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Basic abbreviations:

  • OE = Old English
  • ME = Middle English
  • PG = Or-theedish
  • SC = Scots
  • SW = Swedish
  • Dan. = Danish
  • ON = Old Norse
  • OS = Old Saxon
  • NHG = New Hightheech
  • IC = Icelandish
  • H.IC = High Icelandish
  • Du. = Netherlandish
  • Fris. = Friesish

For a full list of etymological and other abbreviations used in these wordlists, see: Offshortenings.


Ub Uk Ul Um Un Up Ur Us Ut Ux

Chancery English Class Anglish/English
Attested Unattested

Ub[edit | edit source]

ubiquitous adj everywhere, all-over; everyday, household; wall-to-wall -
ubiquity n everywhereness -

Uk[edit | edit source]

Ukraine n Borderland, Innerland, Inethel

Ul[edit | edit source]

ulcer adj - sore (calque)
ulna n - ell, elbone
ulterior adj later motive: backthought (calque)
ultimate adj last -
ultimately adv someday, sometime; after all, sooner or later; deep down endily, lastingly

Um[edit | edit source]

umbrella n rainshade rainshield, shade, shower-stick

Un[edit | edit source]

unabated adj - unlessened (Barnes)
unanimous adj kindred, like-minded all-thwaring, oneholly (cf. NHG einhellig, Sw. enhällig)
unanimously adv - thwaringly (OE þwarian 'to agree')
unanticipated adj unforeseen -
unassailable adj hallowed, holly unthwartsome
unbalanced adj

barmy, bats, haywire, unhinged; unsteady

uncelebrated adj nameless, unsung unfrealsed (OE freolsian)
uncertain adj flickery, unsettled, trustless wendful
uncertainty n mistrustfulness uncouthness
uncle n eam paternal: fathere, fatherbrother, fædera

maternal: eam, motherbrother

unconscious adj cold; clueless unheeding
uncritical adj beam-blind -
undamaged adj unscathed, unharmed
undercurrent n undertow, tideway -
underdeveloped adj underbuilt, undergrown underblown (OE blowan)
undermine vb hinder -
undistinguished adj unknown bremeless
undress vb strip, unclothe -
undressed adj unclothed
undulating adj wavering -
uneasy adj restless, ill at ease -
unedifying adj unwholesome, unhealthy -
uneducated adj unread, unlearnt, untaught; lowbrow -
unemployed adj jobless, idle, unhired, workless unbehired (full-time)
unexpected adj unforeseen unweened (OE wenan), unbewaited
unfamiliar adj unheard of, unknown, unkindred, beyond your ken seldcouth (<OE seldcúþ)
unfavourable adj unfriendly, untoward -
unfortunate adj hapless, hardluck, ill-starred (Barnes), snakebit; heartbreaking, woeful uneady
ungenerous adj selfish littly (cf. NHG kleinlich)
unhabited adj undwelled unerned, unwoned
unharness vb outspan -
unicorn n - onehorn (Du. eenhorn)
Unidentified Flying Object n - Unmarked Flying Onget, Unknown Flying Ware
uniform n - clothing: evenwear
uniformity n evenness -
uninjured adj unscathed
unintelligent adj bonehead, witless, dumb ape-minded, barm-brain
uninteresting adj leaden, reckless, unrecking -
union n -

fay, gathertang, thede, coming-together, meanship (<OE ġemænscipe, cf. NHG Gemeinschaft)

unionism n - thedehood
unionist n/adj - adj: thedish n: theder
unique adj one-off, one-of-a-kind, one and only, outstanding -
unit n - fach (pl. fax), onhood (cf. Du. eenheid), whit
unite vb knit, link up, bind, fay, one  

onlay, anledge, oneledge (<OE anlæcan), forone, agether, bewed 

united adj knitted, oned oneleight, fayed, foroned, sammed
United States of America n Oned Rikes Of America

Foroned Rix of Markland, Sammed Rikes of America

Redland ethels informal

unity n oneness (Barnes), onehead, onehood, togetherness, wholeness

onefoldness (<OE ānfealdnes), oneledgehood, oneledgeness

of voices:  evenleether (<OE efenhlēoðor) pl: evenleethru

universal adj broad-brush, overall; all-in; wall-to-wall almean (cf. NHG allgemein, Du. algemeen), alworldly, allsome (<Barnes), allhomely
universality n allness -
universe n world allworld (cf. NHG Weltall), wholeäll (cf. Du. heelal), oneturn
university n lorestead (<Barnes), seat of learning (<Barnes) learnhall
unjustified adj unshown unsweetled
unleash vb loosen, unlock -
unleashed adv unbound -
unlimited adj unstinted mireless (OE mære 'limit, border')
unmaintained adj unkempt -
unmanageable adj headstrong, untoward -
unnecessary adj needless, uncalled for, unneeded -
unnerve vb unsettle, faze -
unoccupied adj empty, leer, free of
update vb - bywork (cf. Du. bijwerken), ednew, uptime, upday
UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) n mains backup -
unpleasant adj bad, bitter, rotten, unlovely, wicked uncweming
unpopular adj - unfolkly
unprepared adj unreadied
unproductive adj bony, geason, unbearing, unyielding unteeming
unprofitable adj barren fremeless
unprogressive adj hidebound unforwaying
unreservedly adj wholeheartedly -
unresponsive adj - sloom (cf. Du.)
unrestrained adj loose -
unrevealed adj untold, hidden, in dern -
unrighteous (foreign suffix) adj unrightly (<OE unrightlic)
unsuccessful adj - unspeedful, unspowing
unsuitable adj unbefitting, unbecoming unbeseeming
unsympathetic adj slash-and-burn, unfeeling; untoward -
unusual adj funny, out-of-the-way, weird frimdy, seldcouth, unbrooklike, unbrookly, wonely (<OE ġewunelīċ)
unveil vb bare, let on about, spill, tell, unbosom unhele, unmesh

Up[edit | edit source]

uproar n uprear mickle-din

Ur[edit | edit source]

urban adj townish townwise, boroughwise
urbanite n townsman boroughwere
urbanization n - betowning, beboroughing
urbanize vb - betown, beborough
urbanize vb - betown, beborough
urban sprawl n endless-streets -
urethra n - harnpipe (calque NHG)
urination n weeing slang migothening, migothletting, thwayletting, harnening, landening, midgening
urine n wee slang, sig, lant migoth (<OE migoða), midge (<OE micga), wetness (<OE wæta), harn (cf. NHG "Harn"), thway (cf. Ic. "þvag")
urinate v wee slang, wet migothen (on basis of German Harn and Harnen), migothlet, landen, midgen, harnen, thwaylet (cf. Ic. "þvaglát")
ursa major n The Plough, The Great Bear -

Us[edit | edit source]

use n need brook, note, noteing, frim (<ME), brookness
use vb brook, handle, deal with, milk, wield, work, nait note (Eng. ety.2 , <ME <OE notu, cf. NHG nutzen), benote (<ME binoten, cf. NHG benutzen), neet (OE neotan)
used to adj wonted to, weaned to, hardened to, ready for / been readied for -
used to vb formerly, would English imperfect
(get) used to vb get wonted to wone, wean (<OE wenian)
useful adj handy, noteful, helpful, naitly frimful (<OE fremful), brookful
useless adj idle, unhandy, unhelpful, noteless fremeless, brookless
usual adj household; cut-and-dried grove kind, brooklike, brookly, gewonely
usurer n loan shark wastomshatster
usury n - wooker (<OE wócor, cf. NHG Wucher, Du woeker), wastomshat (<OE wæstmsceatt)

Ut[edit | edit source]

utensil n tool -
uterus n womb
utopia n neverland, never-never land, heaven-on-earth, eadstead.
utopian adj - blissful, heavenly, unwordly, starry-eyed.

Ux[edit | edit source]

uxorious adj - wifefondly, wife-yearning
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