper (OE: ampre)
tundra n northgrass, coldgrass -
tunic n chesthelm, breasthelm -
tunnel n - burrow, crawlway, underway, going (cf. Ic. göng)
turban n - houve
turbid adj cloudy, droff, overcast, murky, muddy -
turn vb wend, writhe -
turn n (my turn): next in the row -
turn against vb gainsay, withstand -
turn into vb become, char forwandle
turn off vb switch off -
turn off vb switch on
turn out vb crop up
turning point n watershed -
turquoise vb/n teal greenblue
turret n small keep wyehouse (<OE wíghús)
turtle n shell-paddock (rare) burdling (<OE byrdling), rover (contr. of 'roofer' or 'roofpod', akin to stegosaurus, meaning 'roofed lizard'), shieldpad (cf. W.Fr. skyldpod & Du schildpad)
tutelage n - reding
tutor n teacher, leerer lorethew
tutu n - bumbum (French calque)


tweezers n nippers -


tycoon n - greatsman (cf. Eng. magnate)
type n kind (Barnes), ilk -
type vb peck, mash, strike; key, truckle, tap (in); write
typewriter n - writsare (cf. Du. schrijfmachine, NHG Schreibmaschine), keywriter, tapwriter
typhus n - lent-addle (Barnes)
typify vb kinden, mark, inbody -
typical adj everyday token
typographer n - outlayer, runecrafter
Tyrannosaurus rex n - king tharlathex (calque of Greek+Latin), great king athex (athex <OE āðehe: saurus), dread athex
tyranny n - tharlreding
tyrant n - tharlreder (<OE þearl 'severe, strict'), hardrede (cf. king Harold 3 of Norway), leedhater (<OE lēodhata/leōdhata)  pl: leedhatren (<OE lēodhatan/leōdhatan)