Erelore (English: Archaeology) is the unearthing and understanding of the eretide's leftovers. The goal is to build a full understanding of what life was like and what happened in those times.

For most of the eretide, we have no writings telling us anent that time, and so erelore is the only way we know what happened. But even those times that have left a great deal of writings, such as for the Roman Caesardom, erelore lets us build a yet fuller understanding by filling in any gaps.

Erelore has many tools which help to outdraw knowledge from finds. Bonelore lets us understand the health, life and death of folk, from only their bones. Also, potlore lets us understand the shifts (in shape or trim) from one kind of pot to another, and shows us where two folk lived at the same time or shared the same craft. Coallore uses the half-life of a kind of coal to tell us how old something is. A fairly new tool is treeringlore, which lets us know the year when wood was felled, and thus how old something made of that wood is.

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