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Basic abbreviations:

  • OE = Old English
  • ME = Middle English
  • PG = Or-theedish
  • SC = Scots
  • SW = Swedish
  • Dan. = Danish
  • ON = Old Norse
  • OS = Old Saxon
  • NHG = New Hightheech
  • IC = Icelandish
  • H.IC = High Icelandish
  • Du. = Netherlandish
  • Fris. = Freesish

For a full list of etymological and other abbreviations used in these wordlists, see: Offshortenings.


Chancery English Class Anglish/English
Attested Unattested
ubiquitous adj everywhere, all-over; everyday, household; wall-to-wall -
ubiquity n everywhereness -
Ukraine n Borderland, Innerland, Inethel
Unidentified Flying Object n - Unmarked Flying Onget, Unknown Flying Ware
ulceradj - sore (calque)
ulnan - ell, elbone
ulterioradj later motive: backthought (calque)
ultimate adj last -
ultimatelyadvsomeday, sometime; after all, sooner or later; deep down endily, lastingly
umbrellanrainshade rainshield, shade, rainscreen (cf. German Regenschirm)
unabatedadj - unlessened (Barnes)
unanimousadjkindred, like-minded all-thwaring, oneholly (cf. NHG einhellig, Sw. enhällig)
unanimouslyadv - thwaringly (OE þwarian 'to agree')
unanticipated adj unforeseen -
unassailableadjhallowed, holly unthwartsome

barmy, bats, haywire, unhinged; unsteady

uncelebratedadjnameless, unsung unfrealsed (OE freolsian)
uncertainadjflickery, unsettled, trustless wendful
uncertaintynmistrustfulness uncouthness
unclen eme paternal: fathere, farbror

maternal: eme,morbror

unconsciousadjcold; clueless unheeding
unclen eme paternal: fathere, farbror

maternal: eme,morbror

uncritical adj beam-blind -
undercurrentnundertow, tideway -
underdevelopedadj underbuilt, undergrown underblown (OE blowan)
underminevbhinder -
undistinguishedadjunknown bremeless
undressvbstrip, unclothe -
undulatingadjwavering -
uneasyadjrestless, ill at ease -
unedifyingadjunwholesome, unhealthy -
uneducatedadjunread, unlearnt, untaught; lowbrow -
unemployedadjjobless, idle, unhired, workless unbehired (full-time)
unexpectedadjunforeseen unweened (OE wenan), unbewaited
unfamiliaradj unheard of, unknown, unkindred, beyond your ken seldcouth (<OE seldcúþ)
unfavourableadjunfriendly, untoward -
unfortunateadjhapless, hardluck, ill-starred (Barnes), snakebit; heartbreaking, woeful uneady
ungenerous adj selfish cleanly, littly, littlly, smally, smallly (all of them above cf. NHG kleinlich)
unhabitedadjundwelled unerned, unwoned
unharnessvboutspan -
unicornn - onehorn (Du. eenhorn)
uniform n - clothing: evenwear
uniformitynevenness -
unintelligentadjbonehead, witless -
uninteresting adj leaden, reckless, unrecking -
unionn -

fay, gathertang, thede, meanship (<OE ġemænscipe, cf. NHG Gemeinschaft)

unionismn - thedehood
unionistn/adj - adj: thedish n: theder
uniqueadjone-off, one-of-a-kind, one and only, outstanding -
unitn - fach (pl. fax), onhood (cf. Du. eenheid), whit
unitevbknit, link up, bind, fay, one  

onlay, anledge , Oneledge (<OE anlæcan), forone, agether


unitedadjknitted, oned oneleight, fayed, foroned, sammed
United States of American Oned Rikes Of America

Foroned Rix of Markland, Banded Folkdoms of Americksland, Bonded Hoods of America, Bonded Landhoods of America, Foranned Rix of Vinland, Sammed Rikes of America

Redland ethels informal

unitynoneness (Barnes), onehead, onehood, togetherness, wholeness

onefoldness (<OE ānfealdnes), Oneledgehood, Oneledgeness

of voices:  evenleether (<OE efenhlēoðor) pl: evenleethru

universaladj broad-brush, overall; all-in; wall-to-wall almean (cf. NHG allgemein, Du. algemeen), alworldly, allsome (<Barnes), allhomely
universalitynallness -
universe n world allworld (cf. NHG Weltall), wholeäll (cf. Du. heelal)
universityn lorestead (<Barnes), seat of learning (<Barnes) learnhall
unjustifiedadjunshown unsweetled
unleashvbloosen, unlock -
unleashedadvunbound -
unlimitedadjunbounded (<Barnes), unstinted mireless (OE mære 'limit, border')
unmaintainedadjunkempt -
unmanageableadjheadstrong, untoward -
unnecessaryadjneedless, uncalled for, unneeded -
unnervevbunsettle, faze -
unoccupied adj empty, leer, free of
updatevb - bywork (cf. Du. bijwerken), ednew, uptime, upday
UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) n mains backup -
unpleasantadjbad, bitter, rotten, unlovely, wicked uncweming
unpopular adj - unfolkly
unproductiveadj bony, geason, unbearing, unyielding unteeming
unprofitableadjbarren fremeless
unprogressiveadjhidebound unforwaying
unreservedlyadjwholeheartedly -
unresponsiveadj - sloom (cf. Du.)
unrestrained adj loose -
unrevealedadjuntold, hidden, in dern -
unsuccessfuladj - unspeedful, unspowing
unsuitableadj unbefitting, unbecoming unbeseeming
unsympatheticadjslash-and-burn, unfeeling; untoward -
unusualadjfunny, out-of-the-way, weird frimdy, seldcouth, unbrooklike, unbrookly
unveilvbbare, let on about, spill, tell, unbosom unhele, unmesh
urbanadjtownish townwise, boroughwise
urbanitentownsman boroughwere
urbanization n - betowning, beboroughing
urbanize vb - betown, beborough
urbanize vb - betown, beborough
urban sprawl n endless-streets
urination n weeing slang migothening, migothletting, thwayletting, harnening, landening, midgening
urine n wee slang, sig, lant migoth (<OE migoða), midge (<OE micga), wetness (<OE wæta), harn (cf. NHG "Harn"), thway (cf. Ic. "þvag")
urinate v wee slang, wet migothen (on basis of German Harn and Harnen), migothlet, landen, midgen, harnen, thwaylet (cf. Ic. "þvaglát")
ursa majornThe Plough, The Great Bear -
use n need brook, note, noteing, frim (<ME), brookness
usevbbrook, handle, deal with, milk, wield, work, nait note (Eng. ety.2 , <ME <OE notu, cf. NHG nutzen)

benote (<ME binoten, cf. NHG benutzen )

neet (OE neotan)

used to adj wonted to, weaned to, hardened to -
used tovbformerly, would English imperfect
(get) used to vb get wonted to gewone (cf. NHG gewöhnen)
usefuladjhandy, noteful, helpful, naitly frimful (<OE fremful), brookful
uselessadjidle, unhandy, unhelpful, noteless fremeless, brookless
usualadjhousehold; cut-and-dried grove kind, brooklike, brookly, gewonely
usurernloan shark wastomshatster
usuryn - wooker (<OE wócor, cf. NHG Wucher, Du woeker)

wastomshat (<OE wæstmsceatt)

utensil ntool -
uterusnwomb motherbear (cf. Du. baarmoeder)
utopia n neverland, never-never land, heaven-on-earth, eadstead.
utopian adj - blissful, heavenly, unwordly, starry-eyed.
uxoriousadj - wifefondly, wife-yearning
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