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Anglo-Saxon Influence This article is written in a dialect of Anglish that is heavily swayed by Old English. Some words may not be understood.

Ðe Erst Lord ðes Mathomhouses (Mean Engliſh: First Lord of the Treasury) is ðe head of ðo Lords Erranders ðes Mathomhouses holding ðe fern wicken of Lord High Hoarder in ðe Eaned Kingrich, and is a wicken held by ðe first þain. Ðis ambight bith not likeworthy to ðeam wonly ship of ðe "hoarder" in oðer leedwards; ðe nearer evenmatch to a hoarder of ðe Eaned Kingrich is ðe Yateward ðes Mathomhouses, who bith ðe oðer lord ðes Mathomhouses.

Lords ðes Mathomhouses[]

Wickeny abode[]

10 Downing Street bith ðe abode of ðe erst lord ðes Mathomhouses, not ðe wicken of first þain. Chequers, a pen in Buckinghamſhire, bith ðe wickeny upland abode of ðe first þain, noten as a weekend and holiday home, alðaugh ðe abode hath also been noten by oðer elder woldmen.

Liſt of erſt lords (1714–1922)[]

Seeth also[]



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